Sunday, 10 September 2017


roe, creme fraiche, lime granita


Terra Preta truffle, aged Comté, roasted walnuts, egg yolk, potato


还是很好吃的一道菜- Peter Gilmore 很重视口感,所以这道前菜又松又脆又细腻。

朋友吃 hand shelled mud crab, pickled white turnip, kombu jelly, raw hispi cabbage stems, cultured cream, Geraldton wax。Geraldton wax 是一种可以食用的花。我平时不吃螃蟹但只是蟹肉完全 ok!很鲜,吃了也没有过敏。

Congee of black lip abalone, pearl oyster, heart of palm, black vinegar laver
Quay 的粥品算是经典。



朋友吃 fan shell razor clam, shaved shiitake, smoked pig jowl, sea cucumber crackling。完全就是冲着 sea cucumber crackling 吃的。这道是他最喜欢的菜,我也觉得猪肉软的超 on point!

Roasted master stock duck, green orach, spring onion, seaweed, house made koji paste



烤鸭也很可口,只是味道和在马来西亚茶餐室的烤鸭完全一摸一样!(那我们干嘛以每人 180刀的价位来 Quay 吃?!)

朋友点的主菜是 Poached Blackmore wagyu, shaved fungi, black garlic, smoked bone broth。看起来超恐怖因为牛肉看起来好生!味道是很细腻但卖相吓死我了!

Snow egg
Snow egg 也是 Quay 的经典甜品,口味会跟着季节而改变。现在刚入春,是草莓的季节,所以当晚的 snow egg 是草莓口味的。

一眼其实看不怎么出到底是什么,我朋友形容为 meringue。

Ice cream filled poached meringue coated in a maltose biscuit + granita + fool

服务员会叫你把‘蛋’敲开然后伴着 granita 吃。


朋友秒杀他的 snow egg,然后吃我的。

个人特别迷草莓的切法-和 Peter Gilmore 另一家餐厅 Bennelong 的 Strawberries and cream 甜点草莓切法一样。



Sunday, 3 September 2017

South Korea SEOUL || Day 4 (Hotel Cappuccino, Gangnam)

After our standard breakfast of instant coffee, fruit and a cookie from the supermarket, we found a bank to convert some KRW. It's always cheaper to convert in-country! I was totally ripped off by the money changer on George St (serves me right for converting a closed currency 2 days before departure!)

We had some time before the optical shop opened, so we shared a red velvet cake at A Twosome Place, a chain cafe in South Korea.

I can't remember the taste, which means it wasn't exceedingly good or bad.

After our cake we went to the optical shop with the cute, soft-spoken sales guy and bought a pair of sunnies each. 

Then we were off to Seoul! (On the bus the driver asked a guy to help with our suitcases, and a kind Korean woman helped carry my backpack on her lap. Ah, the niceness of small-town folks.)

A cute tap for kids at the rest station

What every public toilets need

You know when all the doors in a toilet look closed and you wait in line. 

And wait.

And wait.

Then you nudge one of the doors and realise it's been empty!

Back to Seoul, where images of GD are everywhere!

We had booked a night in Hotel Cappuccino, a funky hotel in Gangnam.

My friend Martica from Taiwan had recommended it and we were supposed to meet here, but she had a change of plans at the last minute.

Flavoured water in lobby

Work station in lobby

2 double beds

Retro white-tiled bathroom

Mei's bed for the night

The sink in the room


The public hotel phone for the floor

Cafe on the ground floor

After leaving our luggage we decided to go out for dinner.

Err never heard of this

So we took the bus to.. Gangnam station? Apgujeong? I have no idea. But we started walking around this neighbourhood with shops and restaurants sort of.. scattered around. Are we in the right place? Is this the place to be? Still no clue.

Wanted to try this Jun Ji Hyun fried chicken! But didn't. Can't remember why.

Salad with cheese
The cheese was yum!

Fried chicken

Very Gangnam
Bun with cream and red bean
On the way home we stopped at a mart to buy snacks - I bought a bun similar to the delicious one Mei had in Andong. Except it wasn't similar at all. The cream was salty and soggy, as opposed to the fresh fluffiness of the Andong bun.

Then it was back to our home for the night for a good sleep before tomorrow's more organised exploration of Gangnam.

Friday, 1 September 2017

South Korea Andong || Day 3 Hahoe Folk Village

Day 3! The first official day of sightseeing!

We probably had instant coffee, fruits and some Korean biscuits for breakfast, since I can't find any photos of legit Korean breakfasts in my photo roll.

Then we boarded a public bus all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, anticipating the beautiful sakuras at Hahoe Folk Village.

After a lot of confusion, we finally bought our tickets and boarded the shuttle bus to the village. There are seemingly 2 bus stops for Hahoe, Google Maps is useless in South Korea, so we followed this white guy because he's obviously a tourist. (We got off at the first stop, bought tickets then got on the shuttle bus.)

The weather was sunny and borderline warm.

I was definitely overdressed for the weather.

Ok where are the sakuras?

These are not sakuras, but they are still pretty.

We're glad we stopped to take photos with this blooming tree, because -

The sakuras haven't even budded yet!

Oh my mother!

The bad thing about traveling to see natural scenery is that we have no control over anything.

The village is still lovely, so we wandered around and took photos -

Mei has a lot more poses than I do.

I have a feeling you'll be seeing ze same pose throughout my travel diary.

More flowers!

The village is a real village, ie. villagers still live in the properties.

So essentially I'm taking photos outside people's houses.

This is the Shrine of 3 Gods, with wishes strung all over.

So pretty! I feel like I can totally meet my Crown Prince Bogummy here!

The most delicious bun in its wrapper

By the time we finished exploring the village it was past lunchtime.

Even I was hungry. But there was no real food at a village in the middle of nowhere. So we stopped at a cafe on the way to catch the bus and bought a bun each. It was one of the yummiest bun I'd ever had the pleasure of eating! (Well, Mei's was.)

I had a chestnut (or was it sweet potato?) bun and Mei had red bean + fresh whipped cream. Oh. My. Mother. It was so good I forgot all about photo-taking. Oops.

The delicious buns put us in a good mood, which was great, because hell will soon follow.

Does this photo explain anything?

Smiling for the camera but dying on the inside

'Where the fxxx are we?!'
We were supposed to go somewhere (I forgot where) but ended up lost and stranded on the freeway!

Omg it took forever to walk to a bus stop.

But I was all cheerful and said to Mei, 'Aren't the mountains beautiful?'
'When else would you get the chance to walk and take photos along an empty highway?'

We finally collapsed on a bus stop bench and this dog so dirty its hair stuck together a bit came up to us.


Mei patted it but I refused to touch it!

This old granny came out to wait for the bus as well, which made us heave sighs of relief because we were in the middle of nowhere and Google Maps doesn't work!

Civilisation! In the form of a traditional market, no less.

We popped in to buy some Andong apples. They were supposed to be an Andong specialty, with supposed to be being the operative words.

On the walk back to the hotel we passed by an outdoor gym, and Mei played while I munched on an apple.

What a kid!

Then I joined the kid

We trekked back to the hotel and came out to shop in town before dinner at a random Korean-Western fusion restaurant. It was popular with locals - young Korean people who wanted foreign food.

Quintessential Korean veg (in the form of pickles) 
Bulgogi pizza

Bulgogi salad
Ahh salad days. I went through this salad-loving phase. I'd rotate between Mad Mex, the Italian stall in the downstairs food court and Roll'd. I could eat salad for lunch every. Single. Winter. Day. Shivering in my coat and enjoying cold raw vegetables.

Sadly, those days are a bit over.

The taste was ok, and after dinner we made plans to buy sunnies the next morning before returning to Seoul. To sum Andong up, it's nice for a day to feel the friendly small town vibes, but the constant getting lost sucked its charm.

(I remember an episode where we waited forever at a bus stop in town to go somewhere, and this grandma kept trying to talk to us, and it turned out she was worried because we'd been waiting at the bus stop for ages. That's how sweet people can be.)