Thursday, 25 December 2008

flowers & movies

20 dec 08

i love movies and romance and all those hogwash that xian is convinced is corrupting my very soul

so i was very pleased indeed to receive this..

.. after my return from johor last saturday

i'd left my cell phone in my Cute Lil Myvi and locked coco in the house before i popped upstairs to check my email etc.

halfway through coco began barking like mad, the din echoing around the house-- only my brand of laziness prevented me from tearing myself away from the computer and traipsing down the stairs to slap her

however coco doggedly [hehe my very first pun!] kept up her raucous barking on-&-off for the next half hour or so.. so i went down to check what was going on as images of indos/ malays/ indians/ chinese [yes, in that order, as i'm semi racist] armed with parangs were starting to appear in my mind

so i unlocked the door and stepped out in my smelly old shirt and sweat pants, equally dorky specs perched on my nose, unwashed hair unruly.. and saw bj standing at my gate in a suit

this felt too korean-soap-opera so i could only blink stupidly and ask, 'what are you doing here?!' in the almost-same tone as the female leads use in the dramas-- except that they are never 'surprised' when they are dirty/unkempt/unwashed/just exactly like a guy. thank my lucky stars i still had the morning's eyeliner on [i wear eyeliner the milisecond i step out of home]

bj was carrying a cold storage plastic bag and he fished out a packet of gai-zai-beng [chicken biscuits] for me.. then the flowers! wahseh it's been a billion years since i received flowers!


yesterday [29 dec] was a good day ^^

despite having been grounded for a day for my 4-day nonstop christmas celebrations, i was requested to bring my brother jeans-shopping

since twilight is gonna stop being aired soon, i had to watch it!

it wasn't particularly good, but edward was super duper perfect-looking [save for the hair on his arms-- i cannot tolerate hairiness!]

i adore the way his brows furrow when he kisses bella-- i'd never seen anybody do it before so i'm enthralled by it

fann tortured me throughout the flick by his continuous hissing of, 'where's the vampires? who's the bad guy?'

I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN['s gorgeous-ness only]!!!

there was an awesome scene when edward and bella were perched on this uber tall skyscraper tree with this indescribable view.. ah~ very romantic!


jeans-shopping is not easy but fann finally found his perfect pair at levi's

and i bought 2 la senza bras so i'm happy, too!

Thursday, 11 December 2008


during our relatives' last visit, i overheard a conversation by mum, aunt and po po discussing us kids.

my mum is a huge fan of marrying well. one of her sisters went against her and married poor. her youngest child was visiting as well and of course got to enjoy mum's usual treats-- comprising mostly of expensive food.

po po commented that the kids of that aunt, who visits her often, are prone to wastage and spoilt behaviour. the example she gave was of my cousins ordering the maid to make milo when they visit. that is not a problem in itself. however, they often refuse to drink the milo once it is made and the milo ends up being tossed away.

mum said something which i agreed with. kids whose parents are not wealthy should not live a-list lives. admittedly my aunt is not well off, but my grandparents are kind enough to subsidize her family's life by providing meals. they shouldn't fritter away the generosity.

what's more, my cousins get to tag along with other relatives on holiday. mum says that it actually isn't very good for them. what i saw during this kl trip was my cousins scarfing down jco donuts like they were free. i have a weakness for jco but i appreciate them more as i know they are costly.

they read my brother's comics foc and tore one by sheer carelessness-- after reading them they tossed them on the floor and step all over the poor comics. i was absolutely disgusted by their behaviour.

mum thinks that exposing them too much to luxe stuff that their parents cannot afford may make them resentful in the future. i couldn't agree more. this reminds me of little women

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

i feel like sh*t

my eyes are dry. my nose is itchy. i wana die.

i'd been under constant attacks by the motherf*cking flu for the past few months-- thanks zi yu for passing this latest bout to me.

last weekend i hid from parents by escaping to johor with eunice
this time we made it to pudu on time by buying bread for lunch instead of having a sit-down meal
big apple durian donuts are yummy-- the 'spikes' are sharp enough to sting
i had a famous amos choc muffin top as well
was nursing a sore throat [thanks domino's pizzas and choc indulgence and my gluttoniness] when i balik kampung but managed to have it under control by the next day, despite having baked fish for dinner
we had a late dinner at the 'seaside' which was my fave dinner spot when i was a kid
i still love it now but the effects of recession are showing and it lacked the noisy merriment it used to exude, despite it being a friday night
now business is so bad the drink vendors 'force' you to buy drinks if you're seated on their 'turf'
i hardly buy anything i don't want so i wasn't too happy when the woman planted herself next to our table and refused to budge
in the end we changed seats so we were sitting next to a stall which sold bubur cha cha, which was what i was craving for
eunice and i were both dressed a bit over-the-top for a simple dinner
hindsight perspective
after dinner we went for walks around 2 parks
i was in a constant state of fear and tension of getting beaten up by 'drifters'
they are damn geng!
at eunice's we eat lunch and dinner, as opposed to breakfast and lunch at my home
after lunch, eunice and i went shopping. again
i've bought so much clothes and shoes and skincare it's scary
stagflation, man! and i'm doing what eunice says is, 'giving a boost to the bp economy'
something that's been haunting me is the newspaper claiming 'effects of recession will be more obvious next year'
i'm deeply afraid of being poor
in high school my friends thought i was wealthy
in uni i can only describe myself as up to par
i think being poor would drive my mum to insanity
this time i only bought a pair of denim shorts
they remind me of ai and currently i'm in love with japanese pop culture
plus they cost less than rm24!!
and they actually come in my size!
it would be a crime not to buy them
then i dyed my hair
i used to be anti-piercings, anti-nail polish, anti-contact lenses and anti-hair dye
then i got bored
the loreal majibrown natural ad looked fantastic..
the stylists were cute and bubbly..
i knew my parents would hate it..
i felt like a kid..
so i blew rm130 which is probably cheaper than kl
darl eunice waited for me for an hour before heading home to pack clothes for our evening exercise session
it stung a bit when the color was applied near my scalp
and i find it difficult to sit for so loong
and why do all the stylists insist on straightening my hair?
i like my waves, though i wish they'd behave sometimes
i'd always wondered how it felt to be a japanese / korean / taiwanese / chinese
i think i'd give anything for the experience
yesterday po po visited and.. i got rm50 again!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008



yesterday a cute china boy dropped by to buy a wheelchair. i served him [kit was on break] but when i attempted to push the wc to the left it veered to the right instead.

i was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and was worried my arms were wobbling but the idiot wc refused to cooperate. cute china boy came to help after 2 futile shoves on my side, exclaiming in very cute chinese, '你 想 往 哪 跑 ?' to the disobedient wc.

i don't think i'd ever seen anybody speak to an object before [outside tv lah] so special! like like =)

aiyo i'm a sucker for guys who speak foreign languages, esp when they have small single-lidded eyes.

have to banish the flab from my arms! i've come to accept that my confidence is tied to my weight so now i've given up trying to love myself at 5xkg and instead work on reducing my weight.


however, i pigged out on pizza last night! i had a domino's voucher that was gonna expire soon so i had to use it. the pizza wasn't particularly yummy but i still had 2 large slices and 2 regular slices. the online order system is incredibly inefficient, stay away!

i regretted the pizzas as soon as i finished them and started flipping through vivi. i wanted so badly to barf out the food but i have the xx-phobia [forgot the word, it's a fear of vomitting] so i just pouted.


fann made me do this with him this morning, so my back and arms hurt now. he's like a crazy instructor once he gets in the mood.

may watch madagascar 2 with friends tonight. want to eat milo mcflurry but worried about period cramps =(

lately i'm being bitchy to an extent that disgusts even fann. be nice, be nice. go eat chocolate

Tuesday, 25 November 2008



1. been putting on weight consistently for a few months. i knew something was VERY wrong when i couldn't fit in anything at gion [a boutique in bp]. i look like shit. even fang teased me when he saw me last saturday. bought beauty theraphy books with eunice at pasar malam last friday. hope it will motivate me to start eating cleaner. i'm constipated all the time and it sucks!

2. bought a new pair of peep-toe slingback flats yesterday. very pretty but hurts my feet like hell. now i have to keep a roll of 3m micropore tape in my bag. i wrap the last 3 toes before i wear the flats. tuhan, please don't let my toes blister!


1. not on fantastic terms with parents.

2. eunice keeps saying i'm showing symptoms of depression. it's hilarious. all because i'm semi-obsessed with washing my hands and mouth and face and body. i just like feeling clean.

3. nail polish causes cancer?! T.T

4. finals results out in a couple of days. tuhan, please let me pass all subjects with a credit average.


1. booked flight tickets to hk [despite dad's displeasure]. will be going with tao and xian. tuhan ah, please let us all get along. everytime before a trip i fret that everybody won't get along.

2. parents are on a cruise, somewhere far away from home. freedom! went shopping with eunice last sunday. spent all my pocket money this month. bought a dress [i adore dresses!], a tube, a long necklace, acid yellow nail polish, a magazine and [YAAY!~] gladiator sandals. i'd been pining for a pair ever since i saw suat yee in them and ever since she told me EVERYBODY in singapore is wearing them. at odd times like these, my kiasu-ness surfaces.

however, the gladiators SUCK! rosak after 1day! some more it costs $50 [very costly for me!] i had to take them back to the shop to be repaired. DO NOT BUY SHOES FROM SHOEZ OBSESSION.

3. on saturday i 'nurtured my artsy side' and watched the plays Neverland and Cheras Cheras at Annexe. all because my ex dance mentor xuan san was performing. i didn't get Neverland at all. i hate unhappiness-- newspapers depress me. but i loved Cheras Cheras, though i couldn't grasp the 'deep' part as well. maybe i'm just stupid.

4. will be balik kampung ing again this weekend. HAHAH the less i see my parents, the less i fight with them

5. famous amos rocky road and pecan soft cookieeee.. mm~

Thursday, 13 November 2008


nursing a headache =(

downloaded lucky [not the britney one, the jason mraz and colbie duet] and can i have this dance yesterday
both are very sweet and beautiful songs which made my hair stand.. which is kinda gross as my hair is longer than normal people's, thanks to an experiment involving a razor when i was 13
go watch the disney lucky video on youtube. don't know how to embed it here, but it's awesome [maybe because i love disney princess cartoons]
wanted to eat madagascar 2 burger and mcflurry at mc just now, but both outlets i went to were packed
everybody else wants to eat madagascar food or do they want the head gear?
had to settle for some salsa beefburger and root beer with ice-cream at a&w
still yummy though i stopped consuming the root beer when the ice-cream had melted
the only spoiler was mum who was irked that i left office for lunch
the food in the canteen inedible
i just told her i needed to pee and hung up
if we continue we'll start fighting
i can be a cranky bitch when i'm hungry
watched tropic thunder with fann last night
watching movies are fast becoming our only bonding activity
i hardly see him if i don't fetch him from work
we don't eat together though we're always talking about ordering pizza
talking about stuff is a sure-fire way to ensure nothing gets done
tropic thunder is damn.. well, it rendered me speechless
cannot believe it was robert downey jr in there
and tom cruise-- omfg!!
i never heard him say so many f-words in 1 go in any of his movies, ever
a couple of times i wanted to throw up, but i hadn't eaten any dinner [thank my lucky stars]
there was 1 funny part though
matthew mac-bla-bla is quite cute as well
he's hot, his girlfriend's hot, and they have a hot baby [i'm sure it's hot, anyway]
i wanna watch disney princess cartoons!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

the game

finished reading the game, will start picasso today, but it doesn't appeal as much as the game did

i believe everybody has an agenda, which is why i can't help asking, 'what's your point in calling?' whenever people [esp those that haven't been in touch in awhile] calls me
they are usually shocked at my bluntness but i can't help myself
usually i make up excuses not to meet up with people who are trying to get me into direct sales !#$% but i'd been reading 35 x 33 and it says helping other people is always good
so off i went to old town last night after an argument with mum over a trivial matter-- she kept claiming i didn't switch off my fan when i could swear i did
my room is bloody haunted
i think i have mini add
sometimes when fann talks to me i find my eyes rolling around all over the place and my mind drifting even when i'm trying to concentrate on whatever he's saying
i take hanging out with brother very seriously
i can read through the papers and not remember any of the news, esp the unpleasant ones
and last night when geat was going on about his company i had to work very hard to keep my eyes off these 3 guys at the next table smoking happily
lately i've been asking myself what i want all the time and sometimes the word 'cigarette' just pops up
to restrain myself, i decided to only smoke if a ciggie was offered to me
no wasting money on my own ciggies
i need to save up to overhaul my wardrobe
after watching high school musical 3 my love of dresses had doubled and i want to wear them all the time
back to my add, i had to make an effort to maintain eye contact with geat during our conversation
it's the only time we're meeting each other in a non-club environment
when i told lin i was studying accounting at monash, she'd exclaimed, 'wow! i thought you hated accounting!'
'yeah,' wry smile. 'that's why i can't sleep at night.'
i have bloody fucking insomnia and inertia now
the only time i felt alive was when i was cycling in the rain yesterday
if i stopped working out i just might be low enough on endorphins to commit suicide
my car was hit again-- the front and back has been revamped
this time it's the entire left side
it's not serious but it's freakin' ugly and i filed a report against the aunty who hit me
now the only original section of my car is the right side
the perodua uncle thought it was hilarious that i'm so accident-prone
i mean, the perodua guys were going, 'hey, what are you doing here again?'
and uncle will gleefully explain that i was involved in yet another accident
i'd bet i'm his favorite customer now
*groan wtf is wrong with me?!
got pissed at mum yesterday when she refused to let me book tickets to hk
she wanted to see a draft of my travel plans first
it makes perfect sense except that it's my parents we're talking about
i did a complete draft after extensive research last year, only to have her say i can't go after all
i was so upset i tore the draft into shreds-- very stupid of me, i know
now i refuse to do a shit-draft again!
i can be ridiculously stubborn sometimes
neil strauss says, 'later means never'-- it's too true!
it's what my parents always says to appease me
grr i say the 1st step to making a holiday come true is to book the flight tickets
not drafting the plan
i keep worrying that yang will cancel on our singapore trip that i'm thinking of taking up a part time job as a kindergarten teacher
but of course parents object
fuck them lah! they're getting on my already-frayed nerves
holidays are just wispy fantasies for me
i hate being disappointed
if you don't mean to deliver, don't give false hopes
i really need a ciggie now! grr~

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

why is it so freakin' difficult to find travel mates?!

arghh! i really, truly, wurly [i made that up] wana go abroad to 吹 吹 风 [darn i love that song, as well as 不 药 而 愈 ]

and xian, being a true-blue bestie [心 电 感 应 , anyone?] contacted me lately and suggested we take advantage of the recent dip in won and backpack in korea next january. of course, neither of us speak korean but i never believed language is a problem-- i survived thai all those years ago =)

the weather is, though. korea is freakin', freakin' below freezing and i'm the sucker whose gums start bleeding the milisecond i step into genting's snoworld. somehow i doubt that snoworld would be colder than a korean january.

when parents heard they went, 'none of our clothes would be warm enough for that weather.'

so i proposed buying one there. they freaked out again. it sucks. they freak out over anything i wanted to do that wasn't going to uni / usual boring shit with my friends. but it's better than freaking out over a banana.

timing!! admittedly i don't think i can tolerate the coldness either. i always suffer most during winter holidays. my sibs would be happily enjoying the 'air-conditioner' while i stole a layer of dad's jacket.

but i don't feel like giving up this chance at adventure. oh i love this word! adventure. memang ber-possibilities! i've been scouring for a travel partner to hk since forever and couldn't even come up with one lousy option, so i understand how ridiculously tough it is to find a travel partner, so i wana treasure this opportunity.


wtf wtf wtf i'm so upset. stupid yang made me so happy yesterday when he said he wanted to go hk. then of course came the have-to-consider crap. so many people have gave me false happiness lately, i wana chop them up!! grr!!

spoke to yung, too. finally, i'm talking to a normal person. i mean, yang and fish and fong and even yee sometimes are nuts. harry is ignoring me!! yung backpacked in taiwan the winter i attended a camp there, and he advised me to give up hope of finding a female partner. he hadn't heard of a female backpacker within our circles before. i loved yung so much when i realized he was going through the same shit as me-- it was !#$%^&* difficult to find somebody who was serious about going on a trip with you. there are lots of people like yang around =(

singcai wanted to go but kept complaining about air tickets. so i don't wana go with him.

everybody was either working / poor / pre-booked to other awesome holidays. ever since parents decided i was probably going to spend a huge chunk of their savings studying in aus, i'd been reduced to a semi-being. i haven't been out of the country since forever. it's like living in pause, waiting for life to start. they waved away my suggestions of applying for an internship / part time job / backpacking abroad.

arghh!! aaergha!! getting emo. i have to go back on my happy pills. wah sound like a lunatic.

where did my energy go? i used to rock at arguing with parents. the thing i hate most about arguing with parents is that i have to pretend i'm loving my choice even when i regret it. if i went to korea and all my teeth fell out from the cold, they'll be so smugly i-told-you-so i'll feel compelled to pretend i lost all my teeth on purpose so i can eat rusks 24/7

i really feel like fighting with somebody over something i really want, but i don't want anything, and the thought of any aggressiveness just makes me wana curl up in bed and hide. i'm a wimp lah. when did i become a wimp? i used to be hyper, running around class with bm cikgu chasing me with a cane. hahah i was fat that time but she was even fatter and trying to run in a baju kurung wasn't easy. darn felt so alive that time xp

please please please let me find a travel partner to hk!!

i know i don't deserve it as i'm a mean bitch who's also a racist, sexist and all the other '-ist's in the world but please please please let me find somebody i can get along with so i can at least have a worthy holiday to show off to the tan family / friends / other people who don't really care.

i feel like shadow. i feel so dry, like laura. aiyo i really have to act normal a bit. it's not like i'm dead. cheer up perk up smile =) fuckshit this is what happens when people have too much time on their hands

Friday, 31 October 2008

american gods

i haven't stayed up to finish a book in a loong time, but american gods was awesome!

however, i'm the type of person who doesn't sleep well if i'm excited before bedtime, so it took a lot of self-restraint not to call anybody as i laid on my bed with ghostly images in my head

no nightmares =)

weather is freaking hot these days. i have to shower 3 times a day and switch on the air conditioner-- i don't even do that during the summer-summer months!

eunice will be going on holiday with grandma and uncle boon to cambodia soon. i want to take advantage of parents' odd guilt that i wasn't invited [for no other reason than because my surname is not tan] and ask them to let me go to japan.

is $5k inclusive of airfare, insurance, accomodation, food and whatnot expensive?

i swear, the tan family is super happening lately-- cambodia in november, hong kong in december

i wanna go hong kong badly, badly but not with my relatives [not that i was invited]. i can't seem to find anybody i'd like to go on holiday with.

dad has that mix of fierce pride and.. i don't know, a sort of sad love? that parents exhibit when their kids are excluded from something. parents kept asking me if i want to join them, dad even went, 'chin up, you're a lim! your dad will sponsor you!'

so of course i grabbed the moment to ask, 'since you're already planning to spend money on me, can i go to usa instead?'

the answer was the usual, 'noo you're too young, bla bla bla..'

what lah =.=''

Thursday, 30 October 2008


since flu is loads better, decided to start jogging again on tuesday

it felt fantastic, a bit like how i felt when i first learned how to ride a bike at 17

what's less fantastic is when my right calf cramped like hell in the middle of the night

i recall waking and stretching in semi-consciousness

it did not get better

i hate cramps as there's nothing i can do about it but suffer til it stops

and to think i had been consuming milk products religiously! [yeah yeah, rather have kidney stones instead of cramps]

it hurt all through the next day =(



it's 9:05am and mum has given me 2 lectures on weight loss

the 1st one occurred when i was going to eat a banana during breakfast

she freaked out

and just now she was thinking about opening a bank account for fann

and that led to her considering opening a bank account for me as well [yeah, we have nil savings]

i didn't want a maybank account en-cas i go to aus next year

that got her thinking about how fattening aus food is

and she popped in lecture no.2

you have no idea how sien it is to listen to this shit all the time, at every meal at home

1 lecture / day is more than enough to depress me, thanks

she has split personality lah-- sometimes keep asking me to eat, sometimes getting worked up over.. a banana

major 'duh'

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

joe chen

she ate cat food hahahah

can't believe it, so hot some more!

sometimes saruon goes, 'coco's food smells nice, i want to eat!' but i never let her do so

and now joe chen is eating cat food!

what is the world becoming~

i couldn't finish my paper today =(

but saw j in specs for the first time-- the lazy twerp probably burned midnight oil last night

still cute =)

and at least my forever-flu is getting better

be grateful!!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

marshmallows temptation

The Marshmallow Experiments Go High Tech

So, do any of you remember the famous Mischel experiments from the 60's about pre-schoolers and impulse control?

This was the one where a 4 year old was put alone in a room with a marshmallow. The kid could either choose to eat the marshmallow, or could resist temptation and wait until an adult returned, in which case the reward was two marshmallows.

Some kids were able to wait up to 20 minutes for their reward; others caved and ate the marshmallow in front of them in less than a minute.(You probably know which kid you would have been).The fascinating thing was: they followed these kids, and the ones who could Master the Marshmallow? They were way more successful in other areas of life as they grew older. The longer a kid could hold out, the better his or her grades, SAT scores, social skills, etc. were.

Marshmallow Mastery skills are very important in life, apparently, and science is hard at work figuring out how to improve them.

Because now, according to a fascinating article in the Boston Globe, they're getting neuroscientists involved and using brain imaging techniques to examine these "kids"--now in their 40's. They can actually see particular areas of the brain light up when people hold out or give in to temptation, and they want to figure out how to train people to be disciplined, successful Two-Marshmallow Achievers instead of lame, impulsive, One-Marshmallow Losers.

original entry here

dale carnegie always said in his books that what we want to do asap is usually the wrong thing. so it's true. enlightening

Friday, 24 October 2008

early morning

today is the big day of parents' return from their silk road holiday in china.

usually i'd be in a mess-- counting money, drafting reports on where their money went, regretting the weight i put on when they were away. but today i'm doing surprisingly well.

i didn't spend much, stayed at home every night, didn't even eat out except for pasar malam trips. i've been a Good Girl =) happiness. plus i was in a fat phase even before they left so it doesn't matter what i look like now. hahah


this morning it was cold and rainy and generally wonderful sleeping weather but somebody had to wake up to get her brother's slow ass out the door to the office.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


des, chea sheng and i- why is it the only time i can take photos with cute guys is when i'm fat?

can't get over how tall dalill is!

ouchh sore all over now. shoulders are probably due to cleo november exercises that i tried but cheeks?! ate too much?! too much face-toning exercises? something wrong somewhere lah~

this is the first time i couldn't figure an accounting question out even with my textbook open and worse [or worst], even when i had the correct working spread out in front of me. finals in 6days. f*ck f*ck f*ck. i made a pact with god that i'll work my butt off this sem if he let me pass all my subjects last sem. so now i have nothing more to bargain anymore. argh i think i've been reading too much american gods.

i love marketing. not the elective i'm taking in uni now, but pasar pagi. or malam. i went this morning to buy ingredients for the last few meals i have to plan before parents return in 3days. i enjoy cooking so i always try new recipes whenever parents are away from home. family maid saruon is forever trying to get me to whip up one of the 'nice! delicious!' dishes for mum but i have a bit of anti-adult syndrome. whenever there are 'grown-ups' around i automatically clam up.

the last time i cooked for family was in form 3, aged 15, silly little girl scout participating in a cooking competition and needing loads of practice. i attempted a sweet soup [chinese dessert] at home and had the ill luck of mum bumping into me in the then tiny kitchen. she nearly killed me for not washing the ingredients and refused to touch the dessert. thank goodness for dad who consoled me, 'quite yummy lah'. my bad for not washing [when you're a scout who'd scooped food up from soil and shoved it into your mouth without getting stomachache your definition of 'clean' changes] but she didn't have to be so mean. we got 2nd place anyway =)

i had a craving for korean ja jang [fried sauce] noodles so i popped by korean village on the way back from delivering documents in ampang. normally i dislike dining alone but it felt almost comfortable in the korean restaurant.
i eat by myself most of the time in uni. used to duck and pray people don't see me lunching alone but now i don't avert my eyes. when people ask why i'm eating alone i'll just say, 'waiting for you to join me loh'. i'm not a fantastic conversationalist and am quite impatient so the uni style of travelling in a group and waiting for each other all the time doesn't suit me.
lots of korean men eat alone so i didn't feel weird but i hardly see korean women dining by herself. a korean man paused by my table on his way out and spoke to me in korean and the proprietor joined in as well. i felt helpless not understanding their language =( just smiled and told them i'm not korean. i've been having this craving to take up a new language lately. don't you think being multilingual is fantastic? you get to understand everybody and i totally believe that thinking is affected by the language one thinks in. thanks to my lack of mastery of korean, i had a bowl of spicy seafood noodles instead of ja jang noodles.

cooked fried gochujang [hot pepper sauce] for fann's dinner of bibimpap [mixed rice]-- just checked, and fann finished his dinner, which is a good sign. to finish off the packet of gochujang i bought, fann, saruon and i have been eating korean for 3meals in a fortnight.

on sunday fann, his friends and i went to kang san ea restaurant as fann wanted to have ja jang rice but i'd thought he meant bibimpap so he wasn't too happy with what i ordered for him. his friends were as abnormal as my scout buddies who are comfortable with parading in front of me in their underwear- 'just imagine i'm wearing trunks'- duh. guys just don't enjoy sour food the way girls do. shiro [don't like!] makan with people who aren't enjoying themselves. it didn't help that i was the slowest eater among them all. why am i always the only girl with a group of nutty guys?!!

my dinner tonight was 'banana cream pie'. it's the first recipe i tried from french women don't get fat and it's delicious. the book is one of my fave too.

walau eh entire entry about food. tomorrow morning will cook onion-apple soup if there's time. heard it's useful for protection against radiation from computers.

love jay's snake dance. jay jay jay! summertime is awesome too. very breezy and relaxing.
'banana cream pie'
1. half cup natural yogurt
2. half banana- sliced
3. 1 tsp wheat germ
4. 1/2 tsp honey
1. mix yogurt, banana and wheat germ
2. drizzle honey on top
damn chun!~

Sunday, 19 October 2008


woke early feeling like a piece of shit this morning

sore throat, blocked nose, the works

i haven't been ill in such a long time that i was mostly shocked to feel so crap

is it due to the poison i'd been consuming for the past week as main meals?-- butter cookies, kit kat, cream crackers, ice cream..

or is it due to the alcohol and cigarette on thursday?

maison sucks now, and i used to love it so much

it used to be so classy to me

one important characteristic that i look for in clubs is that they have to be dim, sans laser lights

maison is so bright now we can all see each other clearly, and the purpose of clubbing is to mask oneself in the darkness, which always makes everybody look hotter

what's the point of going somewhere so well-lit you can't do anything embarassing for fear of damaging your rep?

smoked my first whole cigarette. well, almost- yang took the first and last puff

i'd never finished one by myself before. i took a drag of menthol last year and was so sickened harry had to finish it for me

the normal varieties are a convenient distraction when one is bored senseless in clubs though

thursday was so dull as there were not enough girls

the only other girl in our group was pissed by the time i arrived

she's stick thin and should be quite pretty- large eyes and all- but she freaked me out by trying to kiss me. actually she was trying to kiss everybody

since she's drunk, there were no other girls to play with me

so i drank more than i usually would- normally i don't drink at all

but there wasn't much liquor left as we were late

for the first time i drank enough to get a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy

i hate newspapers

i hate all the bad news inside

if i let myself think about all the shit happening around me i'd probably get suicidal

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

comfort eating

i fucked up my newest healthy eating again

today ys saw me again for the first time in months, and he asked at the first chance, 'did you get fatter?'

i wasn't happy but i'd promised myself apple pie, ice cream and waffles once my dratted period is over

so i cancelled sushi with stella and had my treat

the waffle was awful.. where can one find edible waffles nowadays?

waffle world's waffles are not sweet enough, a&w's waffles are too salty and soft, easy way's have an odd burnt odor

i had a quarter mc apple pie and a quarter banana pie with ice cream

the new oreo berries mcflurry is sweet enough to give me a sugar rush-- i found myself smiling for no reason

mm.. just remembered.. oreo seems to contain melamine

whatever my home is stocked with discounted milk products now-- cheese, milk, yoghurt, ice cream, chocolate, butter cookies etc.

mum can never resist 'discounts'

i'd planned to jog when i reached home, but the nanosecond i pulled into the driveway, raindrops started falling on my car


pleased with my non food purchases of yellow sharpie highlighter and brow razors though

tried shaving my brows just now but i feel they're uneven now


Monday, 13 October 2008

ordinary day


my korean fried rice cakes went well yesterday =)

even picky eater fann had a mini fit when he realized there was none for him--

most guys dislike korean cuisine so i didn't think he would enjoy it

actually he wasn't a fan of the rice cakes but he liked everything else, namely the sauce, cabbage and fish cakes

so today i re-cooked the dish sans rice cakes, replacing them with cabbage and fish cakes

saruon and i used half the dish to fry our rice with

not bad


one thing i can't stand is ugliness

that's why i always feel like vomitting in dad's office

i sound like an ungrateful brat, but whenever i see one of those deformed patients i can't continue eating my lunch

whenever i get fat i can't stand myself either

i love rain, but not at 6pm, which is my jogging or biking time

i hate lightning and thunder though-- they freak me out


reading american gods-- a book fit to give me nightmares

wearing o2 contact lenses-- it's harder than my usual soflens and GOT STUCK IN MY EYE!

omg lightning

watching prince turns into frog-- the record breaking taiwanese drama, surpassed only by fated to love you

chen qiao en starred in both, she's so lucky, i like her

feeling peckish.. for waffles

missing the cute dress i saw in f block last friday

Sunday, 12 October 2008


yesterday mum, saruon and i went grocery shopping at jusco maluri
prior to that we lunched at kim gary
i dislike kim gary but the food was actually ok
not bad enough to make me retch, though the cream soup came close
mum was talking about how fantastic the stars' willpower were
they hardly eat in this world full of temptations
for the second time in my life mum entered her has-her-daughter-put-on-weight? mode
when she's confused i'm allowed to eat as much as i want to in front of her
not that she starves me
it's probably the opposite
she's always asking me to go out for meals or gatherings with friends
when i say i don't feel like it, she and dad thinks something is wrong
which is kinda true
i lose my appetite when i'm upset
but usually i'm just a happy, happy girl
this year i've been more prone to unhappiness for no apparent reason compared to previous years
so my weight has been fluctuating
i had a nice day with her yesterday
we didn't argue
she's in a sunny mood-- she's driving a new black camry and bought a new lv bag last night
plus today she's going on a holiday
hope she and dad will enjoy themselves thoroughly
have a safe journey
i'm also in a cheerful mood
finally went to faraway mines to get my new armani specs
fann was so jealous when he heard of the price
will attempt to cook korean fried rice cakes later
i need luck

Friday, 10 October 2008

wendy's / f block

i should be at international youth center giddy with excitement while peeking at the participants who will be tortured by raleigh over the weekend

but i'm sitting at home, wishing i could go to pasar malam to buy a long necklace and maybe some junk food

thanks to my super irregular period

the thought of suffering the first few days of menses in a wet forest far away from civilization just daunts me


drove to find eunice, actually, i was more interested in my principles of macroeconomics study guide which was in her possession after my tutorial this morning

it was fantastic to see her again though

we lunched at wendy's

i'd never heard anything bad about wendy's and it's always full but i was sorely disappointed with my grilled chicken burger today

it was like eating a salt chunk

when i took my first bite the words 'chicken of the sea' popped into my mind

the chicken was about as salty as the south china sea [redang]

the free chicken nuggets were satisfactory though, as were the fries

eunice had something like double cheeseburger

now that was yummy

the vanilla oreo frosty was too sweet for my liking

what i crave right now is apple pie with ice-cream


after lunch we went to f block

saw a lovely dress but i'd promised myself not to buy any article of clothing above $35

clothes are ridiculously costly nowadays


i told eunice a funny story about mum

she'd applied for a popular card last night

but didn't get to use it [it offers a 10% discount] as the shop didn't stock what she wanted

she was unhappy about being unable to put the card to use

so she hung out at the cashier

this man came to pay, and mum asked, 'would you like to use my card? you can get a 10% discount'

the man was flabbergasted but agreed

hahah mum is so crazy sometimes

Monday, 6 October 2008

angela's ashes

after 1 month, i finally finished angela's ashes

it's one of the better books i'd read in a loong looong time

in fact, it's probably the only book i'd read in awhile

like fated to love you, it brought tears to my eyes

i'm turning into a big crybaby


last saturday i attended facilitator training to prepare for the raleigh introduction weekend this friday

nisha [another nisha in charge of training, not my monash friend] said i was too soft

i have to get used to speaking loudly, standing with feet planted wide, hands behind me

i also have to buy dailies [contact lenses]

it's been a month since my specs broke and all this peering at things sans glasses are taking its toll on my eyes and back

i'm seeing blurry doubles everywhere and my shoulders and back are sore from constantly hunching over books and computers


anyway before training began last saturday i had breakfast at old town

it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life, to curl up on a sofa with angela's ashes

a ham-and-cheese polo bun and hot mocha white coffee in front of me

i like caffeine once in a while

overdid it last thursday when out with the so-called 7 brothers of scouts though

my heart was pumping super fast though i'm only sitting in front of computer watching fated to love you

thanks to the ice blended coffee i had

had an a&w ice-cream waffle on thursday night before watching connected

all that cold food is making my stomach cramp

the waffle was too salty but the movie was awesome

big s was gorgeous and the film was exciting with some hilarious parts

liu ye rocked in it! he's a fantastic actor and fann couldn't even tell that this was the same dude who played the crown prince in curse of the chrysanthemum throne

i like

yam cha-ed at rendezvous after the movie

the vanilla twister is way sweet



i've been going out almost daily during my sem break

friday before raya-- a boring dinner + dance at monash

me + ex partner kevin who knew how to dance

wednesday- connought pasar malam with cute guys

guo wei, keat + i at connought mcdonald's

mun keat, ke, me + chea sheng

me + ke

we took more photos but they're with god-knows-who

i want my photos!

most of my high school friends have put on weight like i did

saturday-- ke's farewell bbq

at ke's holiday home

as the photos show, i'm getting progessively fatter

but nothing beats my brother's news

-he was the last in a 6-car pile-up

all i can say is, what goes around comes around

he was always laughing at my driving skill but now he holds the most stellar record amongst us

benz is a tough car but he managed to mutilate it

poor parents

poor me, now i have to continue waking at 5:30am to send him to school

even if the bloody camry comes

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


1 day in cafe, a Boy came up to a Girl he likes, and went, 'help me buy a drink'

girl, 'why would i want to do that? i'm talking with my friend.'

boy, 'stop talking to her, and buy me a drink.'

me-- is this courtship ritual the new 'in' thing? maybe i've been out of the market for too long


my project this sem break is watching fated to love you, which took taiwan by storm

sadly, it is tacky, recycled nonsense, though they have some funny nonsense

case in point--

mother and daughter chatting on the night of daughter's wedding

mother, 'if ever your husband bullies you, or if ever anybody bullies you, call home asap! even if it is the middle of the night and there are no boats leaving for the mainland, i'll run to the beach and ride a dolphin to save you!'

haha i loved this part and rewatched it many times

it's what mum said to me many times before

i'm loving mum today as she bought me a brown paper bag-ful of egg cakes or kuih bahulu

i'm so easily pleased i feel like a sucker


oo my emo coco just came in

she's damn emo lately, keep trotting upstairs to lie at our feet

i suspect she's pregnant


anyway may be going out with hot guys again later

we have nothing in common and nothing to talk about

but we're good at spewing crap and i love them because they're all hot and it's so rare to have many cute guys in the same place at the same time

Monday, 29 September 2008

wish i had a crystal ball

the first agenda on my sem break to-do list is to look into applying for a 1-year exchange to australia

it expires in 2 days, which translates into me rushing around like a headless ant, trying to pull my application together

exchange is a program that i'd never seriously considered-- thanks to my parents' clayton-or-nothing approach

but now that my chances of getting into clayton, or even caulfield, are busted, berwick is the best option left

it's 40km or a 45 minute drive from the city

it's a village

i can't get over it

the thought of living in a village scares the fat oil right out of me

but the thought of continuing this semi-existence at sunway is much worse


exchange is fantastic on paper-- i pay rm to study in berwick for a year

i get australian exposure and a travel grant

but i have to come back after a year

and the application process is tedious


a transfer is expensive-- paying $ and no travel grant

but i get to complete my studies there

and lee yee says i may be able to apply for a 1-to-2-year work visa there

however.. what if i can't fully adapt to the 'simplicity' and 'tranquility' [ying jian's description] of the place?

i'd feel guilty for wasting my parents' hard-earned money on an experience i could skip

plus, sunway is the best campus after clayton and caulfield

berwick is 4th, which means i'm paying $ to study in a not-an-awesome campus


feel better now

last night i was thinking all the way through to my postgrad studies

that really gave me an awful headache

i just gotta take 1 step at a time

now if only the course manager would hurry with my application

Thursday, 25 September 2008

bye bye

my assignment is due in 27 hours but it remains untouched

it's an idiotic computer system accounting assignment

so, dear monash, how are we supposed to complete it if you don't allow to install the bloody program in your computers?

i have time but can only do the assignment at home

hope stella's right when she says this ass takes only 3 hours to complete


had a lot of fun last night

xian, one of my oldest friends, will be flying to china next tuesday to study journalism at cuc

i'd known her since i was 15 and we'd been besties since 16

i'm a-gonna miss her


her mini farewell get-together was great though

i asked keat to organize it and of course he brought all our hot ex-classmates

it's enjoyable seeing and talking to hotness in every direction one turns

i love cute people

i'm biased


keat was sweet, thoughtful, considerate and all that as usual

adore him!!

he got naughty with one of my friends and it was FUN making him spell out what he did

he was SO embarassed


we watched deception

hugh jackman is handsome and tall

don't understand how fann could rate it as a good film

it's pace was too slow

storyline a tad predictable

or maybe i'd read too much john grisham >.<


after deception we hit connaught pasar again!

yeah, i didn't get enough of that packed-like-sardines feeling last week

ate my taiwanese cartoon cakes

followed by asam laksa

that chea sheng, recommended us the asam laksa then revealed that he'd never tried it before after keat and i had ordered

however, he paid for us, so who cares?

and it was pretty yummy too


i donated 60 cents to a beggar and you should've seen the glowering looks my 5 friends were shooting at me

they gave me a lecture that can rival my parents' on not giving money to these people



i'll never donate to beggars again


bought 3 new pairs of plastic studs for $5

i suck at wearing my own earrings though

always need saruon to put them on for me

i always insert in the right hole but it comes out in the wrong one

infections follow

this is what noobs get when they act cool and get multiple piercings


also bought a pack of korean sticky cake to be cooked with shin ramen

nobody trusts big s' taste

everybody is convinced it's inedible



afterwards everybody came to my home

they were guessing my parents' reactions to all these boys in the living room vs me

but it's not a big deal

i always have a bunch of boys over

they will sit in the living room and act childish

while i [or if i'm lucky, there will be another female to accompany me] roll my eyes

round and round til i get dizzy

anyway stella and i are both commenting on how sex-free our lives are

cousin eunice had also expressed concern over my lack of interest in sex

so parents have nothing to worry about


it's lovely to go out with keat once in awhile

nice to be pampered for a change

been taking care of myself so long that it feels a bit heavenly to have people looking out for me for a change

Monday, 22 September 2008


the beautiful interior of swiss garden hotel

we monashians stayed at fantasia beach resort, complete with lizards and cockroaches [both dead and alive] in the toilet, funky-smelling towels, cheap stained mattress as a 3rd bed, a towel with a hole in it as blanket, no shampoo or heating and very dirty floor

yes, it was crappy but at least i didn't catch bed bugs and the air conditioner was working

i was apprehensive about going with ai and thasha [famous best friends who had known each other since high school] but also grateful that i didn't have to go alone


i was lucky to know ai

she's one of the most gorgeous chick in monash

add the fact that she's half japanese and grew up in fukuoka

everybody wants a piece of her


thasha spent almost 4 years in usa when she was young

her family is filthy rich

and she fits ai's description of her as 'damn nice'

being their roommate means they have to bring me along to their 'exclusive' activities


allow me to get excited about our goodie bag

we received a white musk lotion and shower gel, peppermint foot scrub, a can of coke and a bottle of aquarius in a recycled brown paper bag each


i'm a major sucker for goodie bags


on the bus ride there some inconsiderate bangladeshi students beside me cranked loud music on their phones

they were hot and actually nice, though-- just thoughtless


as usual, i got hungry throughout the trip but it was all good

i lose weight when i join these activities as meal times are planned

normally i eat whenever i'm hungry

and when i'm pms-ing, i eat whenever i feel like it

balok beach

this beach looked clean but when you start looking for rubbish, you find it

i found condom wrappers, unbelievably lots of diapers and all sorts of rubbish

our team Sticky icky, with an additional girl Bb collected 24kg of trash


Bb is also an easygoing person. i like

there were free-flow coke provided at the beach, and free mineral water as well

being my mother's daughter, i made several trips to the water stall and filled my bag with bottles and bottles of aquarius, as our crappy hotel didn't have a kettle

me in the nerdy, short official shirt

i'm currently into long shirts

dusk view outside swiss garden hotel from bus

we took a 10-minute shower each after finishing the cleanup

i was surprised that we made it

this is supposedly the best restaurant in kuantan

stuffed crabs was also served

this doesn't look as appetizing as it was taken with 2megapixel camera in dim lighting

my immune system towards seafood allergies has greatly improved

i even had a prawn!

the 9-course dinner was pretty yummy--
1. appetizer platter with pacific clams on asparagus amongst other dishes
2. steamed fish
3. stuffed crabs
4. spicy tofu-- i love tofu!
5. fried rice of the white, light variety
6. curry stir-fried prawns
7. beancurd skin with mushrooms in oyster sauce
8. dessert of tinned sea coconut and longans stirred in water and ice
9. fruits-- papayas and watermelons

and i had a vanilla coke, which i adore

the people at next table on a sugar high from our sponsor
coca cola's free-flow cokes

below: lanterns were useful + romantic at night on the beach

we took a walk on the beach near our hotel to see the stars at night

there weren't much stars so ended up spinning on the beach and playing games like human chain

some people came to join us and that's when i felt we were the fun crowd


after returning from the beach everybody gathered in our room to chat and discuss about going to swiss garden for drinks with ai's adp friends from taylors, who were also participating in icc

there was only 1 car so we had to wait for some people to leave as we couldn't squeeze all of us in fairuz's wira

we stopped by 7-11 for booze to contribute to our little party but it stocked no alcohol at all!

they had xampai sparkling fruit juice though

thasha can actually open the bottle with her bare hands!


when we arrived at swiss garden beach ai's friends were checking the bottles on display in the bar

turned out they were filled with water instead of alcohol

the security popped by to keep an eye on us later though


the 'light' drink for lousy drinkers fixed by david was freakin' strong

i took a sip and passed the rest to ganesh

i know i'm a shit drinker so i don't drink much, since i dislike the taste anyway

ate thash's choki choki though

super wealthy but loves choki choki haha


when she said she brought some 'nice hotel shampoo', i thought, cheh~

then she passed me 2 bvlgari green tea bottles-- a shampoo and a conditioner

and i knew it would be a celeb-level hotel

it was a usd1k+ per night villa in bali *envy


mel [who mistook me for a jap or korean] fell asleep halfway through our little get-together

so bb, thash + i accompanied her in a pretty exotic tent with pillows, chatting

people always mistake me for foreigner during holidays-- in taiwan most think i'm american [wth?] or japanese

those who think i'm american insist on conversing with me in broken english

my dance partner for latin dance class kevin didn't believe i was local-- before he knew my name he thought i was jap or korean. after he knew he thought i was from china

maybe because i dress better


bb + i chatted and agreed that it's weird that in uni, people can spend 1 sem in the same tutorial but not acknowledge each other's existence

uni is the oddest place

especially when your pre-u is high school uec

during ice-breaker i couldn't find anybody who did the same pre-u as i did

felt so different


we returned at 3am and everybody continued gossiping in our room

i took my 100th shower for the day-- even fairuz commented, why is that girl always showering?!

i just feel sticky lah

after shower i semi-slept while 'eavesdropping' on the chat

wanted to join but was dead tired


our buffet breakfast next morning consisted of 3 dishes--
1. fried rice
2. sausage bits stir fried in tomato sauce
3. toast, butter + jam

the tea + coffee, even the milk was suagry sweet and not fit for consumption

but this carb junkie enjoyed her toasts

compare and contrast the greyness of kuantan with redang

my kite

i actually flew a kite under the bloody sun!

i don't enjoy kites but ai says they're cute, like fishes swimming in the sea and i must admit there's some truth to that

flying kites get boring after 10minutes so i retired to a shack on the beach to hide from the blazing sun

would like to swim but 'bloody aunt is visitng'


there were a few girls at the pondok, none of them talking to each other

way weird, so i asked if they'd like to play cho-dai-dee and they nodded so enthusiastically i had to comment, wah you all secretly wana play cho-dai-dee but nobody dared to say izit?

i won twice *pleasure after a day of losing to ai


cheri brought me to her room and fed me chipsmore when i said i was hungry

so science people are nicest, arts people are loudest, medics people are proudest, business people are meanest

on the bus home there were 3 arts people beside me having this noisy conversation about shit

major f*ckness, we were all trying to get some sleep

they were getting into detail about foursomes

carmen was one of them


have a dance competition at this friday's dinner + dance

my partner has no tempo at all

i dislike bad dancers

Sunday, 14 September 2008

happy mid autumn festival

my family is out celebrating with pork belly soup at fatty's corner

celebrating mid autumn by cooking kaya together

coco spent mid autumn snoozing beside me as i did my homework-- actually she's just afraid of rain

i'm still recovering from all the rich food i've been eating since the lau family came last thursday

on friday night i had ice-cream sandwich at old town

it was pretty yummy but the thing was i was eating with 2 cute little boys around my brother's age

so i had to eat slower than usual

which means the ice-cream of my second sandwich had already melted to duno-what when i started on it

it dribbled all over my hand

while i tried to clean up, continue eating and hold a decent conversation with cute guy opposite me at the same time

in the end, cute guy pitied me and pushed a plate towards me so the ice-cream can drip on it instead of on the table

haiz!! eat also cannot eat gracefully!


saturday night we had dinner at klang again

toddy! [else known as coconut flower wine]

yummy mee-hoon stir-fried with butter

i ate 2 crab claws without fear of allergic reaction ^^

ivory and i both love using the hammer to smash open the shells

we also enjoy pressing open durians-- not using knife, mind


sunday lunch is yong tau fu

then it was time to bid adieu to lau

when i was little i would cry at each parting

but now i emote less than the average person

didi from my taiwan trip 2 years ago is the most adorable boy ever

he was only 14, it was probably his first camp and he most possibly had never had to say goodbye before

he was biting his lip on the train, trying to be strong but the tears fell anyway

so sweet


i was thinking about buying new clothes today

and my wish was granted-- viva organized a flea market sale on campus!

i spent $80 on 2 tops and a tweed mini from this designer--

shahida shari of buttonsmybuttons and i at monash flea market

one huge mango from family tree!

there are monkeys eyeing the mangoes on the tree though

gotta be careful

a not-very-good shot of lovely sky outside high school

Friday, 5 September 2008

ill behaved

i do NOT want to go on holiday

i want to stay home and do my assignments

the inconvenience of not being able to remove contact lenses to give my eyes a break is giving me a headache

i'm too fat and flat to be parading around redang in a swimsuit

i do NOT want to eat buddha jumps over the wall

sharks' fins are the cruelest food on earth [after bears' paws]

i do NOT want to miss lectures

and tutorials i especially allocated so i can peek at the cute guys in those classes

the thought of all the catching up i have to do.. *moan


i still have to pack my clothes to go on holiday


buy me a c902 so i can at least take photos with a new camera!!

the 10megapixel one always showcases my flaws!

i wanna stay home and eat pizza with fann!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


kah hay + i @ monash ball

finally, have a second to breathe

this is kah hay, not the kind boy who accompanied me to wait for nisha

this is nisha--

when i was waxing lyrical to my friend about small town people, he asked:

'are you trying to compliment yourself by implying he was nice to you because you are pretty?'

honestly, it's a 'no'

going to monash has raised the bar for me on the definition of 'beautiful' + 'thin'

i did my makeup myself, and it looks non existent

beh tahan myself!!

this entry was inspired by dad

here he is, after a couple of hours shopping with mum + i

i thought all guys love gadgets + tech stuff

apparently not dad + shao jie-- a guy i befriended today

during the 2 hours [of shopping] we were only buying a printer, ink + haggling for my c902 at low yat

it wasn't even clothes / makeup / girlie things!


i was so close to owning my dream phone!

so close~

pains me to think of what could have been T.T

i love that dream-come-true feeling that comes with buying the perfect bag / phone..

dating the gomd..


driving benz..

or just special moments that pop up

anyway the people selling hand phones at low yat all resemble gangsters

i have 0 faith in their warranties

my wound is past the itchy stage-- i scratched like crazy

it's now peeling off

can't believe this black chunk used to be my knee!

the only good shot i had of coco

it's freakin' difficult photographing a dog

her eyelined eyes are gorgeous


happy to have made a new friend today

it doesn't come easily to me

within the first few nanoseconds of interacting with a person, i can tell if they like me / dislike me / neutral

john was one of those people who likes me-- this made it a breeze for me to kid around with him

sj was the same, though he got my name wrong

he kept calling 'lee min! lee min!'

hayden is a very agreeable person, too

and sumi, my presentation partner, was sweet to agree to change slots with hayden as i couldn't make it next week

that's 3 lovely people in 1 class

why didn't i notice before?

Sunday, 31 August 2008

monash ball

1。花了 $150 买化妆品准备去 monash ball,sekali [受表姐影响,爱用 sekali]
  • bb cream 令我白如鬼、
  • 眼影令我黑眼圈、
  • eyebrow kit 令我已黑的眉毛看起来要去唱大戏似的,浪费我的钱!!


3。妈可以晚上 11 点告诉我,隔天要穿去 ball 的裙不见了



monash ball

身为失败的人类,我在 monash 的朋友少之又少

所以对这个 ball 没期待

但 it was better than i expected


很眼睡啊~ 本来打算 ball 结束后去莹家而没去 after party



anyway 在 ball 认识一个好人

他是打篮球的,看到我一个人等朋友就叫我与他先进 ballroom 等



i've developed a taste for small-town people




竟然遇到 isaac!!

我们未免太有缘了 *哈


食物、表演都不错 ^^

Sunday, 24 August 2008

balik kampung

steamed fish-- what i had for breakfast for 3days, lucky me

enjoy taking photos of food-- keeping them in my phone and looking at them sometimes pleases me

i think i may have a food addiction-- on thursday i finished a loaf of gardenia wholemeal bread by noon

that was definitely abnormal

sometimes i hide my eating from parents too

i'm not bulimic, though, kent

large homegrown mangoes-- too bad they're more sour than sweet..

thanks to some naughty squirrels who plucked them before they were fully ripened

thank goodness i love sweet-sour flavor and the texture is perfect


on thursday i took a bus back to johor with eunice

it's a torturous process, and i'm not exaggerating

my bag was heavy due to my bringing 2 heavy textbooks and some notes

for the rare few times in my life, i had to carry my own bloody luggage from plaza rakyat lrt station to pudu bus station!

lagi the toilets are all squatting types, which means my wound nearly exploded with the strain of stretching taut as i attempted to pee gracefully in the cramped but surprisingly clean toilets

i love going back to johor to visit ahma and popo but i despise the journey-- sitting on my butt for more than 3hours

haha i'm really getting into complaining mode

popo's peanut butter birthday cake

upon arrival started the Eating Tour-- a pandan glutinous rice cake with red bean filling in aunt vela's new vios..

.. followed by yummy steamboat dinner at popo's home

dessert was lotus moon cake, chocolate doriyaki and the above birthday cake

the birthday cake isn't kl standard and i've yet to acquire a taste for green tea moon cake

for me, green tea = shampoo / conditioner / shower gel / whitening masks / perhaps even ice-cream or beverage but not other food types!

cousin zi yu + i

i think he's getting thinner and handsomer every time i meet him

sorry for the greasy face, it's not badly-applied blusher this time, it's just that i-haven't-showered-for-16-hours oil slick

i think his hair got cut by the discipline teacher

me + popo

eunice always takes lousy shots of me

sanshen's shop's kampung-style biscuits corner

i kept peeking at it, reminds me of my childhood when once ahma sent me on an errand to buy $2 worth of cream crackers

it seems so special, the way the biscuits are taken out and weighed and small talk is made during the process

the biscuits that come from these tins seem tastier, too


sanshen gave eunice and i a magnolia cone each-- we were given permission to open the freezer and select an item for free!!

which we ate as we accompanied ahma to pick guavas in a light drizzle

another unenjoyable process-- i'm a big-time city girl who only loves being in nature when i'm wearing long pants, sneakers and insect repellant

but of course i saved the whining for now ><

serious cam-whoring in sanshen's shop

i didn't buy this tin but i bought 500g of roti kok [i'm addicted to roti]

the roti kok in kl tastes crappy

if you don't know what roti kok is please tell me, i still have some at home and am more than willing to introduce this delicious food to you

[it's actually butter + sugar on bread which are toasted so dry, they become biscuits]

the day has come-- not only camwhoring but acting cute as well *puke

the brinjals in my hands are organically grown by relatives

they pick them and sell them at the shop

if nobody buys, the brinjals are taken home and cooked for dinner

soo traditional!


my sri gading cousins are all freakin' skinny!

ahgong seems almost back to his old self [sans the endless smoking, of course]-- insisting on changing the wall clock himself and brushing away our attempts to help

yang is funny too-- ahma said he refused to take his afternoon nap so he can welcome us but when we arrived, he was 'passed out' on the sofa


later on eunice and i went for the bubble milk tea in batu pahat

it's in this area of shophouses with a healthy smattering of food joints and boutiques

we went to this wonderful boutique with my kind of clothes and spent forever there

ended up buying nothing, though-- there was a stain on one pretty eyelet dress which couldn't be washed off but the proprietor kept insisting it could

despised his dishonesty so we left


shopped at long shen, a very catering-to-tourists tan-kim-hock style shop with excellent service

there were a host of salespeople chirping bubbly 'welcome's at the door

a few miliseconds after our arrival, hot chinese tea was served

there are samples for every type of food sold there as well

i bought black sesame and yam mochi [i adore mochi] and 2 pigs in baskets [mooncake skin but long shen makes them with lotus paste fillings, which i don't much fancy]

eunice is this crazy fan, practically groupie, of ice skinned green tea moon cake but she bought the yam one instead [the power of my influence ><]

sampled some novelty moon cakes-- yoghurt is odd, but chestnut is worse. chrysanthemum cake is weird, too.. and have you heard of curry moon cakes?


after food shopping we went to eunice's friend's sister's boutique

the clothes there are more expensive as they're produced locally, unlike some boutiques which ship in from thailand

thai clothes are prettier, though

learned something new today-- sales of clothes are actually made in kg's!

the service was warm, so i bought a heavily discounted, only-suitable-for-casual-wear-not-clubbing-despite-convenient-pockets dress

looks very hong kong

fell in love [and subsequently purchased] the most beautiful bag in the world-- the skin is made from leather + pvc

it costs a whopping [for me] $60 but i haven't felt this way about a bag in a long time

i bought the pink one but contemplated buying the gold one, too, as both are equally gorgeous, but common sense won out

i love my new bag!!


considered staying until monday so i can spend sunday shopping but i needed to study and do homework at home

so i made the [in retrospect] stupid decision to join the van uncle peace rented to drive the sabahans up to kl to catch their flight to sabah

[speaking of sabah, stella has finally invited me to spend my holidays at her home in kk, tempting me with descriptions of mouthwatering giant fish heads and secluded islands.

being invited to course mates' homes is, to me, an essential part of uni life so now i feel more like a uni student! ^^]

ok, back to b*tching about the return trip

mum's family is huge on squeezing together in small spaces, which is why we ended up transporting 14 people in a 9-seater van

the memory of it makes my body sore all over again

i so badly wanted to ask the driver to drop me off at eunice's-- i'd rather take the bus home alone [at least i'd have a seat to myself]

as for my getting-heavier luggage, harry has agreed to ponteng classes to fetch me home from scary pudu bus station

eunice is becoming a big fan of harry's, as well

well, he is nicest to her amongst all my guy friends, and maybe even to me as well

back to the subject, i didn't make too much of a fuss and wished over and over again for

  1. time to pass faster so this packed-like-sardines ordeal will be over sooner; or
  2. my death. it sounds childish / spoilt / dramatic but try sharing 3 seats with 3 other adults and 1 kid for over 3 hours and you'll get what i mean

batu pahat has great + affordable boutiques and food!!

can't wait to go shopping there again!!

cousin meipo + i.. she's pretty like her mum, and has admirers already at 11!

well good news! my stalking has finally paid off and i now know the name of gomd!

haha i sound scary.. yeap just surprised me by dropping a comment on my happyland, so who knows who else is reading this, so i can't share his beautiful name [ask eunice, i'd been repeating it to her for the past few days]

but he's useless-- i was working on my assignment and in he breezes with his friends and starts cajoling a girl to let him copy her answers

argh he probably got his way, all my female tutors are suckers for him


watched the eye 2 while waiting for the van, i kinda like that movie [minus the scary parts]