Friday, 1 February 2008


left a comment for cousin paul. maybe he'll come here. so decide to post a photo in case he doesn't remember me.

ahaha the last time he saw me was at serene's wedding. my look was probably this--
that's my 2005 bestie tang (left) and i.. one of the oldest photo i could find in my computer!!

now i look more like this--
cousin eunice (who visited you paul in kk in.. erm.. 2000, when i was 11! wow! can't believe i was 11! i still feel 11! wuahaha~ but i think i still look the same la)
anyway IF, a VERY BIG 'IF', i go to unsw, i'll have to find paul to yamcha, which is supposed to be a very hip 20-something activity. and this activity can't be realised if he doesn't know what i look like now-- that fat hag CAN'T be related to me!!
so i'm showing my email here, something i rarely do (pretending to be 清高 paiseh paiseh) so paul if you see this then email me, k?