Thursday, 1 May 2008

c for coco, cars + children

last night i skipped basketball practice to attend my neighbor's 21st birthday open house. i don't know him that well but i know i love food ahaha i'm such a pig sometimes.

anyway i guess yesterday qualifies as a good day. i forgot to bring money [again-- it's kinda tough to adapt to a new lifestyle where $3 in your purse is not enough] but shahid bumped into me after management lecture and asked if i wanna have lunch together.

so we had kfc and he told me about how he used to ice-skate to college on a frozen river in canada. wow. imagine that. i've been here my entire life and hearing about stuff like these always gets me excited.

actually i'd given up all hope on transferring to aus next year but my management assignment breathed new hope into me. being me, i wasn't even remotely nervous when i attended management tute yesterday but my friends started panicking and i was influenced after i realized that everybody in my tute had received their asses except me and another guy.

when tutor aziana finally called out my name, i stumbled to the front of the classroom in the most ungraceful manner, wishing i hadn't selected such a mini skirt to wear today. wicked tutor aziana made the most of my discomfort, ending with a solemn, '... it's a borderline case...' [i stopped breathing] '... but it's a distinction.' cue evil smile. she's so bad! nobody plays with my feelings!

i could hardly walk afterwards and told aziana so, but she was still reveling in 'getting' me, and said gaily, 'no, but you can run!' *sigh* she's too cute.

if i work a bit harder, i may upgrade myself from borderline d to a safe d. if i work a lot harder, a high d may be possible.

to celebrate, i indulged in supper at neighbor's yummy buffet spread without guilt [that, and the fact that i'd tortured myself for a quick half hour at the gym before]. singcai, who got lost again, decided to come play basketball with me. he always loses his way when driving somewhere, and since he found himself in my area, he dropped by to visit.

while we were shooting hoops, the kids at the open house were clustered around my gates, gawking at coco and feeding her ice. they asked to be let in and i complied.

they thanked me by screaming like crazy and running away from coco, which prompted her to give chase. i nearly fainted with fear that coco might nip them playfully and bite off a tiny finger or whatever. but in the end the kids found out that they were safe with singcai and me, so they came and hugged our legs, which felt kinda funny as i was still wearing my mini, but it also gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

kids are so sweet, especially when they get tired and hug your legs. especially when they're not being noisy.

haha life seems perfect [making progress with assignment] but of course my parents had to ruin my bliss by banning me from visiting my sis in taiwan. i haven't seen her in more than a year! no wonder our family is dysfunctional! it's evil to keep 2 sisters apart for so long!

however, i would never ever dream of asking her to come back, even if for a short visit. can't believe she's been there for 2 years. i know she's enjoying herself and i wouldn't wish my life on anybody, being bored to death here.

i was so friggin' pissed, f*cking pissed that i took it out on my lousy myvi on the way to uni, pushing it to its max speed of a slow 120km/h. the car was already vibrating and the wind was so loud-- it really is a piece of shit. but it got me to uni in about 20minutes. usually it takes an hour so i was pleased. who says i drive like a grandmother?

driving fast is a great way to dispel boredom, and shahid will be teaching me to play pool, so life is getting better, even if i can't go to taiwan and sort out tao's boy-troubles for her. i miss her.

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