Saturday, 26 April 2008

omo the eng ver

it's 11:28pm, 28minutes past my usual bedtime, but i'm in shock! my so-called private blog was actually public! omo it's cruel to use real names online, hope i didn't get anybody into trouble.

omo am i stupid or is serene just geng? so 'kiong' can read my blog?

walau-eh i'm a private person, 1st time felt so exposed.. feel so paiseh haha

had dinner with uncle alfred and aunt penny. uncle alfred you're so free, can make semi-prank calls to me, i thought you were the warren who hit my car, almost scolded you.

anyway today i went to the police station again to add warren's car registration number to my report. i felt apprehensive about going alone but my parents are abnormal.

case 1
my parents
  1. made a fuss over the fact that i'd went out with my friends twice this month, both times i was home before midnight
  2. let me file my police reports. alone
normal parents
  1. are cool with their 19-year-old offspring going out with friends
  2. usually accompany their kids to police stations.
what the..?!! admittedly i was pissed but i didn't wanna seem needy. nonetheless i still sms-ed yang, and he called me and asked me not to do so many things alone, especially when i don't feel like it. however, he was in taiping so he couldn't come accompany me. i never thought i could feel so.. neutral towards him. i thought i was gonna be in love with him forever and ever. and ever.

case 2
my parents brought me to national park with their friends and their kids.

dad's so used to not having me around that during registration to enter the elephant sanctuary, he registered for my neighbor's entire family but left out my name.

what the..?! this is definitely not normal.

and during a boat ride they dumped me with their friends and boarded the boat together.

well, it wasn't a big deal as we were just crossing the river to go home but my pretty neighbor looked so shocked. i'll bet she'd never been left behind by her parents before.

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