Sunday, 4 May 2008

d for dates

2 may
xian slept over at my home tonight. we went to pasar malam and i realized how satisfying 1 cup of pearl milk tea could be. i love it!

xian is the only girl with whom i have sleepovers where we both do masks with.

she introduced me to korean culture and a beautiful song <小情歌>

3 may
we called up jin wah, whom we haven't seen in years, despite her living nearby.

my life has been very sad lately, i always play driver to my girlfriends and have to subsidize for them when they're broke. i'm getting bullied!

i drove them to have famous fish head meehoon. my sense of direction has improved tremendously. i actually knew the way.

jin wah was surprised that i'd eat at such a.. well, mamak place. it's ridiculously hot there, even with a fan blowing our hair into our mouths.

after brunch they didn't wanna return so fast, so we watched the forbidden kingdom at leisure mall. i would never usually watch films of that genre but xian wanted to and shahid liked it so i figured it just might be worth my $9.

not so. though lee bing bing and 刘亦菲 were both gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! [i prefer chow yun fatt to jackie chan and jet li] what kinda girl picks the double j's over robert downey jr?! i'm looking forward to red cliff, though. the trailer sparked goosebumps all over me, face included. i also get goosebumps when watching the beijing welcomes you video. felt so proud to be chinese, for unknown reasons.

before the movie began, we had a spare 2 hours, so we went to popular to browse and ended up sitting on the floor near the chinese magazines and comic section, chatting and flipping through 1-year-old queen's.

jin wah uses expensive skincare and eats very little compared to me. she's quite pretty now-- she found a fabulous hairstylist. she almost inspired me to return to my vegan diet.

afterwards we had dinner at kang san e restaurant. xian and i go there almost once a month. the food's good but the 老板娘 scared me this time. we'd finished our dinner and was itching to take a peek upstairs. so we packed our stuff and filed up the stairs.

a flurry of korean erupted and in a nanosecond the owner was at the foot of the stairs, demanding, 'weh? weh?' i'm not sure if she's asking 'why' we're going up or 'where' we're headed to. [i'd watched enough korean dramas to know that 'weh' means 'why'] the owner and her daughter both looked so fierce and puzzled respectively over such a small matter. did they think we were gonna climb upstairs and jump from the window to escape the bill [which wasn't hefty at all] or what?

i pointed to my eyes and said, 'take a look' *pointed up 'upstairs' then we continued up. it looks, well, like a korean restaurant. they always have tv sets, even if it's unhealthy to eat and watch tv at the same time.

the waiters are very nice, though-- a chinese and 2 middle eastern guys. we were seated in our usual booth and jin wah kept crawling onto the seat and peeking into the next booth to decipher what they were eating-- there was this wickedly yummy aroma wafting into our booth. she has the largest eyes so it was pretty funny. the couple on the other side must've felt like whacking us [or feeding her]

in the end we exited our booth and asked the cute waiter what they were having. pork bbq. that's what we'll order next time.

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