Tuesday, 6 May 2008

e for entertaining

i like my friend's blog as it is easy to read.

photos, photos, photos everywhere!

it helps that she is hot too.

finished my moral ass ^^

actually i just typed the report and left the power point slides + cd-burning + printing to jasmine.

i'm not mean, but typing a report is the most difficult aspect ok..

saw my old girl scouts patrol members yest.

they were celebrating kar mon's birthday and hoped i could make it.

actually, i couldn't, but pei ni wanted to see me so much she asked yang to convince me to go.

they were so sweet, i couldn't say no, and ended up shortening my discussion time with jasmine and typing the report myself. hers had too many typos anyway.

i didn't realize how much i missed them and high school life until i saw them.

girl scouts patrol 1 2004
behind: vice-leader michelle, sarah, hui teng
front: birthday girl kar mon, leader me, pei ni

sarah was the only one who quit, the rest are still scouts.

i'm good at keeping members ahaha =p

the 'cake' is a secret recipe gourmet pie.

it was michelle's idea but kar mon thought it was mine and praised me like crazy.

it was uber-hyper embarrassing to correct her.

but i still enjoyed seeing the girls.

michelle and i were the most compatible leaders that year.

and our patrol was the most fun.

now i'm at monash, nobody wants to play with me.

well, i did some research and concluded that playing catch at the street is not everybody's idea of fun, so maybe i'm just weird.

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