Friday, 16 May 2008

f for a 4-letter word beginning with f

f*ck f*ck f*ck

3days before my ass is due, my partner ups + drops the subject

i hope he's grilled in hell for this

but i'll still give him the secret + princess hours soundtrack i burned for him because i'm a nice + kind person

scrap that, i just don't know who else would like it, plus i despise wastage

to cheer myself up before i tackle the bastard's share of the work..

jang woo hyuk!!

whenever people ask me what type of guys i like, i show them his photo--
it's preferable if they have this gaunt/ beautiful nose/ single eyelid/ pale look

i never like guys with pretty eyes

i admire jwh because he works uber-hard
jwh is the king of dance, and i know how tough it is to produce that kind of results
[i used to dance]

but of course nobody understands
they just exclaim, 'he's ugly!'

the funny thing is, when i put his photo in my phone, people thinks he is my boyfriend
they assume i must have ugly boyfriends
heard of 'opposites attract'?
they're implying i'm lenglui
MUAHAHAHA *mood improves 10%


look at this

it looks yummy but

  1. it's so tough my teeth nearly got embedded in it when i tried to chew
  2. it was a meal with my idiot partner

look at this

it's so pretty! *mood improves 10%

i'm a very experimental person, if i do say so myself

so i tried this

it's actually cereal in dark grape juice

it tasted awful

but i finished it as i despise wastage

i like this photo though


i drive the green myvi [perfectly parked behind this car]

i'm a good driver

nola actually usually i can spot my car from far far away as the butt is usually jutting out

but that day i couldn't see it!

i was panicking, wondering if it's been stolen

turned out it's just my parking skill has improved

MUAHAHAHA *mood improves 20%!!!

last but not least

i was biking the other day + decided to explore the new super bungalows above my neighborhood

this is the view from one of the houses

no wonder mum loves it

i'll buy it for her when i..

.. marry rich

i'm so un-ambitious

MUAHAHA *mood doesn't improve

but it felt so serene up there

away from noise

i'm going jogging

exercise is great for everything *mood improves 10%

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