Wednesday, 25 June 2008

jolly noon

kent asked how i was today

am i still in a good mood like yesterday?

hell yeah! though the day didn't start off well

and it's still gonna be crap if mum starts talking to me

i stand her better when i'm giddy with caffeine


i'd planned to have lunch and perhaps catch a movie with a friend

and mum was kind enough to sponsor a $50 dome voucher

but of course there is no such thing as a free lunch

she spent the morning talking about this and that [the tasks that me and my friend were to carry out] but getting nothing across

i swear, she just keeps teaching me how to get to somewhere i know how to get to

then she stops and decides that she doesn't need my help in that matter

after a milisecond she changes her mind

and we start the road directions all over again

and after all that crap she scolds me for wasting her entire morning

wtf!!! i kept telling her i knew how to drive to a particular place [and she knew i knew, because that's the road i take to get fann's butt to school!] but she insisted upon dissecting every detail

when my friend came to pick me up she put him through the same ordeal

he nearly went nuts but kept his cool

because we can't all be pissed at the same time


however, his impatience started surfacing when we couldn't find the bloody menara olympia where i had to hop off to help dad get a cheque

and i started feeling guilty

the free dome meal he's gonna be treated to soon isn't really a compensation as he'd already spent quite some moolah on me when i was broke


in the end i paid for everything!-- movie, lunch, donuts, tea

i'm loving dome more and more though the price is outrageous

i discovered my fave drink there-- all hail the espreski kids- fluffy koala!
blended with dairy milk chocolate koalas, filled with rich caramel, dusted with chocolate and topped with an extra chocolate koala

it makes me drool just reading the description from the site

it costs $13-- i feel evil just thinking about myself being so frivolous with my parents' hard-earned money

but it's really yummy, not too sweet


i actually ate fries today too

kent would be proud

i used to be anti fries ever since sohfong told me they do the same damage to our body as a cigarette, ie. 4 fries = 1 ciggie

but they were so delicious i couldn't resist them today!


i've found out that i've a bigger appetite than most people

most of the people i know feel bloated after eating the same meal which just leaves me feeling satisfied



why is it whenever i go out with this friend, it is a time when i'm running out of pantiliners/ deodorant/ razor blades?!!!

it felt weird standing at the women's toiletries aisle, hugging a discount double pack of carefree's whilst discussing which the best anti pespirant is with him


watched get smart

my bro says it didn't live up to his expectations

but it's still ok in my opinion, albeit a bit over-the-top + cheesy

i used to adore watching cine-ad

maybe i'm abnormal from not watching tv at home

nyah nyah


after movie we went to mamak

i wanted to eat roti bom but i'd bought big apple donuts

so we drank lemon tea and ate sinful donuts

i love donuts

i'm doing so many things i love today

i don't dare voice my pleasure aloud

i may jinx myself

so i smile a lot and type this long boring entry and sms kent


after i got home i walked coco for 50min

and 1 minute my friend was suggesting that we should walk coco together sometime

and the next he was asking me to be his girlfriend!


little brother asked me, 'do taiwanese girls really woo their boyfriends via love letters?' whilst he was flipping through my nana some time ago

i'd replied that i wasn't sure as
i'm not an under-18 taiwanese chick [the target readers for nana]

and i admitted that nobody has been chasing me since march so i wouldn't know how modern courtship occurs

he laughed at me the same way he laughed at me when he discovered my cup size

but now i know

haha i should share my newfound knowledge with him but we're fighting [i'm hogging the comp to type this, he wants to read about his game online]


anyway i wanted to let him down nicely

so i asked yang, my male dictionary, for advice [of course i didn't drop names]

the funny guy sms-ed me a model answer

you're a nice guy but i think we're more suitable as friends
'appreciate the girls who like you' [optional]

i'm getting wiser? naw, doubt these are considered wisdom

i used to like this friend

too bad i don't like him now

Monday, 23 June 2008

i lurve my vices

just discovered my new fave food-- the humble mamak staple roti bom

last sunday i drove baby brother fann to tuition class at the new area in bkt jalil

and we had brunch at the high class mamak there

have i been staying home too long?

the mamak is actually wifi-enabled!

i was so pleased!

next time i can sit there and watch korean soaps on youtube whilst waiting for fann to finish his class

not that there are any soaps worth watching nowadays


roti bom is a thicker, smaller roti kosong with kaya + butter inside

argh it makes my mouth water just thinking about it!!

next time i'm gonna try tosai

i actually have no idea what it is



loving toasted marshmallows lately as well

and hot chocolate

maybe i'll get the chance to indulge myself during the raleigh agm this weekend



had a hazelnut coffee this morning

because i was uber sleepy from waking early to drive fann to school

no wonder dad drinks so much coffee

the caffeine excited me so much i was nearly hyper

i laughed loads and talked to my mum [usually she yabbers away and i grunt periodically like a guy]

but i felt sick after the caffeine wore off


dad says i've gained weight

i'm 1kg heavier than i was before the exams [and more importantly the comfort eating that comes with it]

but i'm 1kg lighter than i was during the exams

*cheer cheer

i've been pushing myself hard lately

when i go to bed my entire body is so ridiculously sore

and the muscles on my calves are starting to bulge

hip hip hooray!

i'm getting stronger!


i've been having really vivid dreams lately too

maybe a zhang yimou movie a day isn't a good idea

i watched 2046 1day

house of flying daggers the next

and on the 2nd night i woke in a nervous frenzy

zhang yimou's movies are admittedly cool

but it's emo

add that to the fact that i'm also reading captain corelli's mandolin at the moment [anti germans!]

nightmares are expected

so now i'm watching full house instead

not funny like my girl [i swear it's the most hilarious drama, after it started with a kiss. must watch the first 4episodes of both!]

but the actors are hot [anti-rain though] and the actress is pretty and thin [i'm always inspired to lose weight after watching korean dramas]


mm i'm feeling a bit too optimistic i think i'm gonna jinx myself again

it's probably the hormones

i've been obsessive about not jinxing myself lately

i'm weird

Thursday, 12 June 2008

h for high school

i was reading serene's 'bak chang' post

and i suddenly thought of the ridiculous dumpling-wrapping competition i participated in high school

group 19 should've participated in malay kuih-wrapping competition

our dumplings came out square

because our 1st lesson was 5 min before the competition began haha

it was a fun year

because i was the thinnest i could ever hope to be

and my math had improved more than i'd ever dreamed was possible
for weird unknown reasons i woke uber early today

and thought of high school

where i changed from this geeky 16-year-old to this silly 17-year-old [i'm studying elasticity]with a series of silly poseswe're supposed to be the ghosts haunting our school but i also studied la this type of photo is uber rare, however


now monash has only 1 single cute guy
who can't really compare with kehot nia?

he's our school grass, which is the hottest guy in school

even my mum says he's 'yan-tao'

and he's so sweet, even my bro says he's nice

the only guy i know who has both fantastic looks and a wonderful personality

this is the poster about a drama

about 3 girls in high school [mm forgot if we were supposed to be girls or ghosts]

.. who were obsessed with ah.. umbrella, lip balm and fan


the unbeatable imagination of 17-year-olds with camera phones
yes, the blackest shoe is mine

it was even blacker when i was 18 because i thought, hey, i won't be wearing them in 10months' time, why waste the soap?

i freaked my eng teacher out
jiun always brought homemade muffins *licks lips

but i never got fat then
haha we really camwhored! so many photos! the yellow smiley face says 'i have manners'

funny nia.. my face is all screwed up as i was showing off the chocolate i was eating

when i got bangs successfully for the first time

so proud nia!!

been wearing bangs since
this is the pizza party to celebrate the completion of nie project

the dude behind me is hilarious

quan always brings him to find prostitutes in thai

and everytime he feels himself succumbing to his hormones,

he'll call my girlfriend [whom he likes] and say,

'hey, let's talk til i calm down'

because he likes my friend
and he wants to be a good guy for her haha
ying and i pretending to be prefects my nerdiest hairstyle ever

but it keeps my hair off my face great
more wackiness he's supposed to be very hot

well, he's ok lah

my bro's ex's ex haha
mm sleeping in high school

so enjoyable

i hardly sleep in uni


high school!

i wana wear uniform leh

every morning have to go through outfit selection, very tedious

now still have to continue studying

sadness haha


the end of my high school evolution


Monday, 9 June 2008

g for grandpa's 81st birthday

it was good to see everybody again

ah gong actually recognises me!

or.. at least he's acknowledging my presence

my gong gong just ignores me

he's a.. traditional guy

in the sense that girls are not as worthy as boys

and if you don't share his surname, you don't qualify for an angpao during cny

thus, being a lim [instead of a tan] and a female too,

i'm situated at the bottom of the hierarchy



however, ah ma + xiao shen [aunt amy] couldn't identify both fann + i

i know it's because i'm currently in a fat phase

but fann looked dead as usual


all went well

except i hate my crooked teeth

so i displayed weird close-lipped smiles after weird close-lipped smiles

and my supposedly waterproof eyeliner began its steady migration

from where it's supposed to be to under my eyes,

making me resemble a panda


i hate makeup


but perhaps it was supposed to put me in the mood for kungfu panda

which i had 0 interest in

but which i was sacrificing my usual bedtime to watch

everybody is trying to cash in chinese culture now

what with 3 kingdoms, forbidden kingdom and whatnot

but panda was surprisingly cute

suits my mood then

[mum was making me feel guilty for being fat, ugly + stupid before she released me to the cinema

it's not wholly my fault i have a slow metabolism

+ inherited dad's big face

+ mum's family's wide hips, big butt, elephant legs + not-so-stellar intellect.

what does she thinks i do all day?

lie in bed + snack?

i work harder than most girls do-- except on special occasions when my mouth works harder.

does she think i enjoy being a hulking rhino?!]

the panda felt fat, ugly + stupid in the flick too

he's my new bestie ^^


cousin sam + i

he was my fave cousin growing up

him + paul because they bought little gifts for me

[haha i'm so easy to please]

but of course now we're not so close anymore


now it's me + eunice

2 noobs experimenting with eyeliners before dinner

you know all those magazines that stressed on the importance of practicing your makeup application a few times before the dinner?

they were right

should've seen eunice + i

running around in her home, our makeup running as well


cousin tai, ah ma + i

cousin tai is uber good with kids

ah ma is cute lah

when i was small, i'd ask her to wake me when she woke

it was usually around 630-7am but i always forced myself up

then i'd fold the blankets

+ troop out to find ah gong squatting beside the swing,

smoking + reading the newspaper spread on the ground before him,

wearing shorts + sweater


i used to mimic the way ah gong ate

i don't know if he still eats like that,

but his face used to scrunch up whenever he was chewing

i did that in front of mum once as a kid

she told me i looked terrible


now i read the papers like ah gong sometimes

his hair is all white now

it used to be so black

back in the days when he'd wake us up early morning to ask us what we wanted for breakfast,

when he was babysitting + house-sitting in kl

now he still insists upon walking out to 'tapao' roti canai for us

happy birthday ah gong!

-the l'il dude in green

tortured the 2 tall gor-gors behind him all through dinner

he was bursting with questions

'do you have bats in your home?'

'are you closer to him or him?'


the newest addition to our family

i want to bite him!!

but of course i love ryan best

he's too cute

aunt penny askes, 'how are you?'

he answers, 'i dunno.'