Monday, 9 June 2008

g for grandpa's 81st birthday

it was good to see everybody again

ah gong actually recognises me!

or.. at least he's acknowledging my presence

my gong gong just ignores me

he's a.. traditional guy

in the sense that girls are not as worthy as boys

and if you don't share his surname, you don't qualify for an angpao during cny

thus, being a lim [instead of a tan] and a female too,

i'm situated at the bottom of the hierarchy



however, ah ma + xiao shen [aunt amy] couldn't identify both fann + i

i know it's because i'm currently in a fat phase

but fann looked dead as usual


all went well

except i hate my crooked teeth

so i displayed weird close-lipped smiles after weird close-lipped smiles

and my supposedly waterproof eyeliner began its steady migration

from where it's supposed to be to under my eyes,

making me resemble a panda


i hate makeup


but perhaps it was supposed to put me in the mood for kungfu panda

which i had 0 interest in

but which i was sacrificing my usual bedtime to watch

everybody is trying to cash in chinese culture now

what with 3 kingdoms, forbidden kingdom and whatnot

but panda was surprisingly cute

suits my mood then

[mum was making me feel guilty for being fat, ugly + stupid before she released me to the cinema

it's not wholly my fault i have a slow metabolism

+ inherited dad's big face

+ mum's family's wide hips, big butt, elephant legs + not-so-stellar intellect.

what does she thinks i do all day?

lie in bed + snack?

i work harder than most girls do-- except on special occasions when my mouth works harder.

does she think i enjoy being a hulking rhino?!]

the panda felt fat, ugly + stupid in the flick too

he's my new bestie ^^


cousin sam + i

he was my fave cousin growing up

him + paul because they bought little gifts for me

[haha i'm so easy to please]

but of course now we're not so close anymore


now it's me + eunice

2 noobs experimenting with eyeliners before dinner

you know all those magazines that stressed on the importance of practicing your makeup application a few times before the dinner?

they were right

should've seen eunice + i

running around in her home, our makeup running as well


cousin tai, ah ma + i

cousin tai is uber good with kids

ah ma is cute lah

when i was small, i'd ask her to wake me when she woke

it was usually around 630-7am but i always forced myself up

then i'd fold the blankets

+ troop out to find ah gong squatting beside the swing,

smoking + reading the newspaper spread on the ground before him,

wearing shorts + sweater


i used to mimic the way ah gong ate

i don't know if he still eats like that,

but his face used to scrunch up whenever he was chewing

i did that in front of mum once as a kid

she told me i looked terrible


now i read the papers like ah gong sometimes

his hair is all white now

it used to be so black

back in the days when he'd wake us up early morning to ask us what we wanted for breakfast,

when he was babysitting + house-sitting in kl

now he still insists upon walking out to 'tapao' roti canai for us

happy birthday ah gong!

-the l'il dude in green

tortured the 2 tall gor-gors behind him all through dinner

he was bursting with questions

'do you have bats in your home?'

'are you closer to him or him?'


the newest addition to our family

i want to bite him!!

but of course i love ryan best

he's too cute

aunt penny askes, 'how are you?'

he answers, 'i dunno.'


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serene555 said...

Thanks for posting these photos up! Good to see how some the different family members have ‘aged gracefully’ over the years :)

Wish I could be there, but I’m thinking of all of you while I suffer in this cold wet Aussie winter. Brrrrr...!