Thursday, 12 June 2008

h for high school

i was reading serene's 'bak chang' post

and i suddenly thought of the ridiculous dumpling-wrapping competition i participated in high school

group 19 should've participated in malay kuih-wrapping competition

our dumplings came out square

because our 1st lesson was 5 min before the competition began haha

it was a fun year

because i was the thinnest i could ever hope to be

and my math had improved more than i'd ever dreamed was possible
for weird unknown reasons i woke uber early today

and thought of high school

where i changed from this geeky 16-year-old to this silly 17-year-old [i'm studying elasticity]with a series of silly poseswe're supposed to be the ghosts haunting our school but i also studied la this type of photo is uber rare, however


now monash has only 1 single cute guy
who can't really compare with kehot nia?

he's our school grass, which is the hottest guy in school

even my mum says he's 'yan-tao'

and he's so sweet, even my bro says he's nice

the only guy i know who has both fantastic looks and a wonderful personality

this is the poster about a drama

about 3 girls in high school [mm forgot if we were supposed to be girls or ghosts]

.. who were obsessed with ah.. umbrella, lip balm and fan


the unbeatable imagination of 17-year-olds with camera phones
yes, the blackest shoe is mine

it was even blacker when i was 18 because i thought, hey, i won't be wearing them in 10months' time, why waste the soap?

i freaked my eng teacher out
jiun always brought homemade muffins *licks lips

but i never got fat then
haha we really camwhored! so many photos! the yellow smiley face says 'i have manners'

funny nia.. my face is all screwed up as i was showing off the chocolate i was eating

when i got bangs successfully for the first time

so proud nia!!

been wearing bangs since
this is the pizza party to celebrate the completion of nie project

the dude behind me is hilarious

quan always brings him to find prostitutes in thai

and everytime he feels himself succumbing to his hormones,

he'll call my girlfriend [whom he likes] and say,

'hey, let's talk til i calm down'

because he likes my friend
and he wants to be a good guy for her haha
ying and i pretending to be prefects my nerdiest hairstyle ever

but it keeps my hair off my face great
more wackiness he's supposed to be very hot

well, he's ok lah

my bro's ex's ex haha
mm sleeping in high school

so enjoyable

i hardly sleep in uni


high school!

i wana wear uniform leh

every morning have to go through outfit selection, very tedious

now still have to continue studying

sadness haha


the end of my high school evolution


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