Monday, 23 June 2008

i lurve my vices

just discovered my new fave food-- the humble mamak staple roti bom

last sunday i drove baby brother fann to tuition class at the new area in bkt jalil

and we had brunch at the high class mamak there

have i been staying home too long?

the mamak is actually wifi-enabled!

i was so pleased!

next time i can sit there and watch korean soaps on youtube whilst waiting for fann to finish his class

not that there are any soaps worth watching nowadays


roti bom is a thicker, smaller roti kosong with kaya + butter inside

argh it makes my mouth water just thinking about it!!

next time i'm gonna try tosai

i actually have no idea what it is



loving toasted marshmallows lately as well

and hot chocolate

maybe i'll get the chance to indulge myself during the raleigh agm this weekend



had a hazelnut coffee this morning

because i was uber sleepy from waking early to drive fann to school

no wonder dad drinks so much coffee

the caffeine excited me so much i was nearly hyper

i laughed loads and talked to my mum [usually she yabbers away and i grunt periodically like a guy]

but i felt sick after the caffeine wore off


dad says i've gained weight

i'm 1kg heavier than i was before the exams [and more importantly the comfort eating that comes with it]

but i'm 1kg lighter than i was during the exams

*cheer cheer

i've been pushing myself hard lately

when i go to bed my entire body is so ridiculously sore

and the muscles on my calves are starting to bulge

hip hip hooray!

i'm getting stronger!


i've been having really vivid dreams lately too

maybe a zhang yimou movie a day isn't a good idea

i watched 2046 1day

house of flying daggers the next

and on the 2nd night i woke in a nervous frenzy

zhang yimou's movies are admittedly cool

but it's emo

add that to the fact that i'm also reading captain corelli's mandolin at the moment [anti germans!]

nightmares are expected

so now i'm watching full house instead

not funny like my girl [i swear it's the most hilarious drama, after it started with a kiss. must watch the first 4episodes of both!]

but the actors are hot [anti-rain though] and the actress is pretty and thin [i'm always inspired to lose weight after watching korean dramas]


mm i'm feeling a bit too optimistic i think i'm gonna jinx myself again

it's probably the hormones

i've been obsessive about not jinxing myself lately

i'm weird

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