Tuesday, 1 July 2008

pizza party

26 june [thu]

watching full house

it has some funny / romantic moments

and it showed how marriage changes the way we live

how we have to think of other people at all times

which is why i could understand why mum was pissed when dad took off without informing us today

but when she took it out on me i hid in my room too


bro + i are suckers for vouchers

a trait we inherited from mum

so when we saw the domino's pizza vouchers in the star, parents not on good terms = no dinner

it made perfect sense to order pizza

i know it's evil to eat after 8pm for health reasons

but fann and i had been planning to eat pizza together for ages

and the saying 'the family that eats together stays together' [is there something like that?]

well, it seems to be true

fann and i get along best when we're eating together

so we ordered a value meal for 2

the pizza didn't taste that great-- meat mania isn't a good flavor

but i had fun

maybe because i'm doing something i shouldn't but want to do


fann and i used to go pasar malam together every friday

we'd buy dinner and sit at the dessert van and eat and chat

my family doesn't eat together so it was the only time to bond with my brother

but we haven't went to pasar together in a while

so this pizza supper is very precious to me nia ^^

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