Wednesday, 30 July 2008


28 jul 08 [mon]

i'm not exaggerating when i label this year's birthday as the worst of the worst in my 19 years of life

yesterday singcai drove us [bro, eunice, i] to korean village for fried sauce noodles


i haven't been eating properly these past few days

he gave me a s&k white jacket as a gift

actually he was using it to bribe me to watch a movie with him

haha of course i refused, i had loads of work to finish

it was a size m, i prefer jackets in size L

and it didn't have a hood

but it's the only gift i've received so far apart from eunice's jacket


what happened to the girl who used to have gifts on her desk before she even reached school?

who never had less than 2 celebrations?

admittedly many people wished me 'happy birthday'

but there were no gifts, no fussing over, no special meals

it feels like they were obliged to greet me


spent the day nerd-ing at university

i wouldn't have envisaged this new level of lameness in my wildest dreams

lunch was a free meal i exchanged by sitting through a dull-as-dust talk


i'm still in denial that my bloody birthday passed like that

my family completely forgot about it

mum picked a fight with me over my timetable in the morning

she didn't want me to go to university so much as it's so far away from home


admittedly i raided the fridge in search of even a silver of cake

but there was only a box of leftover rojak

and the only thing mum said to me in the 5 minutes i saw her at night was, 'remember to fetch fann to school tomorrow'

f*ck them all


those of my friends who'd called didn't help much

i had to put in an effort of sounding cheery when i just wanted to curl up and die

29 jul 08 [tue]

when ying, the only person who'd even mentioned the word 'cake', blew me off today..

i just cried and cried and cried for half an hour while i walked coco

a cake-less birthday, compared to previous years..

when did i become so pathetic?


i had to calm myself the same way i did during my last major breakup

telling myself to go to bed and everything will be different tomorrow

maybe this is all due to hormones

i may need a new supply of medicine to control these fluctuations in moods

even eunice is commenting on how fast i switch from deliriously happy to depressed and back again

shopping spree

24 jul 08 [thu]

i'm quite activity-kiasu-- if there is an activity, i must attend it, if not i feel strangely disoriented, like i'm losing out on a possibly great experience

which was why i slept over at eunice's today so i could go to plug & play tomorrow..

.. and of course, the mega sales are on and i just received this month's allowance and eunice's begging to go shopping


everytime i step into subang and see all those college students milling around, i get excited

never mind the cramped rooms and eunice's complaints about housework

it just feels so free and different

a big part of university life is about staying away from home for the first time

but mum still semi freaks out when i say i'd like to crash at eunice's for a night



hanging out with eunice brings out the worst in me--

it disrupts my sleep cycle because she sleeps much later than i do

it wreaks havoc on my diet because she eats dinner and i don't but she insists i eat as i keep going on and on about how hungry i am


she fed me anlene mango yogurt, a mochi and a charcoal broiled biscuit at her home

anlene mango yogurt major rocks!

i also did my own laundry at her home-- she has this traditional scrubbing board

here is eunice attempting to hide the board

25 jul 08 [fri]

woke hyper early and had breakfast with harry and jj

jj was involved in a pile up [is it called pile up? car A hits car B hits car C]

the boys had coffee, cigarettes and a few slices of toast for breakfast

i snitched some of their toast and had a bowl of noodles

they were shocked at my appetite

i just feel hungry all the time


did an extremely enjoyable activity afterwards-- studying at starbucks

it just feels very college-like!

many college students there, plenty to see

it's essential that one doesn't go out sloppily-dressed in subang

you may think you're going to meet harry only, but on the way you'll pass many guys, some of whom are actually cute


lunched at italienness [not sure about the spelling either]

i overheard 2 girls discussing the restaurant in university and decided to try the tiramisu

the little plate on the left is the olive oil + vinegar bread dip mix

it's quite yummy

and the ambience is lovely as well-- cozy and romantic

i was sorely tempted to have a wine but i've never tested my alcohol limits so i'm not sure what a glass will do to me


shopped, shopped, shopped afterwards

bought 3 tops

eunice bought numerous tops and a pair of strappy heels

i spotted a gorgeous pair of pumps but it didn't fit well

it was fun-- we cut off the tags after the purchase and wore our new stuff

i had 2 outfit changes ^^

plus eunice bought me this beautiful yellow hoodie as my birthday gift!

i was so excited i just jumped around in pyramid


in the end we didn't go to plug & play [not when it's most happening-- at night, anyway]

i was exhausted but we still stopped at pasar malam for a laksa

the [repaired] boot of my precious car, filled with shopping bags

Saturday, 26 July 2008


23 jul 08 [wed]

during my 1hour jog at sunway's lovely field today, a cute adrian grenier [did i get the spelling correct?] style guy said hi to me

why do i never bump into random hot guys when i'm wearing eyeliner + mascara + blusher + tinted balm?

when i'm wearing fitted tops + minis?

when my hair is not plastered in gross stinky strips across my face, on my forehead, wherever

the only time i see semi cute guys, or the only time semi cute guys acknowledge my existence, is when i'm wearing this swimming-pool-sized orange t-shirt, paired with baggy orange pants

or something equally horrible

and i'll be nervous because i'm not exactly smelling like ralph [lauren]

anyway i nearly fainted when i went to the ladies after my run [and my short conversation with adrian] and saw the state of my hair

and my face


forget it, forget it *hypnotizing myself

Sunday, 20 July 2008


19 jul 08 [sat]

after 4 years, 6c finally caught up with each other again

i've never been a fan of reunions as i have a lousy memory and can never seem to recollect all the cute/ funny/ random stuff my ex classmates did

but it was good to see them all grown up

me + pei yin

believe it or not, i used to be as skinny as her 10 years ago

she's just as sweetly pretty now as she was then

can't get over how modestly beautiful she is

ian + i

this funny guy is full of crap

he should study law instead of actuarial science

zhi bang + i

future oxford student.. always been bright

once he went to hong kong to participate in a math competition

when he returned, his most vivid memory was that of the lingerie billboard ads

boys will be boys

kean wooi + i

he didn't recognize me and tried to be discreet about asking other people who i was

some more he used to sit beside me and kacau me in class

adrian + i

he used to be shorter than me!!

forgot what he's studying, but it's bound to be something difficult that demands high iq

all my classmates are bloody smart

i'm the only noob-- accounting, for god's sake!

yee sin, shy yunn + i

trust me, yee sin used to look like a guy

i couldn't recognize her the first half of the night

she has 6 sisters because her mum was trying for a son!

jianhua + i

i know he's not hot

but i used to have a crush on him in standard 6

he's my neighbor now, and i always like to tell people about our 'love story' whenever we pass his home--

it wasn't really a love story, more like serendipity

when we were 12 we found out that our dads bought homes at the garden where we live now

and we'd kidded that perhaps we would be neighbors

i prayed really hard for it to happen-- i liked him that much then

and i forgot all about it until i was 16

suddenly he contacted me, asking me if i'd sat outside my new home on the grass in a skirt the previous day?

'yeah, how did you know?!'

'i'm your neighbor'

fate, right?

dreams come true, only perhaps 4 years later


what's more he's the first guy to give me a lift in a benz-- i was so excited when i saw it

the best car i've rode in was a vios [dick's]

i know i drive mum's benz all the time but it's different when the car's not yours

he's a good driver

tze xuan + i

saw each other in high school all the time

but still we take photos like strangers

he's filthy rich, studying a levels in uk now

my 6c peers are all wealthy and uk-loving

pin chian, yee sin, shy yunn, me + yen yeen

pin chian + yen yeen are uber intelligent

studied in singapore

yen yeen's heading for uk to study meds-- yeng!

me, rachel how, pei yin + cindy

rachel stayed for about 5 minutes

she's in melbourne u now doing accounting


gave me a funny feeling to see them again

where will we be the next time we meet?

Saturday, 19 July 2008

heartbreak hotel

19 jul 08 [sat]

just checked out ying's photos from her tioman trip with her friends [most also newly single]

haven't seen her since.. a couple of months ago

i'm not a good friend i guess

i read somewhere that people tend to associate people with major events in their lives

which is why some couples break up after getting through a particularly rough patch together

which is why i'm not a fan of 'being there for people'


people relate to other people who are going through the same things

so it's probably for the best that i'm not doing any awkward cheering up attempts

and she's hanging out with her heartbroken buddies

a friend in need is a friend indeed

ying was the only girl to ever call me in need

i have many fair-weather friends, clubbing partners, people who entertain me at camps

never was into heart-to-hearts with friends

so i was at a loss at what to say when ying needed a shoulder to cry on


let's hope she's doing better now


double standards!!!

why is it acceptable that she's hugging a blond keat at the beach when the other keat slipping his arm around my waist at maison is a sin?!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

science of love

15 jul 08 [tue]
during the 2 hr loooong biz law lecture today, the GOMD [guy of my dreams] came in late and plonked down 2 seats in front of me

wah seh so ripped lah him

but there is a time limit to how long one can stare at the back of the object of desire

and the biz law lecturer is probably the
only lecturer i can tahan this sem

the rest are so monotonous, i don't even wana talk about it


it's good to be back at monash again

absence makes the heart grow fonder?

or maybe i'm just 后知后觉 that monash is a good uni after all

and after realizing that i'm not a social weirdo, i've been more outgoing

no more lunching or attending lectures alone and making vanice worry about me


16 jul 08 [wed]


tried ice monster today

not as yummy as described in newspaper

some more it's expensive!

not that i'm paying


tried choc chip pancakes from pancake house international

not yummy enough as well

the booth we sat in was so comfy i wanted to curl up and sleep

i didn't have the energy to drive home

so kent and i watched journey to the center of earth 3d

sometimes i like my dad extra

because he's smart

anyway the 3d didn't live up to expectations either

but though everything in life seems so-so

i still enjoy them

but one may as well save the extra cost and watch the normal version


in an odd burst of 任性, i got kent to drive me home

the kesian guy didn't have transport back to his subang home

so he slept over with my bro

sans the next day's textbook, sans clean underwear or socks

haha mum was a bit surprised

but dad seemed unruffled

and some more during breakfast the next day she was calm

so i'm not in trouble

haha the perks of getting older


road block on the way to uni

thanks to kent, i got in some sleep

17 jul 08 [thu]

i think shiuan had a wet dream about me

he called a few days ago, panicking that he'd had a 'weird disgusting dream involving you and a pillow'

i joked that he subconsciously has the hots for me

but he seemed a bit lost so i suggested that we go to feng lye at the gardens for lunch today

we'd been planning to go for ages but somehow never got around to it


i passed by the taiwanese restaurant last friday and there were lines

but it's not that good

man, nothing is good enough nowadays

ok, it's not yucky, but it's not as yummy as.. roti bom

or maybe it's just me

however, i've developed a taste for papaya milk


went to visit suat yee at topshop

she has the perfect body for jeans


due to a twist of fate, i ended up going clubbing tonight

it all began with get smart

i had sworn off clubbing but the 4 minutes playing at the end of get smart really put me in the mood

and carlos accidentally sent a clubbing invitation to the wrong person-- me

it's serendipity!


lots of people say carlos is a wolf

bu, xing, ying were calling me up to warn me not to drink etc

hah! what a nice change-- usually they're the ones passing bottles at me

but bu and xing went to maison's too

bu says he's there to keep an eye on me

but i know he's there to see xing


i promised carlos a cup

but mum got out the durians for dinner [yummy]

and durians + alcohol = death

so i got away with not drinking by saying i don't wanna die

i don't need alcohol, i get high at midnight


i anti girls who go clubbing and can't seem to get a grip on themselves

those who drink and then go get groped by random strangers and get all maiden in distress

i didn't drink, so i knew whose arm was around my waist, i knew who i'm dancing with

it's not a big deal to me, i don't need to be saved

and i hate being 'rescued'

makes me seem like a pretend damsel in distress

but xing was intoxicated, not with alcohol but with crazy emotions

and she thinks she's doing me a favor

so i didn't get pissed at her

i just said, 'i've known him for a long time, and this is nothing new.'


lots of people were surprised to see me at a club

but lots of scouts were there

haha some more a senior scout is the most daring groper of all

it's funny how naive i was when i just joined scouts-- i truly believed they lived by the code bla bla bla

now 6years later, i'm meeting my ta at maison's and..

thanks to carlos, i stayed awake the entire way home

even had the energy to shower, launder my lingerie which reeks of ciggie smoke, apply skincare and blow dry my hair before bed

me, yee + ming keat-- they're both gone

kok chun kacau behind us

3am lights up, nobody to slow dance with me

me + my big leader lin

all flushed + sweaty despite nil alcohol consumption

i was on my feet all night and finally geat asked, 'aren't you tired?'

seeing as he's sober + cute, i told him the truth-- i'm dancing all night to lose weight!

that rendered him speechless


have to buy makeup

i look like a kid in there

Monday, 14 July 2008

late nights

11 jul 08 [fri]

it is easy to go out with me, all one needs is to ask, and preferably provide transport

but since my face is swollen and not fit to be seen in public, i have been rejecting dates

one friend got smart and called not to ask me out, but to say, 'i'm on my way to your home, get ready'

i didn't want to seem too easy so i said i would only go out if he bought me a surgical mask to cover my face


watched premium class movies [tickets costs $20 each] for the very 1st time

nothing to shout about, though it is comfy

they don't even provide blankets for free, a rental fee of $10 is imposed

crazy nia?!!! i could watch another movie with $10


journey to the center of the earth non 3d

i'm finding that i have quite an appetite for action movies

i like to see people run about as much as i like to run about myself

maybe i'll watch the 3d version too

12 jul 08 [sat]

went to genting to watch fei yu qing's concert with parents

my 1st concert is an auntie-uncle style concert

quite boring but it's interesting to check out a classic concert sans special effects, fireworks, glitzy outfits, tons of backup dancers etc.

he replaced those modern junk with jokes-- quite cute


an old lady cut in front of me when i was queuing to use the ladies

for unknown reasons it pissed me off enough to tick her off

i'm torn between traditional respect for elders values and simple manners [such as asking before one cuts in line]


went bowling with wei and yen

it was quite easy to ls them

i suck at bowling

haven't bowled since i was 15


watched hellboy 2 at 1:30am despite extreme sleepiness

i'm quite kia-su in the sense that if i think everybody is watching movies, i don't wanna miss out

paiseh day, kept being belanja-ed by people

freezing in the cinema as well, but raymond jr gave yen and i his jacket to use as a blanket

not awesome movie, but i like selma blair


i love theme parks, i love activities but i don't know why most of my peers don't desire to go play at the theme park in genting

they prefer just roaming around enjoying the cold air

or booking a room, drinking themselves silly from noon onwards, go clubbing at night, and stumble into bed in the early am

13 jul 08 [sun]

parents said they'll 'pop into' casino for awhile

i'm glad i still have something to look forward to-- birthday coming soon and not looking forward to getting older but at least i'm closer to peeking inside a casino

played pool with raymond jr, yen and raymond's 2 cute cousins

i know i'm getting old when all the cute guys are younger than me

fared better at pool than at bowling


neck ached like crazy when we went downhill

the air pressure change or whatever


got home and started getting ready to go out again

fang's going to uwa to study psycology

however, we couldn't find the way to her house so we had supper at kepong instead

felt so sleepy i couldn't finish my meal


and while i was chatting with suat yee at mamak, i fell asleep

suat yee woke me and told me 1 moment i was saying, 'there's a hot guy in monash..'

and the next second my eyes were closed and my head propped by my hand

some more next morning have to fetch fann to school

what life


some more the gov ~!@#

n road blocks


roti milo failed to make an impression on me

school's starting tomorrow

looking forward to it

Friday, 11 July 2008


i was taking this 1 1/2hour walk that was driving coco crazy last evening when ys called

results are out

omo omo omo!!!

he, the super genius ys, flunked accounting!

i nearly passed out on the streets-- if he can fail, what about me?!!!

i didn't even finish the last theory question!

~calm down. breathe~

ok, i managed to pass everything *laughs

1d, 1c and 2p to be exact. i'm uber relieved

i know it's kinda a low goal, but it was my goal to pass all subjects for 1st sem

however, i'll need a 77% average in sem 2 to squeeze my flabby little [big] ass into clayton

the wicked woman at education counseling should've told mum caulfield is just as good as clayton

well, i could probably do it

i mean, i have not much friends to play with me so i have plenty of time to.. watch soaps

naw, i made a pact that i'll study really hard for sem 2 if i passed all my sem 1 subjects

so it's time to keep my promise so i can see my parents break theirs

oh, no! just said i would study hard!

i'm gonna jinx myself again


saw this funny comic strip in star--

drivers' ed are about as hands-on as biology class during the human reproduction unit

forgot to share it with fann though


yesterday 2 people asked me out but i couldn't go as my face was still swollen

*sighs nobody asks me out when my face is fine and dandy

anyway talked to bu on the phone, he's been to thai again

i'm not sure if he's lying but he sure has interesting things to say about the thai girls scene

it costs $250 for a girl for 24hours

he went with his friends [he wouldn't say who, but i've a good guess]

they got a room and a girl each

and he says the girls are pro-- fantastic at ls-ing [i could probably learn some ls skills from them]

pretty and adept at coaxing you to spend money on them

must catch up with him in a non-club place to hear his stories

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


7 jul 08 [mon]

man oh man why did i need to grow not just 1 or 2, but 3 wisdom teeth?!!!

i could live with 3 extra molars, but they just had to be the type that must be extracted!

pulled out my 2nd wisdom tooth

it didn't hurt as badly as the 1st one

maybe due to the fact i wasn't wearing glasses and couldn't see all those needles and scary, shiny, sharp equipment

the only gross part was when i heard a hiss like a fountain and was instructed to rinse my mouth

turned out the 'fountain' was blood shooting from my wound

duh. info overload

the only enjoyable part is eating rusks and baby food

but now my face is swollen


had bad dreams at night

nightmares regarding my lack of car and not wearing sunscreen under the sun

school's starting next week and the fact that i have no transport and would have to beg my neighbors to fetch me is starting to get to me

i promise myself i will drink coffee before driving whenever i am tired

Sunday, 6 July 2008


5 jul 08 [sat]
cousin eunice slept over at mine this time
brought her to korean village, which is like a korean version of chinatown in ampang
she was complaining about how actually hearing real-life stories about girls in relationships with korean guys have ruined their images as prince charmings
new point in case-- apart from an unhealthy love of alcohol, girls are expected to fork out when going out with korean guys
this is good news for my brother!
despite not wanting to, we dined at kang san ea. again.
next time i'll go for 'fried sauce noodles' instead
actually saw a korean style delivery box!
deliveries just excite me lah
anyway my absolutely favorite aspect of korean dining--
side dishes!
the only side dish we didn't finish-- i think it's chicken intestines or something

initially eunice and i both wanted this spicy beef broth that looks a bit [ok, a lot] like leftovers here

but this was yummier, though i'm almost 100% they achieved it via generous amounts of soy sauce

sapo eating.. this is a rare occasion where it occured to me to take photos before we dig in

usually i'm so excited at the sight of food that i forget everything else

i think it's good habit to take photos

i throw everything away-- old love letters, gifts i dislike, makeup that smudges.. but keep most photos

should've taken a photo of my dress
my fave casual dress-- in fact, my only casual wear dress
perfect for clubbing as it has 2 small, stylish but useful pockets at the front for your ic, lip balm and eye drops
eunice and xian both have the same dress
i seem to be dressed to go clubbing even when i don't mean to
perhaps i'm wearing too much black
during raleigh camp the other day, many people commented on how club-ready i looked
i thought it looked more sporty than anything else
sweat pants + a shirt [in black] = clubbing gear?
i don't know what they put in the food but we both felt sleepy after the meal
i'm always tired nowadays
need to drink birds' nest muahaha i wish

shopped at the marts nearby and bought stuff that looked good

see the pomegranate juice in those supermarket shampoo refill packets?

i was stoked to have it

taster's choice is korean nescafe

and for weird unknown reasons we bought a tin of pink peaches


fann and eunice both glued to computers

too addicted to their games to eat dinner

i spent the time reading nana and blowdrying my hair

so when they finally realized it was so late that domino's wasn't picking up their phone anymore and tried to wake me to drive them out for supper

i pretended to be asleep [i was too tired to be driving anyway]


nana! i know it's meant for taiwanese under-18s but i still enjoy it

everytime i read it i'm inspired to take better care of my skin instead of slacking off

Thursday, 3 July 2008

college girls making friends

it struck me during raleigh agm camp that i was making friends easily
there was none of the stiffness i experienced in monash
none of those what-do-i-say-now-to-avoid-awkward-silences moments
honestly i felt like my old self again
i was fairly adept at this l-sok stuff in high school but somehow lost the touch in uni
was it because i had 2 close friends with me?
or because john, yen, yeap, vincent.. were easy to get along with?
[yeah right, all the easygoing people in raleigh, not monash]
after much thought, i decided that maybe it is because most people attend these activities alone thus aren't divided into tight-knit groups yet
or is it because people who are actually interested in these activities are more open-minded?
anyway, they are mostly friendly, not divided into cliques as per monash
you have nil idea how relieved i felt when it dawned on me that i was interacting naturally with near-strangers who were uber nice to me [especially john!]
i was starting to wonder if there was anything wrong with me-- i seemed to be driving people away at monash
so eunice, take heart [though she can't read this]
subang + sunway people may stick to their college buddies instead of reaching out to new people
but it's just them lah
feels good to find my old self again *happiness
some more this morning had roti bom!
though it didn't have kaya =(
~30 jun 08 [mon]~
big day for eunice + kent, and i was there to share it [like a 8-po]
eunice's orientation at metro + kent's 18th
what an orientation! no crowd, nil free food, no excitement
just a few students sitting in a classroom
i'm loving monash more and more
especially the pristine toilets
met up with harry at the mc nearby
he lost weight, and all the kilos he dropped seemed to have found their way to my face
my body is not fat [it's impossible to be fat after the high ropes courses]
but my face is another story
~面 对 面 ~
the worst restaurant EVER
avoid it like the plague
harry, eunice + i ate there as we couldn't find ice monster
the service was slower than a snail
i think they were sowing the seeds for wheat to make flour for the noodles or something
and the food wasn't even worth the wait!
average, average, average
finally! a glimpse of a college's girl's room!
eunice's room is half the size of my room [it's considered large]
sparse furniture squeezed inside-- single bed, wardrobe, no-frills desk, small bookcase + a yellow ikea folding chair
comfy for 1 person but once i got in, we kept knocking into each other and the stuff there
a blue box beside the desk contained food, food, food!
eunice gave me a packet of this

it's surprisingly yummy, can be bought in singapore


eunice is the most virgo virgo i know

in a constant state of cleaning up

i'm learning from her


the double storey terrace has been converted into a 11-room hostel for girls

i thought it was for dwarfs-- the iron gate was so low i whacked my head on it, hard


anyway it was cool inside

they have an innovative system of pumping the cold air from the air conditioner in the hall into the bedrooms via fans

there were shoes strewn all over the place

a few dimly lit bathrooms [also half the size of my bathroom]

~skin food~

fetched kent to celebrate his birthday.. by going shopping at pyramid with 2 girls?

my current shopping list consists of

  • whitening lotion
  • non-waterproof sunscreen
  • gel eyeliner
  • eyeliner brush

my skin food obsession has ended

their goods are pricey but not worth it

so i bought a milk lotion from the face shop

so-so moisturizing effects but lovely fragrance

elianto is the worst!

stay away from their pearl mask packs + so-called waterproof eyeliners

the mask packs leave sticky residue on skin + the eyeliners smudge like crazy

~sushi zanmai~

the sushi joint hidden in a corner, highly recommended by stella

they serve a lot of grilled sushi with lashings of mayo on the kaiten belt

their soup is a touch salty

but still a good place to dine

i had the beef udon soup the 1st time i had lunch there *yums the beef was delicious

the gyoza isn't as good as the ones i bought at pasar malam a long time ago [the stall shut down]

what else?

the vanilla ice-cream in rice skin is acceptable but i enjoyed the green tea ice-cream with brown sugar in wafer more


kent bought this at the japanese shop outside sushi zanmai after dinner

japanese dark chocolate

however, he left it in my shopping bags so i got to have it

nyah nyah


subang drivers are nuts

yeap begs to differ [says he is subang rep]

but be careful if you're driving there

i'm not racist but i met a couple of mean indian motorists / drivers

and an evil malay one

what the hell

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

love love love

27 june 08 [fri]

full house-- house full of romance in chinese

i'd loved the part where ji-eun and ming-hyuk went on this shopping + makan date

it was very taiwanese, the street vendors selling knick knacks, munchies and flowers

kinda like a pasar malam in the morning [not a pasar pagi, which is usually more housewife than date]


so bei, went pasar malam alone to buy snacks for dad and marshmallows for camping trip

i realized that i have nil idea what dad enjoys eating

i know he likes cheese and kimchi but what pasar malam wares does he like?


i love pasar malam nia

love pearl milk tea [though my fave beverage is espreski]

love the hot food prepared in front of you

love spending money and eating


met yee yee there

she didn't recognize me, though we were standing side by side at the tako stall

have i changed so much?

she's still selecting a uni

uec may not be my preferred pre-u course

and monash may not be my uni of choice

but i sure got my ass in uni fast

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

klutz driver

1 jul 08 [tue]


2 car accidents in 4 months to my 5-month-old car

before my bumper is fixed, i managed to hit a lorry and ruin the front

hell, i thought i was gonna die


fate nia

try as i might, i can't pinpoint the exact reason why i can't find the brake at the crucial moment

i always manage to create accidents when i'm at 10km/h

i mean, i wasn't even stepping on the gas at all!

my foot just couldn't find the brake pedal


later, eunice said, 'you do know you can pull the hand brake, don't you?'

that totally escaped me


what the hell la

eunice says i should go pray

1 fortnight of holidays sans car

parents forking out moolah

i may as well die

i'm the worst driver i know

i hate driving


especially in subang

with crazy drivers rushing to be reincarnated or something

f*ck them all

myself most of all


well, at least the shell owner gave me a complimentary bottle of h2o

i nearly fainted

and mum bought me a wall's cornetto chocoluv

she has a thing for buying ice-cream at petrol kiosks' convenience stores

pizza party

26 june [thu]

watching full house

it has some funny / romantic moments

and it showed how marriage changes the way we live

how we have to think of other people at all times

which is why i could understand why mum was pissed when dad took off without informing us today

but when she took it out on me i hid in my room too


bro + i are suckers for vouchers

a trait we inherited from mum

so when we saw the domino's pizza vouchers in the star, parents not on good terms = no dinner

it made perfect sense to order pizza

i know it's evil to eat after 8pm for health reasons

but fann and i had been planning to eat pizza together for ages

and the saying 'the family that eats together stays together' [is there something like that?]

well, it seems to be true

fann and i get along best when we're eating together

so we ordered a value meal for 2

the pizza didn't taste that great-- meat mania isn't a good flavor

but i had fun

maybe because i'm doing something i shouldn't but want to do


fann and i used to go pasar malam together every friday

we'd buy dinner and sit at the dessert van and eat and chat

my family doesn't eat together so it was the only time to bond with my brother

but we haven't went to pasar together in a while

so this pizza supper is very precious to me nia ^^