Thursday, 3 July 2008

college girls making friends

it struck me during raleigh agm camp that i was making friends easily
there was none of the stiffness i experienced in monash
none of those what-do-i-say-now-to-avoid-awkward-silences moments
honestly i felt like my old self again
i was fairly adept at this l-sok stuff in high school but somehow lost the touch in uni
was it because i had 2 close friends with me?
or because john, yen, yeap, vincent.. were easy to get along with?
[yeah right, all the easygoing people in raleigh, not monash]
after much thought, i decided that maybe it is because most people attend these activities alone thus aren't divided into tight-knit groups yet
or is it because people who are actually interested in these activities are more open-minded?
anyway, they are mostly friendly, not divided into cliques as per monash
you have nil idea how relieved i felt when it dawned on me that i was interacting naturally with near-strangers who were uber nice to me [especially john!]
i was starting to wonder if there was anything wrong with me-- i seemed to be driving people away at monash
so eunice, take heart [though she can't read this]
subang + sunway people may stick to their college buddies instead of reaching out to new people
but it's just them lah
feels good to find my old self again *happiness
some more this morning had roti bom!
though it didn't have kaya =(
~30 jun 08 [mon]~
big day for eunice + kent, and i was there to share it [like a 8-po]
eunice's orientation at metro + kent's 18th
what an orientation! no crowd, nil free food, no excitement
just a few students sitting in a classroom
i'm loving monash more and more
especially the pristine toilets
met up with harry at the mc nearby
he lost weight, and all the kilos he dropped seemed to have found their way to my face
my body is not fat [it's impossible to be fat after the high ropes courses]
but my face is another story
~面 对 面 ~
the worst restaurant EVER
avoid it like the plague
harry, eunice + i ate there as we couldn't find ice monster
the service was slower than a snail
i think they were sowing the seeds for wheat to make flour for the noodles or something
and the food wasn't even worth the wait!
average, average, average
finally! a glimpse of a college's girl's room!
eunice's room is half the size of my room [it's considered large]
sparse furniture squeezed inside-- single bed, wardrobe, no-frills desk, small bookcase + a yellow ikea folding chair
comfy for 1 person but once i got in, we kept knocking into each other and the stuff there
a blue box beside the desk contained food, food, food!
eunice gave me a packet of this

it's surprisingly yummy, can be bought in singapore


eunice is the most virgo virgo i know

in a constant state of cleaning up

i'm learning from her


the double storey terrace has been converted into a 11-room hostel for girls

i thought it was for dwarfs-- the iron gate was so low i whacked my head on it, hard


anyway it was cool inside

they have an innovative system of pumping the cold air from the air conditioner in the hall into the bedrooms via fans

there were shoes strewn all over the place

a few dimly lit bathrooms [also half the size of my bathroom]

~skin food~

fetched kent to celebrate his birthday.. by going shopping at pyramid with 2 girls?

my current shopping list consists of

  • whitening lotion
  • non-waterproof sunscreen
  • gel eyeliner
  • eyeliner brush

my skin food obsession has ended

their goods are pricey but not worth it

so i bought a milk lotion from the face shop

so-so moisturizing effects but lovely fragrance

elianto is the worst!

stay away from their pearl mask packs + so-called waterproof eyeliners

the mask packs leave sticky residue on skin + the eyeliners smudge like crazy

~sushi zanmai~

the sushi joint hidden in a corner, highly recommended by stella

they serve a lot of grilled sushi with lashings of mayo on the kaiten belt

their soup is a touch salty

but still a good place to dine

i had the beef udon soup the 1st time i had lunch there *yums the beef was delicious

the gyoza isn't as good as the ones i bought at pasar malam a long time ago [the stall shut down]

what else?

the vanilla ice-cream in rice skin is acceptable but i enjoyed the green tea ice-cream with brown sugar in wafer more


kent bought this at the japanese shop outside sushi zanmai after dinner

japanese dark chocolate

however, he left it in my shopping bags so i got to have it

nyah nyah


subang drivers are nuts

yeap begs to differ [says he is subang rep]

but be careful if you're driving there

i'm not racist but i met a couple of mean indian motorists / drivers

and an evil malay one

what the hell

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