Tuesday, 1 July 2008

klutz driver

1 jul 08 [tue]


2 car accidents in 4 months to my 5-month-old car

before my bumper is fixed, i managed to hit a lorry and ruin the front

hell, i thought i was gonna die


fate nia

try as i might, i can't pinpoint the exact reason why i can't find the brake at the crucial moment

i always manage to create accidents when i'm at 10km/h

i mean, i wasn't even stepping on the gas at all!

my foot just couldn't find the brake pedal


later, eunice said, 'you do know you can pull the hand brake, don't you?'

that totally escaped me


what the hell la

eunice says i should go pray

1 fortnight of holidays sans car

parents forking out moolah

i may as well die

i'm the worst driver i know

i hate driving


especially in subang

with crazy drivers rushing to be reincarnated or something

f*ck them all

myself most of all


well, at least the shell owner gave me a complimentary bottle of h2o

i nearly fainted

and mum bought me a wall's cornetto chocoluv

she has a thing for buying ice-cream at petrol kiosks' convenience stores

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