Monday, 14 July 2008

late nights

11 jul 08 [fri]

it is easy to go out with me, all one needs is to ask, and preferably provide transport

but since my face is swollen and not fit to be seen in public, i have been rejecting dates

one friend got smart and called not to ask me out, but to say, 'i'm on my way to your home, get ready'

i didn't want to seem too easy so i said i would only go out if he bought me a surgical mask to cover my face


watched premium class movies [tickets costs $20 each] for the very 1st time

nothing to shout about, though it is comfy

they don't even provide blankets for free, a rental fee of $10 is imposed

crazy nia?!!! i could watch another movie with $10


journey to the center of the earth non 3d

i'm finding that i have quite an appetite for action movies

i like to see people run about as much as i like to run about myself

maybe i'll watch the 3d version too

12 jul 08 [sat]

went to genting to watch fei yu qing's concert with parents

my 1st concert is an auntie-uncle style concert

quite boring but it's interesting to check out a classic concert sans special effects, fireworks, glitzy outfits, tons of backup dancers etc.

he replaced those modern junk with jokes-- quite cute


an old lady cut in front of me when i was queuing to use the ladies

for unknown reasons it pissed me off enough to tick her off

i'm torn between traditional respect for elders values and simple manners [such as asking before one cuts in line]


went bowling with wei and yen

it was quite easy to ls them

i suck at bowling

haven't bowled since i was 15


watched hellboy 2 at 1:30am despite extreme sleepiness

i'm quite kia-su in the sense that if i think everybody is watching movies, i don't wanna miss out

paiseh day, kept being belanja-ed by people

freezing in the cinema as well, but raymond jr gave yen and i his jacket to use as a blanket

not awesome movie, but i like selma blair


i love theme parks, i love activities but i don't know why most of my peers don't desire to go play at the theme park in genting

they prefer just roaming around enjoying the cold air

or booking a room, drinking themselves silly from noon onwards, go clubbing at night, and stumble into bed in the early am

13 jul 08 [sun]

parents said they'll 'pop into' casino for awhile

i'm glad i still have something to look forward to-- birthday coming soon and not looking forward to getting older but at least i'm closer to peeking inside a casino

played pool with raymond jr, yen and raymond's 2 cute cousins

i know i'm getting old when all the cute guys are younger than me

fared better at pool than at bowling


neck ached like crazy when we went downhill

the air pressure change or whatever


got home and started getting ready to go out again

fang's going to uwa to study psycology

however, we couldn't find the way to her house so we had supper at kepong instead

felt so sleepy i couldn't finish my meal


and while i was chatting with suat yee at mamak, i fell asleep

suat yee woke me and told me 1 moment i was saying, 'there's a hot guy in monash..'

and the next second my eyes were closed and my head propped by my hand

some more next morning have to fetch fann to school

what life


some more the gov ~!@#

n road blocks


roti milo failed to make an impression on me

school's starting tomorrow

looking forward to it

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