Wednesday, 2 July 2008

love love love

27 june 08 [fri]

full house-- house full of romance in chinese

i'd loved the part where ji-eun and ming-hyuk went on this shopping + makan date

it was very taiwanese, the street vendors selling knick knacks, munchies and flowers

kinda like a pasar malam in the morning [not a pasar pagi, which is usually more housewife than date]


so bei, went pasar malam alone to buy snacks for dad and marshmallows for camping trip

i realized that i have nil idea what dad enjoys eating

i know he likes cheese and kimchi but what pasar malam wares does he like?


i love pasar malam nia

love pearl milk tea [though my fave beverage is espreski]

love the hot food prepared in front of you

love spending money and eating


met yee yee there

she didn't recognize me, though we were standing side by side at the tako stall

have i changed so much?

she's still selecting a uni

uec may not be my preferred pre-u course

and monash may not be my uni of choice

but i sure got my ass in uni fast

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