Sunday, 6 July 2008


5 jul 08 [sat]
cousin eunice slept over at mine this time
brought her to korean village, which is like a korean version of chinatown in ampang
she was complaining about how actually hearing real-life stories about girls in relationships with korean guys have ruined their images as prince charmings
new point in case-- apart from an unhealthy love of alcohol, girls are expected to fork out when going out with korean guys
this is good news for my brother!
despite not wanting to, we dined at kang san ea. again.
next time i'll go for 'fried sauce noodles' instead
actually saw a korean style delivery box!
deliveries just excite me lah
anyway my absolutely favorite aspect of korean dining--
side dishes!
the only side dish we didn't finish-- i think it's chicken intestines or something

initially eunice and i both wanted this spicy beef broth that looks a bit [ok, a lot] like leftovers here

but this was yummier, though i'm almost 100% they achieved it via generous amounts of soy sauce

sapo eating.. this is a rare occasion where it occured to me to take photos before we dig in

usually i'm so excited at the sight of food that i forget everything else

i think it's good habit to take photos

i throw everything away-- old love letters, gifts i dislike, makeup that smudges.. but keep most photos

should've taken a photo of my dress
my fave casual dress-- in fact, my only casual wear dress
perfect for clubbing as it has 2 small, stylish but useful pockets at the front for your ic, lip balm and eye drops
eunice and xian both have the same dress
i seem to be dressed to go clubbing even when i don't mean to
perhaps i'm wearing too much black
during raleigh camp the other day, many people commented on how club-ready i looked
i thought it looked more sporty than anything else
sweat pants + a shirt [in black] = clubbing gear?
i don't know what they put in the food but we both felt sleepy after the meal
i'm always tired nowadays
need to drink birds' nest muahaha i wish

shopped at the marts nearby and bought stuff that looked good

see the pomegranate juice in those supermarket shampoo refill packets?

i was stoked to have it

taster's choice is korean nescafe

and for weird unknown reasons we bought a tin of pink peaches


fann and eunice both glued to computers

too addicted to their games to eat dinner

i spent the time reading nana and blowdrying my hair

so when they finally realized it was so late that domino's wasn't picking up their phone anymore and tried to wake me to drive them out for supper

i pretended to be asleep [i was too tired to be driving anyway]


nana! i know it's meant for taiwanese under-18s but i still enjoy it

everytime i read it i'm inspired to take better care of my skin instead of slacking off

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