Tuesday, 8 July 2008


7 jul 08 [mon]

man oh man why did i need to grow not just 1 or 2, but 3 wisdom teeth?!!!

i could live with 3 extra molars, but they just had to be the type that must be extracted!

pulled out my 2nd wisdom tooth

it didn't hurt as badly as the 1st one

maybe due to the fact i wasn't wearing glasses and couldn't see all those needles and scary, shiny, sharp equipment

the only gross part was when i heard a hiss like a fountain and was instructed to rinse my mouth

turned out the 'fountain' was blood shooting from my wound

duh. info overload

the only enjoyable part is eating rusks and baby food

but now my face is swollen


had bad dreams at night

nightmares regarding my lack of car and not wearing sunscreen under the sun

school's starting next week and the fact that i have no transport and would have to beg my neighbors to fetch me is starting to get to me

i promise myself i will drink coffee before driving whenever i am tired

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