Friday, 11 July 2008


i was taking this 1 1/2hour walk that was driving coco crazy last evening when ys called

results are out

omo omo omo!!!

he, the super genius ys, flunked accounting!

i nearly passed out on the streets-- if he can fail, what about me?!!!

i didn't even finish the last theory question!

~calm down. breathe~

ok, i managed to pass everything *laughs

1d, 1c and 2p to be exact. i'm uber relieved

i know it's kinda a low goal, but it was my goal to pass all subjects for 1st sem

however, i'll need a 77% average in sem 2 to squeeze my flabby little [big] ass into clayton

the wicked woman at education counseling should've told mum caulfield is just as good as clayton

well, i could probably do it

i mean, i have not much friends to play with me so i have plenty of time to.. watch soaps

naw, i made a pact that i'll study really hard for sem 2 if i passed all my sem 1 subjects

so it's time to keep my promise so i can see my parents break theirs

oh, no! just said i would study hard!

i'm gonna jinx myself again


saw this funny comic strip in star--

drivers' ed are about as hands-on as biology class during the human reproduction unit

forgot to share it with fann though


yesterday 2 people asked me out but i couldn't go as my face was still swollen

*sighs nobody asks me out when my face is fine and dandy

anyway talked to bu on the phone, he's been to thai again

i'm not sure if he's lying but he sure has interesting things to say about the thai girls scene

it costs $250 for a girl for 24hours

he went with his friends [he wouldn't say who, but i've a good guess]

they got a room and a girl each

and he says the girls are pro-- fantastic at ls-ing [i could probably learn some ls skills from them]

pretty and adept at coaxing you to spend money on them

must catch up with him in a non-club place to hear his stories

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