Saturday, 26 July 2008


23 jul 08 [wed]

during my 1hour jog at sunway's lovely field today, a cute adrian grenier [did i get the spelling correct?] style guy said hi to me

why do i never bump into random hot guys when i'm wearing eyeliner + mascara + blusher + tinted balm?

when i'm wearing fitted tops + minis?

when my hair is not plastered in gross stinky strips across my face, on my forehead, wherever

the only time i see semi cute guys, or the only time semi cute guys acknowledge my existence, is when i'm wearing this swimming-pool-sized orange t-shirt, paired with baggy orange pants

or something equally horrible

and i'll be nervous because i'm not exactly smelling like ralph [lauren]

anyway i nearly fainted when i went to the ladies after my run [and my short conversation with adrian] and saw the state of my hair

and my face


forget it, forget it *hypnotizing myself

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