Friday, 1 August 2008


actually my birthday wasn't so bad

i got some cool shots of myself from cops who were at our campus for safety awareness week

the pictures were taken using spy equipment

the downside is they're printed on fax paper which means they don't last long


mum woke up at 630am yesterday and came to find me [i'm an early riser]

she seemed embarassed about forgetting my birthday and offered to share her dome birthday cake with me

she was also worried about my lack of celebrations-- last year she wasn't too happy about my numerous celebrations with different groups of friends

she asked if i wanted to host a party but i'm pretty anti house parties

2 in 4 years are enough to turn me off hosting anything at home for the rest of my life

she also asked if singcai brought me out, which he did

if he didn't, i don't think she'll let him take me out for the rest of his life *haha

mum was also pleased that i'd lost weight

well, it's kinda tough to remain fat when you're not eating because the cafe food is boring

i didn't weigh myself but i'm certain there's still a long road ahead to 45kg


i was such a big baby over everything

actually i had at least 5 offers to go out but i was so swamped by work i rejected them

childish lah!


attended a talk about transferring to aus yesterday

it depressed me

i need to score 77% in every unit for sem 2 to squeeze my butt into clayton

right after the talk i cancelled all the activities i haven't registered to attend

i can't believe i had the lowest grade among my friends!

even people who flunked some units had a higher average than i did
eunice is sleeping over again
i'm used to being alone that living with her on weekends feels weird
especially sleeping with her
i know my bed's queen-sized
but i think sleeping on a single bed each [like when i crash at hers] is more my style
having meals together.. my family doesn't eat together
we just go to the dining room and eat at our own pace
getting along with people feels odd but i think i'm doing a good job *haha
loving eyeliner!
with well-applied eyeliner, one can look fantastic every day [one also have to be thin, though]
some more i can fit into my skinny jeans
life's good after all!
mm.. jogging with my cute basketball co captain..
dawg saying hi to me..
bumping into gomd..
eating and studying with stella
all very enjoyable!

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