Sunday, 20 July 2008


19 jul 08 [sat]

after 4 years, 6c finally caught up with each other again

i've never been a fan of reunions as i have a lousy memory and can never seem to recollect all the cute/ funny/ random stuff my ex classmates did

but it was good to see them all grown up

me + pei yin

believe it or not, i used to be as skinny as her 10 years ago

she's just as sweetly pretty now as she was then

can't get over how modestly beautiful she is

ian + i

this funny guy is full of crap

he should study law instead of actuarial science

zhi bang + i

future oxford student.. always been bright

once he went to hong kong to participate in a math competition

when he returned, his most vivid memory was that of the lingerie billboard ads

boys will be boys

kean wooi + i

he didn't recognize me and tried to be discreet about asking other people who i was

some more he used to sit beside me and kacau me in class

adrian + i

he used to be shorter than me!!

forgot what he's studying, but it's bound to be something difficult that demands high iq

all my classmates are bloody smart

i'm the only noob-- accounting, for god's sake!

yee sin, shy yunn + i

trust me, yee sin used to look like a guy

i couldn't recognize her the first half of the night

she has 6 sisters because her mum was trying for a son!

jianhua + i

i know he's not hot

but i used to have a crush on him in standard 6

he's my neighbor now, and i always like to tell people about our 'love story' whenever we pass his home--

it wasn't really a love story, more like serendipity

when we were 12 we found out that our dads bought homes at the garden where we live now

and we'd kidded that perhaps we would be neighbors

i prayed really hard for it to happen-- i liked him that much then

and i forgot all about it until i was 16

suddenly he contacted me, asking me if i'd sat outside my new home on the grass in a skirt the previous day?

'yeah, how did you know?!'

'i'm your neighbor'

fate, right?

dreams come true, only perhaps 4 years later


what's more he's the first guy to give me a lift in a benz-- i was so excited when i saw it

the best car i've rode in was a vios [dick's]

i know i drive mum's benz all the time but it's different when the car's not yours

he's a good driver

tze xuan + i

saw each other in high school all the time

but still we take photos like strangers

he's filthy rich, studying a levels in uk now

my 6c peers are all wealthy and uk-loving

pin chian, yee sin, shy yunn, me + yen yeen

pin chian + yen yeen are uber intelligent

studied in singapore

yen yeen's heading for uk to study meds-- yeng!

me, rachel how, pei yin + cindy

rachel stayed for about 5 minutes

she's in melbourne u now doing accounting


gave me a funny feeling to see them again

where will we be the next time we meet?

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