Wednesday, 16 July 2008

science of love

15 jul 08 [tue]
during the 2 hr loooong biz law lecture today, the GOMD [guy of my dreams] came in late and plonked down 2 seats in front of me

wah seh so ripped lah him

but there is a time limit to how long one can stare at the back of the object of desire

and the biz law lecturer is probably the
only lecturer i can tahan this sem

the rest are so monotonous, i don't even wana talk about it


it's good to be back at monash again

absence makes the heart grow fonder?

or maybe i'm just 后知后觉 that monash is a good uni after all

and after realizing that i'm not a social weirdo, i've been more outgoing

no more lunching or attending lectures alone and making vanice worry about me


16 jul 08 [wed]


tried ice monster today

not as yummy as described in newspaper

some more it's expensive!

not that i'm paying


tried choc chip pancakes from pancake house international

not yummy enough as well

the booth we sat in was so comfy i wanted to curl up and sleep

i didn't have the energy to drive home

so kent and i watched journey to the center of earth 3d

sometimes i like my dad extra

because he's smart

anyway the 3d didn't live up to expectations either

but though everything in life seems so-so

i still enjoy them

but one may as well save the extra cost and watch the normal version


in an odd burst of 任性, i got kent to drive me home

the kesian guy didn't have transport back to his subang home

so he slept over with my bro

sans the next day's textbook, sans clean underwear or socks

haha mum was a bit surprised

but dad seemed unruffled

and some more during breakfast the next day she was calm

so i'm not in trouble

haha the perks of getting older


road block on the way to uni

thanks to kent, i got in some sleep

17 jul 08 [thu]

i think shiuan had a wet dream about me

he called a few days ago, panicking that he'd had a 'weird disgusting dream involving you and a pillow'

i joked that he subconsciously has the hots for me

but he seemed a bit lost so i suggested that we go to feng lye at the gardens for lunch today

we'd been planning to go for ages but somehow never got around to it


i passed by the taiwanese restaurant last friday and there were lines

but it's not that good

man, nothing is good enough nowadays

ok, it's not yucky, but it's not as yummy as.. roti bom

or maybe it's just me

however, i've developed a taste for papaya milk


went to visit suat yee at topshop

she has the perfect body for jeans


due to a twist of fate, i ended up going clubbing tonight

it all began with get smart

i had sworn off clubbing but the 4 minutes playing at the end of get smart really put me in the mood

and carlos accidentally sent a clubbing invitation to the wrong person-- me

it's serendipity!


lots of people say carlos is a wolf

bu, xing, ying were calling me up to warn me not to drink etc

hah! what a nice change-- usually they're the ones passing bottles at me

but bu and xing went to maison's too

bu says he's there to keep an eye on me

but i know he's there to see xing


i promised carlos a cup

but mum got out the durians for dinner [yummy]

and durians + alcohol = death

so i got away with not drinking by saying i don't wanna die

i don't need alcohol, i get high at midnight


i anti girls who go clubbing and can't seem to get a grip on themselves

those who drink and then go get groped by random strangers and get all maiden in distress

i didn't drink, so i knew whose arm was around my waist, i knew who i'm dancing with

it's not a big deal to me, i don't need to be saved

and i hate being 'rescued'

makes me seem like a pretend damsel in distress

but xing was intoxicated, not with alcohol but with crazy emotions

and she thinks she's doing me a favor

so i didn't get pissed at her

i just said, 'i've known him for a long time, and this is nothing new.'


lots of people were surprised to see me at a club

but lots of scouts were there

haha some more a senior scout is the most daring groper of all

it's funny how naive i was when i just joined scouts-- i truly believed they lived by the code bla bla bla

now 6years later, i'm meeting my ta at maison's and..

thanks to carlos, i stayed awake the entire way home

even had the energy to shower, launder my lingerie which reeks of ciggie smoke, apply skincare and blow dry my hair before bed

me, yee + ming keat-- they're both gone

kok chun kacau behind us

3am lights up, nobody to slow dance with me

me + my big leader lin

all flushed + sweaty despite nil alcohol consumption

i was on my feet all night and finally geat asked, 'aren't you tired?'

seeing as he's sober + cute, i told him the truth-- i'm dancing all night to lose weight!

that rendered him speechless


have to buy makeup

i look like a kid in there

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