Wednesday, 30 July 2008

shopping spree

24 jul 08 [thu]

i'm quite activity-kiasu-- if there is an activity, i must attend it, if not i feel strangely disoriented, like i'm losing out on a possibly great experience

which was why i slept over at eunice's today so i could go to plug & play tomorrow..

.. and of course, the mega sales are on and i just received this month's allowance and eunice's begging to go shopping


everytime i step into subang and see all those college students milling around, i get excited

never mind the cramped rooms and eunice's complaints about housework

it just feels so free and different

a big part of university life is about staying away from home for the first time

but mum still semi freaks out when i say i'd like to crash at eunice's for a night



hanging out with eunice brings out the worst in me--

it disrupts my sleep cycle because she sleeps much later than i do

it wreaks havoc on my diet because she eats dinner and i don't but she insists i eat as i keep going on and on about how hungry i am


she fed me anlene mango yogurt, a mochi and a charcoal broiled biscuit at her home

anlene mango yogurt major rocks!

i also did my own laundry at her home-- she has this traditional scrubbing board

here is eunice attempting to hide the board

25 jul 08 [fri]

woke hyper early and had breakfast with harry and jj

jj was involved in a pile up [is it called pile up? car A hits car B hits car C]

the boys had coffee, cigarettes and a few slices of toast for breakfast

i snitched some of their toast and had a bowl of noodles

they were shocked at my appetite

i just feel hungry all the time


did an extremely enjoyable activity afterwards-- studying at starbucks

it just feels very college-like!

many college students there, plenty to see

it's essential that one doesn't go out sloppily-dressed in subang

you may think you're going to meet harry only, but on the way you'll pass many guys, some of whom are actually cute


lunched at italienness [not sure about the spelling either]

i overheard 2 girls discussing the restaurant in university and decided to try the tiramisu

the little plate on the left is the olive oil + vinegar bread dip mix

it's quite yummy

and the ambience is lovely as well-- cozy and romantic

i was sorely tempted to have a wine but i've never tested my alcohol limits so i'm not sure what a glass will do to me


shopped, shopped, shopped afterwards

bought 3 tops

eunice bought numerous tops and a pair of strappy heels

i spotted a gorgeous pair of pumps but it didn't fit well

it was fun-- we cut off the tags after the purchase and wore our new stuff

i had 2 outfit changes ^^

plus eunice bought me this beautiful yellow hoodie as my birthday gift!

i was so excited i just jumped around in pyramid


in the end we didn't go to plug & play [not when it's most happening-- at night, anyway]

i was exhausted but we still stopped at pasar malam for a laksa

the [repaired] boot of my precious car, filled with shopping bags

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