Sunday, 31 August 2008

monash ball

1。花了 $150 买化妆品准备去 monash ball,sekali [受表姐影响,爱用 sekali]
  • bb cream 令我白如鬼、
  • 眼影令我黑眼圈、
  • eyebrow kit 令我已黑的眉毛看起来要去唱大戏似的,浪费我的钱!!


3。妈可以晚上 11 点告诉我,隔天要穿去 ball 的裙不见了



monash ball

身为失败的人类,我在 monash 的朋友少之又少

所以对这个 ball 没期待

但 it was better than i expected


很眼睡啊~ 本来打算 ball 结束后去莹家而没去 after party



anyway 在 ball 认识一个好人

他是打篮球的,看到我一个人等朋友就叫我与他先进 ballroom 等



i've developed a taste for small-town people




竟然遇到 isaac!!

我们未免太有缘了 *哈


食物、表演都不错 ^^

Sunday, 24 August 2008

balik kampung

steamed fish-- what i had for breakfast for 3days, lucky me

enjoy taking photos of food-- keeping them in my phone and looking at them sometimes pleases me

i think i may have a food addiction-- on thursday i finished a loaf of gardenia wholemeal bread by noon

that was definitely abnormal

sometimes i hide my eating from parents too

i'm not bulimic, though, kent

large homegrown mangoes-- too bad they're more sour than sweet..

thanks to some naughty squirrels who plucked them before they were fully ripened

thank goodness i love sweet-sour flavor and the texture is perfect


on thursday i took a bus back to johor with eunice

it's a torturous process, and i'm not exaggerating

my bag was heavy due to my bringing 2 heavy textbooks and some notes

for the rare few times in my life, i had to carry my own bloody luggage from plaza rakyat lrt station to pudu bus station!

lagi the toilets are all squatting types, which means my wound nearly exploded with the strain of stretching taut as i attempted to pee gracefully in the cramped but surprisingly clean toilets

i love going back to johor to visit ahma and popo but i despise the journey-- sitting on my butt for more than 3hours

haha i'm really getting into complaining mode

popo's peanut butter birthday cake

upon arrival started the Eating Tour-- a pandan glutinous rice cake with red bean filling in aunt vela's new vios..

.. followed by yummy steamboat dinner at popo's home

dessert was lotus moon cake, chocolate doriyaki and the above birthday cake

the birthday cake isn't kl standard and i've yet to acquire a taste for green tea moon cake

for me, green tea = shampoo / conditioner / shower gel / whitening masks / perhaps even ice-cream or beverage but not other food types!

cousin zi yu + i

i think he's getting thinner and handsomer every time i meet him

sorry for the greasy face, it's not badly-applied blusher this time, it's just that i-haven't-showered-for-16-hours oil slick

i think his hair got cut by the discipline teacher

me + popo

eunice always takes lousy shots of me

sanshen's shop's kampung-style biscuits corner

i kept peeking at it, reminds me of my childhood when once ahma sent me on an errand to buy $2 worth of cream crackers

it seems so special, the way the biscuits are taken out and weighed and small talk is made during the process

the biscuits that come from these tins seem tastier, too


sanshen gave eunice and i a magnolia cone each-- we were given permission to open the freezer and select an item for free!!

which we ate as we accompanied ahma to pick guavas in a light drizzle

another unenjoyable process-- i'm a big-time city girl who only loves being in nature when i'm wearing long pants, sneakers and insect repellant

but of course i saved the whining for now ><

serious cam-whoring in sanshen's shop

i didn't buy this tin but i bought 500g of roti kok [i'm addicted to roti]

the roti kok in kl tastes crappy

if you don't know what roti kok is please tell me, i still have some at home and am more than willing to introduce this delicious food to you

[it's actually butter + sugar on bread which are toasted so dry, they become biscuits]

the day has come-- not only camwhoring but acting cute as well *puke

the brinjals in my hands are organically grown by relatives

they pick them and sell them at the shop

if nobody buys, the brinjals are taken home and cooked for dinner

soo traditional!


my sri gading cousins are all freakin' skinny!

ahgong seems almost back to his old self [sans the endless smoking, of course]-- insisting on changing the wall clock himself and brushing away our attempts to help

yang is funny too-- ahma said he refused to take his afternoon nap so he can welcome us but when we arrived, he was 'passed out' on the sofa


later on eunice and i went for the bubble milk tea in batu pahat

it's in this area of shophouses with a healthy smattering of food joints and boutiques

we went to this wonderful boutique with my kind of clothes and spent forever there

ended up buying nothing, though-- there was a stain on one pretty eyelet dress which couldn't be washed off but the proprietor kept insisting it could

despised his dishonesty so we left


shopped at long shen, a very catering-to-tourists tan-kim-hock style shop with excellent service

there were a host of salespeople chirping bubbly 'welcome's at the door

a few miliseconds after our arrival, hot chinese tea was served

there are samples for every type of food sold there as well

i bought black sesame and yam mochi [i adore mochi] and 2 pigs in baskets [mooncake skin but long shen makes them with lotus paste fillings, which i don't much fancy]

eunice is this crazy fan, practically groupie, of ice skinned green tea moon cake but she bought the yam one instead [the power of my influence ><]

sampled some novelty moon cakes-- yoghurt is odd, but chestnut is worse. chrysanthemum cake is weird, too.. and have you heard of curry moon cakes?


after food shopping we went to eunice's friend's sister's boutique

the clothes there are more expensive as they're produced locally, unlike some boutiques which ship in from thailand

thai clothes are prettier, though

learned something new today-- sales of clothes are actually made in kg's!

the service was warm, so i bought a heavily discounted, only-suitable-for-casual-wear-not-clubbing-despite-convenient-pockets dress

looks very hong kong

fell in love [and subsequently purchased] the most beautiful bag in the world-- the skin is made from leather + pvc

it costs a whopping [for me] $60 but i haven't felt this way about a bag in a long time

i bought the pink one but contemplated buying the gold one, too, as both are equally gorgeous, but common sense won out

i love my new bag!!


considered staying until monday so i can spend sunday shopping but i needed to study and do homework at home

so i made the [in retrospect] stupid decision to join the van uncle peace rented to drive the sabahans up to kl to catch their flight to sabah

[speaking of sabah, stella has finally invited me to spend my holidays at her home in kk, tempting me with descriptions of mouthwatering giant fish heads and secluded islands.

being invited to course mates' homes is, to me, an essential part of uni life so now i feel more like a uni student! ^^]

ok, back to b*tching about the return trip

mum's family is huge on squeezing together in small spaces, which is why we ended up transporting 14 people in a 9-seater van

the memory of it makes my body sore all over again

i so badly wanted to ask the driver to drop me off at eunice's-- i'd rather take the bus home alone [at least i'd have a seat to myself]

as for my getting-heavier luggage, harry has agreed to ponteng classes to fetch me home from scary pudu bus station

eunice is becoming a big fan of harry's, as well

well, he is nicest to her amongst all my guy friends, and maybe even to me as well

back to the subject, i didn't make too much of a fuss and wished over and over again for

  1. time to pass faster so this packed-like-sardines ordeal will be over sooner; or
  2. my death. it sounds childish / spoilt / dramatic but try sharing 3 seats with 3 other adults and 1 kid for over 3 hours and you'll get what i mean

batu pahat has great + affordable boutiques and food!!

can't wait to go shopping there again!!

cousin meipo + i.. she's pretty like her mum, and has admirers already at 11!

well good news! my stalking has finally paid off and i now know the name of gomd!

haha i sound scary.. yeap just surprised me by dropping a comment on my happyland, so who knows who else is reading this, so i can't share his beautiful name [ask eunice, i'd been repeating it to her for the past few days]

but he's useless-- i was working on my assignment and in he breezes with his friends and starts cajoling a girl to let him copy her answers

argh he probably got his way, all my female tutors are suckers for him


watched the eye 2 while waiting for the van, i kinda like that movie [minus the scary parts]

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


i am hungry


please let my hair dry fast

so i can go to bed

sleep away my hunger

sleep away the awful pain in my knee


can't wait for tomorrow morning to arrive so i can eat something

today gomd sat with a girl in accounting lecture


haha nolah we're all college kids, probably nothing

however, noticed that his friend got a tattoo like his at the same spot on his leg

but of course gomd is much more yeng

Monday, 18 August 2008


this is a very solemn entry

this month is the month of hungry ghosts festival, and i can't be sure who's looking over my shoulder, or whether they understand english

i fell down again today!!

major f*ckness!!

i'm the only person i know who can bloody pk 2 days in a row!!

what's wrong with my sense of balance?!!!

i'd been biking / running in the same neighborhood, taking the same few routes for 2 full years!!

can't get / accept the reason behind my extreme klutziness

this is my 'medal' after falling off my bike yesterday

it still hurts like crazy, i can't walk [but i can run, seriously-- it hurts less when i jog]

darn, took a toilet break and hit the door

i must be going crazy


things are getting ever-so-slightly better

mum is giving me a sem's time to pull my grades up [though admittedly it's a far shot]

dad didn't comment, he's probably planning a trip to europe using my aus uni funds

but he said i look better now that i'm starving myself at night

i begged him to stop in case it jinxes me, but he refused

that's his way of punishing my less-than-stellar results, i suppose

Saturday, 16 August 2008

last night

when people don't ask me out, well, they don't ask me out

when they do, they have a penchant for wanting to do things the same night!

bj wanted to go yam cha at bangsar last night

whereas the ch club wanted to go barcelona

i was torn between 2 as bj had asked me earlier

but i also wanted to check out barcelona [despite the hefty vip price tag]


after a lot of complaining to eunice [she kacau me all the time, so i'm entitled to bug her as well]

i decided to go yam cha with bj first-- i'd never yam cha at bangsar before anyway

then join the ch club if they're willing to drive to bangsar to pick me up


bj is a relatively new buddy but i'm interested to see what his agenda is in asking me out

everybody has agendas! there's no such thing as a free lunch!

this is what i believe..

thankfully, bj wasn't into direct sales or anything like that

i finally got to visit jalan telawi!!

the boutique/pub street in bangsar, where magazines get their clothes from!

bangsar truly has a classy air about it

i was so excited, we took photos but bj hasn't sent them to me

at devi's corner, i saw people smoking this complicated pipe thingy--

bj says it's flavored ice.. chun nia!


this is one of the worst clubbing experiences ever

i had to pay $45 just to get inside!

are they crazy?!

in the star it says $35 with a free drink

f*ck the so-called vip

vip my head

i whined until bubu paid for me

as i didn't want to go initially due to the price-- bu said the maximum was $60 but upon arrival they charged us $80 which we flatly refused to fork out and eventually settled on $45

something very fishy here

barcelona has laser lights which made me dizzy

the music was too loud compared to maison's or even scarlett

our so-called vip area was just a room with sofas and pillows.. full of people we don't think we know-- it was too dark to tell

what happened to the so-called ch gathering? so-called dresses-only dress code?

xin, ying and i are suckers

i'm never going clubbing at barcelona's / on a non ladies' night again

and hopefully i'll never have the unpleasant experience of clubbing with some people again


okaay.. it wasn't all bad

though i met the worst ham sap lou i'd ever encountered in my clubbing experiences

usually guys pretend to dance just to get close to girls

but this fat creep didn't even try

just stood like a pig statue on the stage, getting on my nerves

i ensured there was a safe distance between us until he realized there was no fun to be found here and turned to another direction


sure i spotted a hot guy

resembled a japanese actor, very pretty boy, blond hair + blue contacts

but he's another weirdo-- kept struggling to get on the stage and once he did, just stood on a corner like an idiot and looked around

after all his hard work in securing a place on stage, he went off for a ciggie break

then did the entire get-on-get-off-never-dance routine all over again

what is it with all the guys in clubs?

can't they at least act normal? [haha like to complain, but like to go clubbing also]


met my basketball co captain

he was dancing with a girl wearing only a bra-- bu said she flung her shirt offstage

met kien fei too! what a surprise!

turned out his friends were the same guys who were trying to dance with us all night

should've seen their faces when they realized they had a valid reason to talk to us

it's like a requirement to hit on people / get hit on in a club

as long as one isn't ugly [even a little fatness is acceptable here], guys feel happy if they've managed to get a response to their, 'what's your name?'

and i think girls are secretly pleased when guys hit on them

me? i'm just worried

if people hit on my girlfriends but not on me, i'll feel kia-su


by 3am bu was forcing us to leave

ying and i pouted and sulked and finally just ignored him and went back to the dance floor

we'd forked out $45 and we weren't leaving before lights up!

bu described barcelona as guys' heaven, girls' hell

made me adjust my clothes and all

he's so funny

barcelona has loads of college kids

loads more wolves compared to our usual maison

by 3am i was blur enough to talk to another green-haired weirdo, thinking he's kien fei's friend

they all look alike under the laser lights


ying bought my dream c902, just like that!

i'm deeply jealous!

here are a couple of shots we took with its wonderful 5megapixel camera

me, xin [behind] + ying @ bangsar

ying + i @ bangsar mamak-- more high class than cheras version leh

compare this last photo with other photos

this was taken with my k750i

effect not so clear!

kien fei + i in barcelona after lights up, all sweaty with flat hair

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

happy my star

know how kiddos can forget yesterday after a night of deep slumber?

how people lose weight by sleeping more?

clear skin, healthy body, anyone?

sleep is the most wonderful balm for a shitty day/skin/illness/hunger


as i told kent,

sleep + eyeliner + coffee = smiles all around

yes, i forgot to bring my accounting b homework to uni today

thus had to give up being in the same classroom as gomd for 90 minutes

but it was still acceptable

i need to let him think i'm not stalking him anyway


during marketing lecture i realized 2 things--

1. dr. ting is cute [not hot] + smart.. i like

2. there must be some amazing force behind the low probability of us wearing the same clothes as each other

don't you think it's wonderful?


another marketing lecture thingy--

perception is reality

i used to get nervous whenever i see people see me running/eating

if they see me jogging, i worry that they'll think, how can she stay so fat even when she exercises so much?

if they pass me when i'm lunching and happened to shoot me the merest glance, i'll assume she eats so much, small wonder she's so fat is passing through their minds

i think too much



i dislike whiners

so i whine here alone

when i go out with friends i like to have fun

that's why i'm usually upbeat and un-blog-like when you see me in person

if i want to be miserable i stay home

if i want to be ugly i stay home too

haha cheers

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

not-so-random deep-unhappiness

i am hopelessly superstitious

today was god-awful because i didn't manage to line my eyes before the day officially began

actually i just felt tense when fann ran late in the morning

the same tension i feel whenever i'm contemplating driving home around 5pm


actually the shit started when i attended the talk about transferring to monash campuses in aus

i stand practically no chance of entering clayton

i just can't believe how i work harder than my peers but receive crappier results

sekali my parents think i'm not working hard enough


this is one of those days that feel like a nightmare

no clayton = 3 years at sunway = living at home = battling traffic jams

the worst is not daring to tell my parents about my shitty results

they'd put my future on hold in preparation for aus

i can't visit tao in taiwan because 'you've been to taiwan before, it would make more sense for tao to visit you when you go to aus'

i can't plan any holidays because 'clayton first'

clayton clayton clayton

FUCK clayton

i wish the bloody place would just burn down or something

sometimes life feels as though it's put on hold, like it can only start when i'm a clayton student

i used to think that if i worked hard i could achieve any results i wanted

how cocky

now i'm starting to have doubts


felt like doing something crazy

but as this was one of those jonah days, i couldn't find anybody to accompany me

thank goodness for jianhua

he sms ed me as i was driving home, asking me if i wanted to jog together

for the first time in my life i managed to get ready in 5 minutes flat

we ran past masera to this little hut on top of the hill

i've been running here for 3 years but never realized there was such a romantic little pondok so near to home

okaay, it wasn't romantic as there is a cctv installed at the hut

as i put it, 'it's like riding in a ferris wheel with all the security people down the hill'

no privacy!!

not that jianhua and i needed any-- we just chatted and fooled around pretending to be kungfu masters or something equally demented

he improved my mood a lot


still in a mini funk when i got home

this is one of those days when one realizes one is friendless

i know comfort eating is bad

but i still had a kiwi, a yogurt and.. pizza

domino's top secret sauce pizzas are yummy

their breadstix are delicious too [well, more like their bbq sauce saved the night!]

so.. going swimming with stella at her hostel pool tomorrow night


it's probably hormones

tears kept welling up when i was in the plenary theatre for the transfer talk

i had to leave early to save face

things didn't get much better in the car

my stuff are all still strewn inside

i left my toothbrush at uni

damn damn damn

tomorrow i'll wear eyeliner

and even if things don't look up i can still pretend all is fine and dandy

Monday, 11 August 2008


read suanie's post on ryan's birthday

drooled over his birthday cake

visited mama min's sites and drooled some more

there were postings and photos of specialty cakes and cupcakes, with a brief introduction of the receivers of the cakes-- loves shopping/ into nature/ fan of cars..

the receivers of the cakes are sure lucky

by the looks of it, the cakes aren't cheap [as kent later confirmed]

being personalized creations, the person who ordered the cake must have at least a brief idea of what the receiver likes in order to come up with a unique yet fitting design


it got me thinking about what i'd like on my cake

[kent, this is not an obvious hint, do not buy the cakes for me]

i wondered if the day comes when people would actually think of ordering specialty cakes for me, what do they think i'd like?

because not even i am certain of the answer


after some thought, i decided that when i am to put in an order for the cakes, i'll have 19 cupcakes

[though i reduced the number to the minimum 16, seeing as they cost a whopping $8 each]

and on each of the cupcakes i'll get min to design something to represent what i love

it shouldn't be too tough to find 16 items to love, right?

1. k850i or c902
[i cannot believe ying is upgrading her k800i to c902, both her phones are newer than my k750i!!!
however, mum has just agreed to buy me a 5megapixel camera phone, so now all i have to do is stay out of trouble and get our butts to a sony ericsson store sometime soon before i get into trouble and she changes her mind]

2. eyeliner.
one can never have an ugly day with eyeliner [unless you're fat], especially when combining black and white eyeliners

3. coco when she's not irritating me.
even when she's kacau ing me, it's fun to 'bully' her--
i just make 'rarr' noises at her lah, don't send spca after me.
coco is especially adorable when she's sprawled on the ground with her tail waving like windshield wipers

4. speaking of windshield wipers.. my myvi.
i used to anti it but now that i have the option of driving the benz, i realize i actually love it.
its compactness is ideal for a parking noob like me.
my parents have ordered a new camry so now we have a car each at home, with a couple extra wiras as company cars.
the happiest part is not fighting with fann for cars-- he just got his license

5. basketball.
i know i'm a basketball noob as well--
i'm deeply afraid of getting bashed up by the bloody ball--
but i love the energy on court, when everybody's running around breathlessly, shooting hoops..

6. clubbing when i do it no more than once every 2 months.
everybody looks hot, everybody [hopefully] just wants to have harmless fun
and the bouncers have perfected their funky don't-get-naughty-with-me look

7. school.
i whine about it but i actually enjoy reading my textbooks and preparing assignments [when it's not last minute].
and going to places with a college feel always gets me excited-- i am easily excited

8. coffee.
they are the best thing one can have to keep one's energy levels high.
i laugh more after i drink coffee than i do after i drink coconut flower wine.
dome's espreskis rock too!

9. daddy long legs.
i found a copy in dad's collection and kent gave me a copy for my 17th birthday.
i think it is one of my favorite love story, along with the world of suzie wong.
i also love the little prince and the little princess

10. secret, or, more aptly, the latter part of secret, which made me cry so bad i could hardly drive home from the cinema.
the ending was beautiful, though, as lovely as the soundtrack

11. earrings.
i know, i know, i don't wear them despite my 4 piercings but that doesn't mean i don't love them.
i just have sensitive ears

12. taiwan.
went there when i was young and 17.
i remember not daring to breathe a word about it in case it jinxes me.
it felt surreal when mum dropped me off at the federal hotel to join the youth group.
because i was going abroad with strangers, mum let me buy a new phone, nikes, glasses and body shop toiletries so i won't feel deprived.
i didn't feel deprived ^^
i miss their mochi with strawberry as fillings.
i miss tao!!

13. korean food-- not the guys
one of my favorite cuisines.
and of course i also love cupcakes, ice cream, potatoes, steaks, meatballs, pasta, cakes, kuih etc.

14. pasar malam.
i just enjoy walking around breathing all the food in.
a queen regular, the one who consumes only 1200 calories a day, says she smells fries but doesn't eat them
inhaling the aroma makes her feel as though she'd eaten
not forgetting mamak!
roti bom, neslo, teh tarik, milo tarik~

15. money.
who doesn't love money?
i love the smell of money
it's the smell of possibilities, of purchasing power
how can people say money stinks?!

16. family.
ok, i don't love them.
but i love them.
i want everybody, every relative to be healthy and happy

if mama min can seamlessly reflect all these on the cupcakes, my $128 will be worth it

Saturday, 9 August 2008

beijing olympics

for unknown reasons felt strangely excited and moved by this year's beijing olympics

i'm not sure how to upload videos but the beijing welcomes you on YouTube always gives me goosebumps

china has really come a long way since the days of wild swans

but everybody may be chinese yet live different lives

8 august 08, such an auspicious date

a little chinese girl sang in front of the world at beijing olympics' opening ceremony

while the chinese prostitutes in malaysia were being locked up in klia

sometimes it amazes me how different yet alike we all are from each other


during marketing lecture, dr. ting showed us this article from the star

it says malaysian men rate their manliness by how well they can provide for their family

and it had a list of how other asian men rate their masculinity

haha i used to think i would never ever marry a malaysian

but now i think they really seem to be the most marry-able types

Friday, 8 August 2008

random happiness

looking at this photo of italiennes tiramisu still gives me a kick

wong ying + my lunch for 2 at kang san e

there was like, a thousand side dishes

tried korean bbq for the very 1st time

a waiter helped us bbq the thin pork strips

he also taught us the korean way of eating bbq-ed pork-- wrap pork + side dish/es of choice in veg and eat


there was a shaved ice dessert with red bean + fruit cocktail in addition to the usual watermelons

bliss.. except that my wisdom tooth wound still hurt

can i sue the dentist?

he made my already swollen face even more balloon-y and halved my joy in eating-- it hurts so bad

a very happy me with my chocolate topped waffle sundae with chocolate & peanut butter ice-cream, pralines & cream ice-cream, strawberry sauce, vanilla cream + a cherry

i love carbohydrates + sweets

too busy stuffing my face to pose ><

this m&m was in the shape of mickey.. cute!


i played stalker recently

by a twist of fate i managed to find out which tutorial gomd attends [actually it wasn't that scary, i was exiting the class as he was entering; i happened to know the tutor and the online timetable system was easy to use]

so being me, i requested to join his tutorial and got approval

eunice says the best way to familiarize yourself with someone is to ask/offer to share textbook or ask questions regarding the lesson

she urged me to try these tactics on gomd


they weren't my style

plus gomd sits in the last row whereas i sit in the 1st

well, it's a start

he's pretty cute

let's just hope he doesn't disappear from this tutorial forever like he did last time


i hardly drink but i've developed a taste for coconut flower wine

it's white with a sweet taste, kinda like sparkling juice

we had it yesterday with dinner/supper at a faraway place

i hate eating seafood meals

i can only stare while the others tuck into crabs + prawns

i went crazy last night, ate like i'd been starved for a year or something


some more lunched at little taiwan with eunice today

the food there isn't yummy

the soup was too salty

a couple was making out there when i stepped in

the girl stared me down


i wasn't even peeking at them!


living with eunice on weekends are testing our relationship

i can be a witch sometimes

i get cranky if i can't be tucked up in bed by 11pm

i dislike adjusting my schedule to accommodate other people


but last week i suddenly recalled our childhood

we were inseparable, but we wouldn't play with tao, so aunts nicknamed us 'woof woof dog' and 'dog woof woof'

every time we parted there would be tears

so funny when i think back to how easily i used to cry


the 1st time ah ma taught me how to cook jelly, the 1st person i passed the knowledge on to was eunice

we decided to improvise on ah ma's milo jelly recipe by adding a couple tins of fruits

the crazy thing was this--

we made 2 jellies, and we ate the 1st one ourselves

both of us suffered from stomachache but refused to admit there was something wrong with our milo-fruit jelly

i remember exiting the loo and heading straight for the 2nd jelly, which was being criticized by all the relatives [so gross! how can one go straight from toilet -> food that caused toilet trip?]

we felt the need to protect our creation, so we steadfastly wolfed the jelly down..

.. and went to the toilets again

our little childish pride now seems so sweet and hilarious

Friday, 1 August 2008


actually my birthday wasn't so bad

i got some cool shots of myself from cops who were at our campus for safety awareness week

the pictures were taken using spy equipment

the downside is they're printed on fax paper which means they don't last long


mum woke up at 630am yesterday and came to find me [i'm an early riser]

she seemed embarassed about forgetting my birthday and offered to share her dome birthday cake with me

she was also worried about my lack of celebrations-- last year she wasn't too happy about my numerous celebrations with different groups of friends

she asked if i wanted to host a party but i'm pretty anti house parties

2 in 4 years are enough to turn me off hosting anything at home for the rest of my life

she also asked if singcai brought me out, which he did

if he didn't, i don't think she'll let him take me out for the rest of his life *haha

mum was also pleased that i'd lost weight

well, it's kinda tough to remain fat when you're not eating because the cafe food is boring

i didn't weigh myself but i'm certain there's still a long road ahead to 45kg


i was such a big baby over everything

actually i had at least 5 offers to go out but i was so swamped by work i rejected them

childish lah!


attended a talk about transferring to aus yesterday

it depressed me

i need to score 77% in every unit for sem 2 to squeeze my butt into clayton

right after the talk i cancelled all the activities i haven't registered to attend

i can't believe i had the lowest grade among my friends!

even people who flunked some units had a higher average than i did
eunice is sleeping over again
i'm used to being alone that living with her on weekends feels weird
especially sleeping with her
i know my bed's queen-sized
but i think sleeping on a single bed each [like when i crash at hers] is more my style
having meals together.. my family doesn't eat together
we just go to the dining room and eat at our own pace
getting along with people feels odd but i think i'm doing a good job *haha
loving eyeliner!
with well-applied eyeliner, one can look fantastic every day [one also have to be thin, though]
some more i can fit into my skinny jeans
life's good after all!
mm.. jogging with my cute basketball co captain..
dawg saying hi to me..
bumping into gomd..
eating and studying with stella
all very enjoyable!