Sunday, 24 August 2008

balik kampung

steamed fish-- what i had for breakfast for 3days, lucky me

enjoy taking photos of food-- keeping them in my phone and looking at them sometimes pleases me

i think i may have a food addiction-- on thursday i finished a loaf of gardenia wholemeal bread by noon

that was definitely abnormal

sometimes i hide my eating from parents too

i'm not bulimic, though, kent

large homegrown mangoes-- too bad they're more sour than sweet..

thanks to some naughty squirrels who plucked them before they were fully ripened

thank goodness i love sweet-sour flavor and the texture is perfect


on thursday i took a bus back to johor with eunice

it's a torturous process, and i'm not exaggerating

my bag was heavy due to my bringing 2 heavy textbooks and some notes

for the rare few times in my life, i had to carry my own bloody luggage from plaza rakyat lrt station to pudu bus station!

lagi the toilets are all squatting types, which means my wound nearly exploded with the strain of stretching taut as i attempted to pee gracefully in the cramped but surprisingly clean toilets

i love going back to johor to visit ahma and popo but i despise the journey-- sitting on my butt for more than 3hours

haha i'm really getting into complaining mode

popo's peanut butter birthday cake

upon arrival started the Eating Tour-- a pandan glutinous rice cake with red bean filling in aunt vela's new vios..

.. followed by yummy steamboat dinner at popo's home

dessert was lotus moon cake, chocolate doriyaki and the above birthday cake

the birthday cake isn't kl standard and i've yet to acquire a taste for green tea moon cake

for me, green tea = shampoo / conditioner / shower gel / whitening masks / perhaps even ice-cream or beverage but not other food types!

cousin zi yu + i

i think he's getting thinner and handsomer every time i meet him

sorry for the greasy face, it's not badly-applied blusher this time, it's just that i-haven't-showered-for-16-hours oil slick

i think his hair got cut by the discipline teacher

me + popo

eunice always takes lousy shots of me

sanshen's shop's kampung-style biscuits corner

i kept peeking at it, reminds me of my childhood when once ahma sent me on an errand to buy $2 worth of cream crackers

it seems so special, the way the biscuits are taken out and weighed and small talk is made during the process

the biscuits that come from these tins seem tastier, too


sanshen gave eunice and i a magnolia cone each-- we were given permission to open the freezer and select an item for free!!

which we ate as we accompanied ahma to pick guavas in a light drizzle

another unenjoyable process-- i'm a big-time city girl who only loves being in nature when i'm wearing long pants, sneakers and insect repellant

but of course i saved the whining for now ><

serious cam-whoring in sanshen's shop

i didn't buy this tin but i bought 500g of roti kok [i'm addicted to roti]

the roti kok in kl tastes crappy

if you don't know what roti kok is please tell me, i still have some at home and am more than willing to introduce this delicious food to you

[it's actually butter + sugar on bread which are toasted so dry, they become biscuits]

the day has come-- not only camwhoring but acting cute as well *puke

the brinjals in my hands are organically grown by relatives

they pick them and sell them at the shop

if nobody buys, the brinjals are taken home and cooked for dinner

soo traditional!


my sri gading cousins are all freakin' skinny!

ahgong seems almost back to his old self [sans the endless smoking, of course]-- insisting on changing the wall clock himself and brushing away our attempts to help

yang is funny too-- ahma said he refused to take his afternoon nap so he can welcome us but when we arrived, he was 'passed out' on the sofa


later on eunice and i went for the bubble milk tea in batu pahat

it's in this area of shophouses with a healthy smattering of food joints and boutiques

we went to this wonderful boutique with my kind of clothes and spent forever there

ended up buying nothing, though-- there was a stain on one pretty eyelet dress which couldn't be washed off but the proprietor kept insisting it could

despised his dishonesty so we left


shopped at long shen, a very catering-to-tourists tan-kim-hock style shop with excellent service

there were a host of salespeople chirping bubbly 'welcome's at the door

a few miliseconds after our arrival, hot chinese tea was served

there are samples for every type of food sold there as well

i bought black sesame and yam mochi [i adore mochi] and 2 pigs in baskets [mooncake skin but long shen makes them with lotus paste fillings, which i don't much fancy]

eunice is this crazy fan, practically groupie, of ice skinned green tea moon cake but she bought the yam one instead [the power of my influence ><]

sampled some novelty moon cakes-- yoghurt is odd, but chestnut is worse. chrysanthemum cake is weird, too.. and have you heard of curry moon cakes?


after food shopping we went to eunice's friend's sister's boutique

the clothes there are more expensive as they're produced locally, unlike some boutiques which ship in from thailand

thai clothes are prettier, though

learned something new today-- sales of clothes are actually made in kg's!

the service was warm, so i bought a heavily discounted, only-suitable-for-casual-wear-not-clubbing-despite-convenient-pockets dress

looks very hong kong

fell in love [and subsequently purchased] the most beautiful bag in the world-- the skin is made from leather + pvc

it costs a whopping [for me] $60 but i haven't felt this way about a bag in a long time

i bought the pink one but contemplated buying the gold one, too, as both are equally gorgeous, but common sense won out

i love my new bag!!


considered staying until monday so i can spend sunday shopping but i needed to study and do homework at home

so i made the [in retrospect] stupid decision to join the van uncle peace rented to drive the sabahans up to kl to catch their flight to sabah

[speaking of sabah, stella has finally invited me to spend my holidays at her home in kk, tempting me with descriptions of mouthwatering giant fish heads and secluded islands.

being invited to course mates' homes is, to me, an essential part of uni life so now i feel more like a uni student! ^^]

ok, back to b*tching about the return trip

mum's family is huge on squeezing together in small spaces, which is why we ended up transporting 14 people in a 9-seater van

the memory of it makes my body sore all over again

i so badly wanted to ask the driver to drop me off at eunice's-- i'd rather take the bus home alone [at least i'd have a seat to myself]

as for my getting-heavier luggage, harry has agreed to ponteng classes to fetch me home from scary pudu bus station

eunice is becoming a big fan of harry's, as well

well, he is nicest to her amongst all my guy friends, and maybe even to me as well

back to the subject, i didn't make too much of a fuss and wished over and over again for

  1. time to pass faster so this packed-like-sardines ordeal will be over sooner; or
  2. my death. it sounds childish / spoilt / dramatic but try sharing 3 seats with 3 other adults and 1 kid for over 3 hours and you'll get what i mean

batu pahat has great + affordable boutiques and food!!

can't wait to go shopping there again!!

cousin meipo + i.. she's pretty like her mum, and has admirers already at 11!

well good news! my stalking has finally paid off and i now know the name of gomd!

haha i sound scary.. yeap just surprised me by dropping a comment on my happyland, so who knows who else is reading this, so i can't share his beautiful name [ask eunice, i'd been repeating it to her for the past few days]

but he's useless-- i was working on my assignment and in he breezes with his friends and starts cajoling a girl to let him copy her answers

argh he probably got his way, all my female tutors are suckers for him


watched the eye 2 while waiting for the van, i kinda like that movie [minus the scary parts]

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