Saturday, 9 August 2008

beijing olympics

for unknown reasons felt strangely excited and moved by this year's beijing olympics

i'm not sure how to upload videos but the beijing welcomes you on YouTube always gives me goosebumps

china has really come a long way since the days of wild swans

but everybody may be chinese yet live different lives

8 august 08, such an auspicious date

a little chinese girl sang in front of the world at beijing olympics' opening ceremony

while the chinese prostitutes in malaysia were being locked up in klia

sometimes it amazes me how different yet alike we all are from each other


during marketing lecture, dr. ting showed us this article from the star

it says malaysian men rate their manliness by how well they can provide for their family

and it had a list of how other asian men rate their masculinity

haha i used to think i would never ever marry a malaysian

but now i think they really seem to be the most marry-able types

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