Monday, 18 August 2008


this is a very solemn entry

this month is the month of hungry ghosts festival, and i can't be sure who's looking over my shoulder, or whether they understand english

i fell down again today!!

major f*ckness!!

i'm the only person i know who can bloody pk 2 days in a row!!

what's wrong with my sense of balance?!!!

i'd been biking / running in the same neighborhood, taking the same few routes for 2 full years!!

can't get / accept the reason behind my extreme klutziness

this is my 'medal' after falling off my bike yesterday

it still hurts like crazy, i can't walk [but i can run, seriously-- it hurts less when i jog]

darn, took a toilet break and hit the door

i must be going crazy


things are getting ever-so-slightly better

mum is giving me a sem's time to pull my grades up [though admittedly it's a far shot]

dad didn't comment, he's probably planning a trip to europe using my aus uni funds

but he said i look better now that i'm starving myself at night

i begged him to stop in case it jinxes me, but he refused

that's his way of punishing my less-than-stellar results, i suppose

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