Monday, 11 August 2008


read suanie's post on ryan's birthday

drooled over his birthday cake

visited mama min's sites and drooled some more

there were postings and photos of specialty cakes and cupcakes, with a brief introduction of the receivers of the cakes-- loves shopping/ into nature/ fan of cars..

the receivers of the cakes are sure lucky

by the looks of it, the cakes aren't cheap [as kent later confirmed]

being personalized creations, the person who ordered the cake must have at least a brief idea of what the receiver likes in order to come up with a unique yet fitting design


it got me thinking about what i'd like on my cake

[kent, this is not an obvious hint, do not buy the cakes for me]

i wondered if the day comes when people would actually think of ordering specialty cakes for me, what do they think i'd like?

because not even i am certain of the answer


after some thought, i decided that when i am to put in an order for the cakes, i'll have 19 cupcakes

[though i reduced the number to the minimum 16, seeing as they cost a whopping $8 each]

and on each of the cupcakes i'll get min to design something to represent what i love

it shouldn't be too tough to find 16 items to love, right?

1. k850i or c902
[i cannot believe ying is upgrading her k800i to c902, both her phones are newer than my k750i!!!
however, mum has just agreed to buy me a 5megapixel camera phone, so now all i have to do is stay out of trouble and get our butts to a sony ericsson store sometime soon before i get into trouble and she changes her mind]

2. eyeliner.
one can never have an ugly day with eyeliner [unless you're fat], especially when combining black and white eyeliners

3. coco when she's not irritating me.
even when she's kacau ing me, it's fun to 'bully' her--
i just make 'rarr' noises at her lah, don't send spca after me.
coco is especially adorable when she's sprawled on the ground with her tail waving like windshield wipers

4. speaking of windshield wipers.. my myvi.
i used to anti it but now that i have the option of driving the benz, i realize i actually love it.
its compactness is ideal for a parking noob like me.
my parents have ordered a new camry so now we have a car each at home, with a couple extra wiras as company cars.
the happiest part is not fighting with fann for cars-- he just got his license

5. basketball.
i know i'm a basketball noob as well--
i'm deeply afraid of getting bashed up by the bloody ball--
but i love the energy on court, when everybody's running around breathlessly, shooting hoops..

6. clubbing when i do it no more than once every 2 months.
everybody looks hot, everybody [hopefully] just wants to have harmless fun
and the bouncers have perfected their funky don't-get-naughty-with-me look

7. school.
i whine about it but i actually enjoy reading my textbooks and preparing assignments [when it's not last minute].
and going to places with a college feel always gets me excited-- i am easily excited

8. coffee.
they are the best thing one can have to keep one's energy levels high.
i laugh more after i drink coffee than i do after i drink coconut flower wine.
dome's espreskis rock too!

9. daddy long legs.
i found a copy in dad's collection and kent gave me a copy for my 17th birthday.
i think it is one of my favorite love story, along with the world of suzie wong.
i also love the little prince and the little princess

10. secret, or, more aptly, the latter part of secret, which made me cry so bad i could hardly drive home from the cinema.
the ending was beautiful, though, as lovely as the soundtrack

11. earrings.
i know, i know, i don't wear them despite my 4 piercings but that doesn't mean i don't love them.
i just have sensitive ears

12. taiwan.
went there when i was young and 17.
i remember not daring to breathe a word about it in case it jinxes me.
it felt surreal when mum dropped me off at the federal hotel to join the youth group.
because i was going abroad with strangers, mum let me buy a new phone, nikes, glasses and body shop toiletries so i won't feel deprived.
i didn't feel deprived ^^
i miss their mochi with strawberry as fillings.
i miss tao!!

13. korean food-- not the guys
one of my favorite cuisines.
and of course i also love cupcakes, ice cream, potatoes, steaks, meatballs, pasta, cakes, kuih etc.

14. pasar malam.
i just enjoy walking around breathing all the food in.
a queen regular, the one who consumes only 1200 calories a day, says she smells fries but doesn't eat them
inhaling the aroma makes her feel as though she'd eaten
not forgetting mamak!
roti bom, neslo, teh tarik, milo tarik~

15. money.
who doesn't love money?
i love the smell of money
it's the smell of possibilities, of purchasing power
how can people say money stinks?!

16. family.
ok, i don't love them.
but i love them.
i want everybody, every relative to be healthy and happy

if mama min can seamlessly reflect all these on the cupcakes, my $128 will be worth it

1 comment:

kent said...

i think u giv mama min a hard hard hard hard~ job to do..
this might be jz the most hard to achieve order they have get..haha
jz kidding..
hey..u know wat ?
mm..i think i'll get u 20cup cakes for nex year bday..if i manage to do so..
its a big IF..
haha..but..if there is a IF..mean there is still a possibility..n tis mean the posibility tat i might giv u 20cup cakes for bday is >0
but i suppose..
some of the cupcakes will change..haha..
cz lik no. 1..u mayb will change yr mind to another phone le..haha..

mm..daddy long legs..haha..
the book i on9 buy for u de i cant find in any book store..

dun depressed pls..
think of smth tat will make u extreamly happy while u are depressed ( cz u happy too easy as u said in the blog)