Wednesday, 13 August 2008

happy my star

know how kiddos can forget yesterday after a night of deep slumber?

how people lose weight by sleeping more?

clear skin, healthy body, anyone?

sleep is the most wonderful balm for a shitty day/skin/illness/hunger


as i told kent,

sleep + eyeliner + coffee = smiles all around

yes, i forgot to bring my accounting b homework to uni today

thus had to give up being in the same classroom as gomd for 90 minutes

but it was still acceptable

i need to let him think i'm not stalking him anyway


during marketing lecture i realized 2 things--

1. dr. ting is cute [not hot] + smart.. i like

2. there must be some amazing force behind the low probability of us wearing the same clothes as each other

don't you think it's wonderful?


another marketing lecture thingy--

perception is reality

i used to get nervous whenever i see people see me running/eating

if they see me jogging, i worry that they'll think, how can she stay so fat even when she exercises so much?

if they pass me when i'm lunching and happened to shoot me the merest glance, i'll assume she eats so much, small wonder she's so fat is passing through their minds

i think too much



i dislike whiners

so i whine here alone

when i go out with friends i like to have fun

that's why i'm usually upbeat and un-blog-like when you see me in person

if i want to be miserable i stay home

if i want to be ugly i stay home too

haha cheers

1 comment:

kent said...

o..u dislike whiners ?
mean..dun lik ppl to 怨诉 wif u?
izit ?

actually..yr day wif sleep + eyeliner + choco = smiles all around too..
got sleep jiu no nid coffee le la..

depressed depressed..hw hw..exam exam..lab assignment..guess i'll stay home around these few days..duh !