Saturday, 16 August 2008

last night

when people don't ask me out, well, they don't ask me out

when they do, they have a penchant for wanting to do things the same night!

bj wanted to go yam cha at bangsar last night

whereas the ch club wanted to go barcelona

i was torn between 2 as bj had asked me earlier

but i also wanted to check out barcelona [despite the hefty vip price tag]


after a lot of complaining to eunice [she kacau me all the time, so i'm entitled to bug her as well]

i decided to go yam cha with bj first-- i'd never yam cha at bangsar before anyway

then join the ch club if they're willing to drive to bangsar to pick me up


bj is a relatively new buddy but i'm interested to see what his agenda is in asking me out

everybody has agendas! there's no such thing as a free lunch!

this is what i believe..

thankfully, bj wasn't into direct sales or anything like that

i finally got to visit jalan telawi!!

the boutique/pub street in bangsar, where magazines get their clothes from!

bangsar truly has a classy air about it

i was so excited, we took photos but bj hasn't sent them to me

at devi's corner, i saw people smoking this complicated pipe thingy--

bj says it's flavored ice.. chun nia!


this is one of the worst clubbing experiences ever

i had to pay $45 just to get inside!

are they crazy?!

in the star it says $35 with a free drink

f*ck the so-called vip

vip my head

i whined until bubu paid for me

as i didn't want to go initially due to the price-- bu said the maximum was $60 but upon arrival they charged us $80 which we flatly refused to fork out and eventually settled on $45

something very fishy here

barcelona has laser lights which made me dizzy

the music was too loud compared to maison's or even scarlett

our so-called vip area was just a room with sofas and pillows.. full of people we don't think we know-- it was too dark to tell

what happened to the so-called ch gathering? so-called dresses-only dress code?

xin, ying and i are suckers

i'm never going clubbing at barcelona's / on a non ladies' night again

and hopefully i'll never have the unpleasant experience of clubbing with some people again


okaay.. it wasn't all bad

though i met the worst ham sap lou i'd ever encountered in my clubbing experiences

usually guys pretend to dance just to get close to girls

but this fat creep didn't even try

just stood like a pig statue on the stage, getting on my nerves

i ensured there was a safe distance between us until he realized there was no fun to be found here and turned to another direction


sure i spotted a hot guy

resembled a japanese actor, very pretty boy, blond hair + blue contacts

but he's another weirdo-- kept struggling to get on the stage and once he did, just stood on a corner like an idiot and looked around

after all his hard work in securing a place on stage, he went off for a ciggie break

then did the entire get-on-get-off-never-dance routine all over again

what is it with all the guys in clubs?

can't they at least act normal? [haha like to complain, but like to go clubbing also]


met my basketball co captain

he was dancing with a girl wearing only a bra-- bu said she flung her shirt offstage

met kien fei too! what a surprise!

turned out his friends were the same guys who were trying to dance with us all night

should've seen their faces when they realized they had a valid reason to talk to us

it's like a requirement to hit on people / get hit on in a club

as long as one isn't ugly [even a little fatness is acceptable here], guys feel happy if they've managed to get a response to their, 'what's your name?'

and i think girls are secretly pleased when guys hit on them

me? i'm just worried

if people hit on my girlfriends but not on me, i'll feel kia-su


by 3am bu was forcing us to leave

ying and i pouted and sulked and finally just ignored him and went back to the dance floor

we'd forked out $45 and we weren't leaving before lights up!

bu described barcelona as guys' heaven, girls' hell

made me adjust my clothes and all

he's so funny

barcelona has loads of college kids

loads more wolves compared to our usual maison

by 3am i was blur enough to talk to another green-haired weirdo, thinking he's kien fei's friend

they all look alike under the laser lights


ying bought my dream c902, just like that!

i'm deeply jealous!

here are a couple of shots we took with its wonderful 5megapixel camera

me, xin [behind] + ying @ bangsar

ying + i @ bangsar mamak-- more high class than cheras version leh

compare this last photo with other photos

this was taken with my k750i

effect not so clear!

kien fei + i in barcelona after lights up, all sweaty with flat hair

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