Friday, 8 August 2008

random happiness

looking at this photo of italiennes tiramisu still gives me a kick

wong ying + my lunch for 2 at kang san e

there was like, a thousand side dishes

tried korean bbq for the very 1st time

a waiter helped us bbq the thin pork strips

he also taught us the korean way of eating bbq-ed pork-- wrap pork + side dish/es of choice in veg and eat


there was a shaved ice dessert with red bean + fruit cocktail in addition to the usual watermelons

bliss.. except that my wisdom tooth wound still hurt

can i sue the dentist?

he made my already swollen face even more balloon-y and halved my joy in eating-- it hurts so bad

a very happy me with my chocolate topped waffle sundae with chocolate & peanut butter ice-cream, pralines & cream ice-cream, strawberry sauce, vanilla cream + a cherry

i love carbohydrates + sweets

too busy stuffing my face to pose ><

this m&m was in the shape of mickey.. cute!


i played stalker recently

by a twist of fate i managed to find out which tutorial gomd attends [actually it wasn't that scary, i was exiting the class as he was entering; i happened to know the tutor and the online timetable system was easy to use]

so being me, i requested to join his tutorial and got approval

eunice says the best way to familiarize yourself with someone is to ask/offer to share textbook or ask questions regarding the lesson

she urged me to try these tactics on gomd


they weren't my style

plus gomd sits in the last row whereas i sit in the 1st

well, it's a start

he's pretty cute

let's just hope he doesn't disappear from this tutorial forever like he did last time


i hardly drink but i've developed a taste for coconut flower wine

it's white with a sweet taste, kinda like sparkling juice

we had it yesterday with dinner/supper at a faraway place

i hate eating seafood meals

i can only stare while the others tuck into crabs + prawns

i went crazy last night, ate like i'd been starved for a year or something


some more lunched at little taiwan with eunice today

the food there isn't yummy

the soup was too salty

a couple was making out there when i stepped in

the girl stared me down


i wasn't even peeking at them!


living with eunice on weekends are testing our relationship

i can be a witch sometimes

i get cranky if i can't be tucked up in bed by 11pm

i dislike adjusting my schedule to accommodate other people


but last week i suddenly recalled our childhood

we were inseparable, but we wouldn't play with tao, so aunts nicknamed us 'woof woof dog' and 'dog woof woof'

every time we parted there would be tears

so funny when i think back to how easily i used to cry


the 1st time ah ma taught me how to cook jelly, the 1st person i passed the knowledge on to was eunice

we decided to improvise on ah ma's milo jelly recipe by adding a couple tins of fruits

the crazy thing was this--

we made 2 jellies, and we ate the 1st one ourselves

both of us suffered from stomachache but refused to admit there was something wrong with our milo-fruit jelly

i remember exiting the loo and heading straight for the 2nd jelly, which was being criticized by all the relatives [so gross! how can one go straight from toilet -> food that caused toilet trip?]

we felt the need to protect our creation, so we steadfastly wolfed the jelly down..

.. and went to the toilets again

our little childish pride now seems so sweet and hilarious

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