Monday, 29 September 2008

wish i had a crystal ball

the first agenda on my sem break to-do list is to look into applying for a 1-year exchange to australia

it expires in 2 days, which translates into me rushing around like a headless ant, trying to pull my application together

exchange is a program that i'd never seriously considered-- thanks to my parents' clayton-or-nothing approach

but now that my chances of getting into clayton, or even caulfield, are busted, berwick is the best option left

it's 40km or a 45 minute drive from the city

it's a village

i can't get over it

the thought of living in a village scares the fat oil right out of me

but the thought of continuing this semi-existence at sunway is much worse


exchange is fantastic on paper-- i pay rm to study in berwick for a year

i get australian exposure and a travel grant

but i have to come back after a year

and the application process is tedious


a transfer is expensive-- paying $ and no travel grant

but i get to complete my studies there

and lee yee says i may be able to apply for a 1-to-2-year work visa there

however.. what if i can't fully adapt to the 'simplicity' and 'tranquility' [ying jian's description] of the place?

i'd feel guilty for wasting my parents' hard-earned money on an experience i could skip

plus, sunway is the best campus after clayton and caulfield

berwick is 4th, which means i'm paying $ to study in a not-an-awesome campus


feel better now

last night i was thinking all the way through to my postgrad studies

that really gave me an awful headache

i just gotta take 1 step at a time

now if only the course manager would hurry with my application

Thursday, 25 September 2008

bye bye

my assignment is due in 27 hours but it remains untouched

it's an idiotic computer system accounting assignment

so, dear monash, how are we supposed to complete it if you don't allow to install the bloody program in your computers?

i have time but can only do the assignment at home

hope stella's right when she says this ass takes only 3 hours to complete


had a lot of fun last night

xian, one of my oldest friends, will be flying to china next tuesday to study journalism at cuc

i'd known her since i was 15 and we'd been besties since 16

i'm a-gonna miss her


her mini farewell get-together was great though

i asked keat to organize it and of course he brought all our hot ex-classmates

it's enjoyable seeing and talking to hotness in every direction one turns

i love cute people

i'm biased


keat was sweet, thoughtful, considerate and all that as usual

adore him!!

he got naughty with one of my friends and it was FUN making him spell out what he did

he was SO embarassed


we watched deception

hugh jackman is handsome and tall

don't understand how fann could rate it as a good film

it's pace was too slow

storyline a tad predictable

or maybe i'd read too much john grisham >.<


after deception we hit connaught pasar again!

yeah, i didn't get enough of that packed-like-sardines feeling last week

ate my taiwanese cartoon cakes

followed by asam laksa

that chea sheng, recommended us the asam laksa then revealed that he'd never tried it before after keat and i had ordered

however, he paid for us, so who cares?

and it was pretty yummy too


i donated 60 cents to a beggar and you should've seen the glowering looks my 5 friends were shooting at me

they gave me a lecture that can rival my parents' on not giving money to these people



i'll never donate to beggars again


bought 3 new pairs of plastic studs for $5

i suck at wearing my own earrings though

always need saruon to put them on for me

i always insert in the right hole but it comes out in the wrong one

infections follow

this is what noobs get when they act cool and get multiple piercings


also bought a pack of korean sticky cake to be cooked with shin ramen

nobody trusts big s' taste

everybody is convinced it's inedible



afterwards everybody came to my home

they were guessing my parents' reactions to all these boys in the living room vs me

but it's not a big deal

i always have a bunch of boys over

they will sit in the living room and act childish

while i [or if i'm lucky, there will be another female to accompany me] roll my eyes

round and round til i get dizzy

anyway stella and i are both commenting on how sex-free our lives are

cousin eunice had also expressed concern over my lack of interest in sex

so parents have nothing to worry about


it's lovely to go out with keat once in awhile

nice to be pampered for a change

been taking care of myself so long that it feels a bit heavenly to have people looking out for me for a change

Monday, 22 September 2008


the beautiful interior of swiss garden hotel

we monashians stayed at fantasia beach resort, complete with lizards and cockroaches [both dead and alive] in the toilet, funky-smelling towels, cheap stained mattress as a 3rd bed, a towel with a hole in it as blanket, no shampoo or heating and very dirty floor

yes, it was crappy but at least i didn't catch bed bugs and the air conditioner was working

i was apprehensive about going with ai and thasha [famous best friends who had known each other since high school] but also grateful that i didn't have to go alone


i was lucky to know ai

she's one of the most gorgeous chick in monash

add the fact that she's half japanese and grew up in fukuoka

everybody wants a piece of her


thasha spent almost 4 years in usa when she was young

her family is filthy rich

and she fits ai's description of her as 'damn nice'

being their roommate means they have to bring me along to their 'exclusive' activities


allow me to get excited about our goodie bag

we received a white musk lotion and shower gel, peppermint foot scrub, a can of coke and a bottle of aquarius in a recycled brown paper bag each


i'm a major sucker for goodie bags


on the bus ride there some inconsiderate bangladeshi students beside me cranked loud music on their phones

they were hot and actually nice, though-- just thoughtless


as usual, i got hungry throughout the trip but it was all good

i lose weight when i join these activities as meal times are planned

normally i eat whenever i'm hungry

and when i'm pms-ing, i eat whenever i feel like it

balok beach

this beach looked clean but when you start looking for rubbish, you find it

i found condom wrappers, unbelievably lots of diapers and all sorts of rubbish

our team Sticky icky, with an additional girl Bb collected 24kg of trash


Bb is also an easygoing person. i like

there were free-flow coke provided at the beach, and free mineral water as well

being my mother's daughter, i made several trips to the water stall and filled my bag with bottles and bottles of aquarius, as our crappy hotel didn't have a kettle

me in the nerdy, short official shirt

i'm currently into long shirts

dusk view outside swiss garden hotel from bus

we took a 10-minute shower each after finishing the cleanup

i was surprised that we made it

this is supposedly the best restaurant in kuantan

stuffed crabs was also served

this doesn't look as appetizing as it was taken with 2megapixel camera in dim lighting

my immune system towards seafood allergies has greatly improved

i even had a prawn!

the 9-course dinner was pretty yummy--
1. appetizer platter with pacific clams on asparagus amongst other dishes
2. steamed fish
3. stuffed crabs
4. spicy tofu-- i love tofu!
5. fried rice of the white, light variety
6. curry stir-fried prawns
7. beancurd skin with mushrooms in oyster sauce
8. dessert of tinned sea coconut and longans stirred in water and ice
9. fruits-- papayas and watermelons

and i had a vanilla coke, which i adore

the people at next table on a sugar high from our sponsor
coca cola's free-flow cokes

below: lanterns were useful + romantic at night on the beach

we took a walk on the beach near our hotel to see the stars at night

there weren't much stars so ended up spinning on the beach and playing games like human chain

some people came to join us and that's when i felt we were the fun crowd


after returning from the beach everybody gathered in our room to chat and discuss about going to swiss garden for drinks with ai's adp friends from taylors, who were also participating in icc

there was only 1 car so we had to wait for some people to leave as we couldn't squeeze all of us in fairuz's wira

we stopped by 7-11 for booze to contribute to our little party but it stocked no alcohol at all!

they had xampai sparkling fruit juice though

thasha can actually open the bottle with her bare hands!


when we arrived at swiss garden beach ai's friends were checking the bottles on display in the bar

turned out they were filled with water instead of alcohol

the security popped by to keep an eye on us later though


the 'light' drink for lousy drinkers fixed by david was freakin' strong

i took a sip and passed the rest to ganesh

i know i'm a shit drinker so i don't drink much, since i dislike the taste anyway

ate thash's choki choki though

super wealthy but loves choki choki haha


when she said she brought some 'nice hotel shampoo', i thought, cheh~

then she passed me 2 bvlgari green tea bottles-- a shampoo and a conditioner

and i knew it would be a celeb-level hotel

it was a usd1k+ per night villa in bali *envy


mel [who mistook me for a jap or korean] fell asleep halfway through our little get-together

so bb, thash + i accompanied her in a pretty exotic tent with pillows, chatting

people always mistake me for foreigner during holidays-- in taiwan most think i'm american [wth?] or japanese

those who think i'm american insist on conversing with me in broken english

my dance partner for latin dance class kevin didn't believe i was local-- before he knew my name he thought i was jap or korean. after he knew he thought i was from china

maybe because i dress better


bb + i chatted and agreed that it's weird that in uni, people can spend 1 sem in the same tutorial but not acknowledge each other's existence

uni is the oddest place

especially when your pre-u is high school uec

during ice-breaker i couldn't find anybody who did the same pre-u as i did

felt so different


we returned at 3am and everybody continued gossiping in our room

i took my 100th shower for the day-- even fairuz commented, why is that girl always showering?!

i just feel sticky lah

after shower i semi-slept while 'eavesdropping' on the chat

wanted to join but was dead tired


our buffet breakfast next morning consisted of 3 dishes--
1. fried rice
2. sausage bits stir fried in tomato sauce
3. toast, butter + jam

the tea + coffee, even the milk was suagry sweet and not fit for consumption

but this carb junkie enjoyed her toasts

compare and contrast the greyness of kuantan with redang

my kite

i actually flew a kite under the bloody sun!

i don't enjoy kites but ai says they're cute, like fishes swimming in the sea and i must admit there's some truth to that

flying kites get boring after 10minutes so i retired to a shack on the beach to hide from the blazing sun

would like to swim but 'bloody aunt is visitng'


there were a few girls at the pondok, none of them talking to each other

way weird, so i asked if they'd like to play cho-dai-dee and they nodded so enthusiastically i had to comment, wah you all secretly wana play cho-dai-dee but nobody dared to say izit?

i won twice *pleasure after a day of losing to ai


cheri brought me to her room and fed me chipsmore when i said i was hungry

so science people are nicest, arts people are loudest, medics people are proudest, business people are meanest

on the bus home there were 3 arts people beside me having this noisy conversation about shit

major f*ckness, we were all trying to get some sleep

they were getting into detail about foursomes

carmen was one of them


have a dance competition at this friday's dinner + dance

my partner has no tempo at all

i dislike bad dancers

Sunday, 14 September 2008

happy mid autumn festival

my family is out celebrating with pork belly soup at fatty's corner

celebrating mid autumn by cooking kaya together

coco spent mid autumn snoozing beside me as i did my homework-- actually she's just afraid of rain

i'm still recovering from all the rich food i've been eating since the lau family came last thursday

on friday night i had ice-cream sandwich at old town

it was pretty yummy but the thing was i was eating with 2 cute little boys around my brother's age

so i had to eat slower than usual

which means the ice-cream of my second sandwich had already melted to duno-what when i started on it

it dribbled all over my hand

while i tried to clean up, continue eating and hold a decent conversation with cute guy opposite me at the same time

in the end, cute guy pitied me and pushed a plate towards me so the ice-cream can drip on it instead of on the table

haiz!! eat also cannot eat gracefully!


saturday night we had dinner at klang again

toddy! [else known as coconut flower wine]

yummy mee-hoon stir-fried with butter

i ate 2 crab claws without fear of allergic reaction ^^

ivory and i both love using the hammer to smash open the shells

we also enjoy pressing open durians-- not using knife, mind


sunday lunch is yong tau fu

then it was time to bid adieu to lau

when i was little i would cry at each parting

but now i emote less than the average person

didi from my taiwan trip 2 years ago is the most adorable boy ever

he was only 14, it was probably his first camp and he most possibly had never had to say goodbye before

he was biting his lip on the train, trying to be strong but the tears fell anyway

so sweet


i was thinking about buying new clothes today

and my wish was granted-- viva organized a flea market sale on campus!

i spent $80 on 2 tops and a tweed mini from this designer--

shahida shari of buttonsmybuttons and i at monash flea market

one huge mango from family tree!

there are monkeys eyeing the mangoes on the tree though

gotta be careful

a not-very-good shot of lovely sky outside high school

Friday, 5 September 2008

ill behaved

i do NOT want to go on holiday

i want to stay home and do my assignments

the inconvenience of not being able to remove contact lenses to give my eyes a break is giving me a headache

i'm too fat and flat to be parading around redang in a swimsuit

i do NOT want to eat buddha jumps over the wall

sharks' fins are the cruelest food on earth [after bears' paws]

i do NOT want to miss lectures

and tutorials i especially allocated so i can peek at the cute guys in those classes

the thought of all the catching up i have to do.. *moan


i still have to pack my clothes to go on holiday


buy me a c902 so i can at least take photos with a new camera!!

the 10megapixel one always showcases my flaws!

i wanna stay home and eat pizza with fann!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


kah hay + i @ monash ball

finally, have a second to breathe

this is kah hay, not the kind boy who accompanied me to wait for nisha

this is nisha--

when i was waxing lyrical to my friend about small town people, he asked:

'are you trying to compliment yourself by implying he was nice to you because you are pretty?'

honestly, it's a 'no'

going to monash has raised the bar for me on the definition of 'beautiful' + 'thin'

i did my makeup myself, and it looks non existent

beh tahan myself!!

this entry was inspired by dad

here he is, after a couple of hours shopping with mum + i

i thought all guys love gadgets + tech stuff

apparently not dad + shao jie-- a guy i befriended today

during the 2 hours [of shopping] we were only buying a printer, ink + haggling for my c902 at low yat

it wasn't even clothes / makeup / girlie things!


i was so close to owning my dream phone!

so close~

pains me to think of what could have been T.T

i love that dream-come-true feeling that comes with buying the perfect bag / phone..

dating the gomd..


driving benz..

or just special moments that pop up

anyway the people selling hand phones at low yat all resemble gangsters

i have 0 faith in their warranties

my wound is past the itchy stage-- i scratched like crazy

it's now peeling off

can't believe this black chunk used to be my knee!

the only good shot i had of coco

it's freakin' difficult photographing a dog

her eyelined eyes are gorgeous


happy to have made a new friend today

it doesn't come easily to me

within the first few nanoseconds of interacting with a person, i can tell if they like me / dislike me / neutral

john was one of those people who likes me-- this made it a breeze for me to kid around with him

sj was the same, though he got my name wrong

he kept calling 'lee min! lee min!'

hayden is a very agreeable person, too

and sumi, my presentation partner, was sweet to agree to change slots with hayden as i couldn't make it next week

that's 3 lovely people in 1 class

why didn't i notice before?