Thursday, 25 September 2008

bye bye

my assignment is due in 27 hours but it remains untouched

it's an idiotic computer system accounting assignment

so, dear monash, how are we supposed to complete it if you don't allow to install the bloody program in your computers?

i have time but can only do the assignment at home

hope stella's right when she says this ass takes only 3 hours to complete


had a lot of fun last night

xian, one of my oldest friends, will be flying to china next tuesday to study journalism at cuc

i'd known her since i was 15 and we'd been besties since 16

i'm a-gonna miss her


her mini farewell get-together was great though

i asked keat to organize it and of course he brought all our hot ex-classmates

it's enjoyable seeing and talking to hotness in every direction one turns

i love cute people

i'm biased


keat was sweet, thoughtful, considerate and all that as usual

adore him!!

he got naughty with one of my friends and it was FUN making him spell out what he did

he was SO embarassed


we watched deception

hugh jackman is handsome and tall

don't understand how fann could rate it as a good film

it's pace was too slow

storyline a tad predictable

or maybe i'd read too much john grisham >.<


after deception we hit connaught pasar again!

yeah, i didn't get enough of that packed-like-sardines feeling last week

ate my taiwanese cartoon cakes

followed by asam laksa

that chea sheng, recommended us the asam laksa then revealed that he'd never tried it before after keat and i had ordered

however, he paid for us, so who cares?

and it was pretty yummy too


i donated 60 cents to a beggar and you should've seen the glowering looks my 5 friends were shooting at me

they gave me a lecture that can rival my parents' on not giving money to these people



i'll never donate to beggars again


bought 3 new pairs of plastic studs for $5

i suck at wearing my own earrings though

always need saruon to put them on for me

i always insert in the right hole but it comes out in the wrong one

infections follow

this is what noobs get when they act cool and get multiple piercings


also bought a pack of korean sticky cake to be cooked with shin ramen

nobody trusts big s' taste

everybody is convinced it's inedible



afterwards everybody came to my home

they were guessing my parents' reactions to all these boys in the living room vs me

but it's not a big deal

i always have a bunch of boys over

they will sit in the living room and act childish

while i [or if i'm lucky, there will be another female to accompany me] roll my eyes

round and round til i get dizzy

anyway stella and i are both commenting on how sex-free our lives are

cousin eunice had also expressed concern over my lack of interest in sex

so parents have nothing to worry about


it's lovely to go out with keat once in awhile

nice to be pampered for a change

been taking care of myself so long that it feels a bit heavenly to have people looking out for me for a change

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