Wednesday, 3 September 2008


kah hay + i @ monash ball

finally, have a second to breathe

this is kah hay, not the kind boy who accompanied me to wait for nisha

this is nisha--

when i was waxing lyrical to my friend about small town people, he asked:

'are you trying to compliment yourself by implying he was nice to you because you are pretty?'

honestly, it's a 'no'

going to monash has raised the bar for me on the definition of 'beautiful' + 'thin'

i did my makeup myself, and it looks non existent

beh tahan myself!!

this entry was inspired by dad

here he is, after a couple of hours shopping with mum + i

i thought all guys love gadgets + tech stuff

apparently not dad + shao jie-- a guy i befriended today

during the 2 hours [of shopping] we were only buying a printer, ink + haggling for my c902 at low yat

it wasn't even clothes / makeup / girlie things!


i was so close to owning my dream phone!

so close~

pains me to think of what could have been T.T

i love that dream-come-true feeling that comes with buying the perfect bag / phone..

dating the gomd..


driving benz..

or just special moments that pop up

anyway the people selling hand phones at low yat all resemble gangsters

i have 0 faith in their warranties

my wound is past the itchy stage-- i scratched like crazy

it's now peeling off

can't believe this black chunk used to be my knee!

the only good shot i had of coco

it's freakin' difficult photographing a dog

her eyelined eyes are gorgeous


happy to have made a new friend today

it doesn't come easily to me

within the first few nanoseconds of interacting with a person, i can tell if they like me / dislike me / neutral

john was one of those people who likes me-- this made it a breeze for me to kid around with him

sj was the same, though he got my name wrong

he kept calling 'lee min! lee min!'

hayden is a very agreeable person, too

and sumi, my presentation partner, was sweet to agree to change slots with hayden as i couldn't make it next week

that's 3 lovely people in 1 class

why didn't i notice before?

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