Sunday, 14 September 2008

happy mid autumn festival

my family is out celebrating with pork belly soup at fatty's corner

celebrating mid autumn by cooking kaya together

coco spent mid autumn snoozing beside me as i did my homework-- actually she's just afraid of rain

i'm still recovering from all the rich food i've been eating since the lau family came last thursday

on friday night i had ice-cream sandwich at old town

it was pretty yummy but the thing was i was eating with 2 cute little boys around my brother's age

so i had to eat slower than usual

which means the ice-cream of my second sandwich had already melted to duno-what when i started on it

it dribbled all over my hand

while i tried to clean up, continue eating and hold a decent conversation with cute guy opposite me at the same time

in the end, cute guy pitied me and pushed a plate towards me so the ice-cream can drip on it instead of on the table

haiz!! eat also cannot eat gracefully!


saturday night we had dinner at klang again

toddy! [else known as coconut flower wine]

yummy mee-hoon stir-fried with butter

i ate 2 crab claws without fear of allergic reaction ^^

ivory and i both love using the hammer to smash open the shells

we also enjoy pressing open durians-- not using knife, mind


sunday lunch is yong tau fu

then it was time to bid adieu to lau

when i was little i would cry at each parting

but now i emote less than the average person

didi from my taiwan trip 2 years ago is the most adorable boy ever

he was only 14, it was probably his first camp and he most possibly had never had to say goodbye before

he was biting his lip on the train, trying to be strong but the tears fell anyway

so sweet


i was thinking about buying new clothes today

and my wish was granted-- viva organized a flea market sale on campus!

i spent $80 on 2 tops and a tweed mini from this designer--

shahida shari of buttonsmybuttons and i at monash flea market

one huge mango from family tree!

there are monkeys eyeing the mangoes on the tree though

gotta be careful

a not-very-good shot of lovely sky outside high school

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