Friday, 5 September 2008

ill behaved

i do NOT want to go on holiday

i want to stay home and do my assignments

the inconvenience of not being able to remove contact lenses to give my eyes a break is giving me a headache

i'm too fat and flat to be parading around redang in a swimsuit

i do NOT want to eat buddha jumps over the wall

sharks' fins are the cruelest food on earth [after bears' paws]

i do NOT want to miss lectures

and tutorials i especially allocated so i can peek at the cute guys in those classes

the thought of all the catching up i have to do.. *moan


i still have to pack my clothes to go on holiday


buy me a c902 so i can at least take photos with a new camera!!

the 10megapixel one always showcases my flaws!

i wanna stay home and eat pizza with fann!!

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