Monday, 29 September 2008

wish i had a crystal ball

the first agenda on my sem break to-do list is to look into applying for a 1-year exchange to australia

it expires in 2 days, which translates into me rushing around like a headless ant, trying to pull my application together

exchange is a program that i'd never seriously considered-- thanks to my parents' clayton-or-nothing approach

but now that my chances of getting into clayton, or even caulfield, are busted, berwick is the best option left

it's 40km or a 45 minute drive from the city

it's a village

i can't get over it

the thought of living in a village scares the fat oil right out of me

but the thought of continuing this semi-existence at sunway is much worse


exchange is fantastic on paper-- i pay rm to study in berwick for a year

i get australian exposure and a travel grant

but i have to come back after a year

and the application process is tedious


a transfer is expensive-- paying $ and no travel grant

but i get to complete my studies there

and lee yee says i may be able to apply for a 1-to-2-year work visa there

however.. what if i can't fully adapt to the 'simplicity' and 'tranquility' [ying jian's description] of the place?

i'd feel guilty for wasting my parents' hard-earned money on an experience i could skip

plus, sunway is the best campus after clayton and caulfield

berwick is 4th, which means i'm paying $ to study in a not-an-awesome campus


feel better now

last night i was thinking all the way through to my postgrad studies

that really gave me an awful headache

i just gotta take 1 step at a time

now if only the course manager would hurry with my application

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