Monday, 6 October 2008

angela's ashes

after 1 month, i finally finished angela's ashes

it's one of the better books i'd read in a loong looong time

in fact, it's probably the only book i'd read in awhile

like fated to love you, it brought tears to my eyes

i'm turning into a big crybaby


last saturday i attended facilitator training to prepare for the raleigh introduction weekend this friday

nisha [another nisha in charge of training, not my monash friend] said i was too soft

i have to get used to speaking loudly, standing with feet planted wide, hands behind me

i also have to buy dailies [contact lenses]

it's been a month since my specs broke and all this peering at things sans glasses are taking its toll on my eyes and back

i'm seeing blurry doubles everywhere and my shoulders and back are sore from constantly hunching over books and computers


anyway before training began last saturday i had breakfast at old town

it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life, to curl up on a sofa with angela's ashes

a ham-and-cheese polo bun and hot mocha white coffee in front of me

i like caffeine once in a while

overdid it last thursday when out with the so-called 7 brothers of scouts though

my heart was pumping super fast though i'm only sitting in front of computer watching fated to love you

thanks to the ice blended coffee i had

had an a&w ice-cream waffle on thursday night before watching connected

all that cold food is making my stomach cramp

the waffle was too salty but the movie was awesome

big s was gorgeous and the film was exciting with some hilarious parts

liu ye rocked in it! he's a fantastic actor and fann couldn't even tell that this was the same dude who played the crown prince in curse of the chrysanthemum throne

i like

yam cha-ed at rendezvous after the movie

the vanilla twister is way sweet



i've been going out almost daily during my sem break

friday before raya-- a boring dinner + dance at monash

me + ex partner kevin who knew how to dance

wednesday- connought pasar malam with cute guys

guo wei, keat + i at connought mcdonald's

mun keat, ke, me + chea sheng

me + ke

we took more photos but they're with god-knows-who

i want my photos!

most of my high school friends have put on weight like i did

saturday-- ke's farewell bbq

at ke's holiday home

as the photos show, i'm getting progessively fatter

but nothing beats my brother's news

-he was the last in a 6-car pile-up

all i can say is, what goes around comes around

he was always laughing at my driving skill but now he holds the most stellar record amongst us

benz is a tough car but he managed to mutilate it

poor parents

poor me, now i have to continue waking at 5:30am to send him to school

even if the bloody camry comes

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