Tuesday, 14 October 2008

comfort eating

i fucked up my newest healthy eating again

today ys saw me again for the first time in months, and he asked at the first chance, 'did you get fatter?'

i wasn't happy but i'd promised myself apple pie, ice cream and waffles once my dratted period is over

so i cancelled sushi with stella and had my treat

the waffle was awful.. where can one find edible waffles nowadays?

waffle world's waffles are not sweet enough, a&w's waffles are too salty and soft, easy way's have an odd burnt odor

i had a quarter mc apple pie and a quarter banana pie with ice cream

the new oreo berries mcflurry is sweet enough to give me a sugar rush-- i found myself smiling for no reason

mm.. just remembered.. oreo seems to contain melamine

whatever my home is stocked with discounted milk products now-- cheese, milk, yoghurt, ice cream, chocolate, butter cookies etc.

mum can never resist 'discounts'

i'd planned to jog when i reached home, but the nanosecond i pulled into the driveway, raindrops started falling on my car


pleased with my non food purchases of yellow sharpie highlighter and brow razors though

tried shaving my brows just now but i feel they're uneven now


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