Wednesday, 22 October 2008


des, chea sheng and i- why is it the only time i can take photos with cute guys is when i'm fat?

can't get over how tall dalill is!

ouchh sore all over now. shoulders are probably due to cleo november exercises that i tried but cheeks?! ate too much?! too much face-toning exercises? something wrong somewhere lah~

this is the first time i couldn't figure an accounting question out even with my textbook open and worse [or worst], even when i had the correct working spread out in front of me. finals in 6days. f*ck f*ck f*ck. i made a pact with god that i'll work my butt off this sem if he let me pass all my subjects last sem. so now i have nothing more to bargain anymore. argh i think i've been reading too much american gods.

i love marketing. not the elective i'm taking in uni now, but pasar pagi. or malam. i went this morning to buy ingredients for the last few meals i have to plan before parents return in 3days. i enjoy cooking so i always try new recipes whenever parents are away from home. family maid saruon is forever trying to get me to whip up one of the 'nice! delicious!' dishes for mum but i have a bit of anti-adult syndrome. whenever there are 'grown-ups' around i automatically clam up.

the last time i cooked for family was in form 3, aged 15, silly little girl scout participating in a cooking competition and needing loads of practice. i attempted a sweet soup [chinese dessert] at home and had the ill luck of mum bumping into me in the then tiny kitchen. she nearly killed me for not washing the ingredients and refused to touch the dessert. thank goodness for dad who consoled me, 'quite yummy lah'. my bad for not washing [when you're a scout who'd scooped food up from soil and shoved it into your mouth without getting stomachache your definition of 'clean' changes] but she didn't have to be so mean. we got 2nd place anyway =)

i had a craving for korean ja jang [fried sauce] noodles so i popped by korean village on the way back from delivering documents in ampang. normally i dislike dining alone but it felt almost comfortable in the korean restaurant.
i eat by myself most of the time in uni. used to duck and pray people don't see me lunching alone but now i don't avert my eyes. when people ask why i'm eating alone i'll just say, 'waiting for you to join me loh'. i'm not a fantastic conversationalist and am quite impatient so the uni style of travelling in a group and waiting for each other all the time doesn't suit me.
lots of korean men eat alone so i didn't feel weird but i hardly see korean women dining by herself. a korean man paused by my table on his way out and spoke to me in korean and the proprietor joined in as well. i felt helpless not understanding their language =( just smiled and told them i'm not korean. i've been having this craving to take up a new language lately. don't you think being multilingual is fantastic? you get to understand everybody and i totally believe that thinking is affected by the language one thinks in. thanks to my lack of mastery of korean, i had a bowl of spicy seafood noodles instead of ja jang noodles.

cooked fried gochujang [hot pepper sauce] for fann's dinner of bibimpap [mixed rice]-- just checked, and fann finished his dinner, which is a good sign. to finish off the packet of gochujang i bought, fann, saruon and i have been eating korean for 3meals in a fortnight.

on sunday fann, his friends and i went to kang san ea restaurant as fann wanted to have ja jang rice but i'd thought he meant bibimpap so he wasn't too happy with what i ordered for him. his friends were as abnormal as my scout buddies who are comfortable with parading in front of me in their underwear- 'just imagine i'm wearing trunks'- duh. guys just don't enjoy sour food the way girls do. shiro [don't like!] makan with people who aren't enjoying themselves. it didn't help that i was the slowest eater among them all. why am i always the only girl with a group of nutty guys?!!

my dinner tonight was 'banana cream pie'. it's the first recipe i tried from french women don't get fat and it's delicious. the book is one of my fave too.

walau eh entire entry about food. tomorrow morning will cook onion-apple soup if there's time. heard it's useful for protection against radiation from computers.

love jay's snake dance. jay jay jay! summertime is awesome too. very breezy and relaxing.
'banana cream pie'
1. half cup natural yogurt
2. half banana- sliced
3. 1 tsp wheat germ
4. 1/2 tsp honey
1. mix yogurt, banana and wheat germ
2. drizzle honey on top
damn chun!~

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