Wednesday, 1 October 2008


1 day in cafe, a Boy came up to a Girl he likes, and went, 'help me buy a drink'

girl, 'why would i want to do that? i'm talking with my friend.'

boy, 'stop talking to her, and buy me a drink.'

me-- is this courtship ritual the new 'in' thing? maybe i've been out of the market for too long


my project this sem break is watching fated to love you, which took taiwan by storm

sadly, it is tacky, recycled nonsense, though they have some funny nonsense

case in point--

mother and daughter chatting on the night of daughter's wedding

mother, 'if ever your husband bullies you, or if ever anybody bullies you, call home asap! even if it is the middle of the night and there are no boats leaving for the mainland, i'll run to the beach and ride a dolphin to save you!'

haha i loved this part and rewatched it many times

it's what mum said to me many times before

i'm loving mum today as she bought me a brown paper bag-ful of egg cakes or kuih bahulu

i'm so easily pleased i feel like a sucker


oo my emo coco just came in

she's damn emo lately, keep trotting upstairs to lie at our feet

i suspect she's pregnant


anyway may be going out with hot guys again later

we have nothing in common and nothing to talk about

but we're good at spewing crap and i love them because they're all hot and it's so rare to have many cute guys in the same place at the same time

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