Sunday, 12 October 2008


yesterday mum, saruon and i went grocery shopping at jusco maluri
prior to that we lunched at kim gary
i dislike kim gary but the food was actually ok
not bad enough to make me retch, though the cream soup came close
mum was talking about how fantastic the stars' willpower were
they hardly eat in this world full of temptations
for the second time in my life mum entered her has-her-daughter-put-on-weight? mode
when she's confused i'm allowed to eat as much as i want to in front of her
not that she starves me
it's probably the opposite
she's always asking me to go out for meals or gatherings with friends
when i say i don't feel like it, she and dad thinks something is wrong
which is kinda true
i lose my appetite when i'm upset
but usually i'm just a happy, happy girl
this year i've been more prone to unhappiness for no apparent reason compared to previous years
so my weight has been fluctuating
i had a nice day with her yesterday
we didn't argue
she's in a sunny mood-- she's driving a new black camry and bought a new lv bag last night
plus today she's going on a holiday
hope she and dad will enjoy themselves thoroughly
have a safe journey
i'm also in a cheerful mood
finally went to faraway mines to get my new armani specs
fann was so jealous when he heard of the price
will attempt to cook korean fried rice cakes later
i need luck

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