Monday, 13 October 2008

ordinary day


my korean fried rice cakes went well yesterday =)

even picky eater fann had a mini fit when he realized there was none for him--

most guys dislike korean cuisine so i didn't think he would enjoy it

actually he wasn't a fan of the rice cakes but he liked everything else, namely the sauce, cabbage and fish cakes

so today i re-cooked the dish sans rice cakes, replacing them with cabbage and fish cakes

saruon and i used half the dish to fry our rice with

not bad


one thing i can't stand is ugliness

that's why i always feel like vomitting in dad's office

i sound like an ungrateful brat, but whenever i see one of those deformed patients i can't continue eating my lunch

whenever i get fat i can't stand myself either

i love rain, but not at 6pm, which is my jogging or biking time

i hate lightning and thunder though-- they freak me out


reading american gods-- a book fit to give me nightmares

wearing o2 contact lenses-- it's harder than my usual soflens and GOT STUCK IN MY EYE!

omg lightning

watching prince turns into frog-- the record breaking taiwanese drama, surpassed only by fated to love you

chen qiao en starred in both, she's so lucky, i like her

feeling peckish.. for waffles

missing the cute dress i saw in f block last friday

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