Thursday, 30 October 2008


since flu is loads better, decided to start jogging again on tuesday

it felt fantastic, a bit like how i felt when i first learned how to ride a bike at 17

what's less fantastic is when my right calf cramped like hell in the middle of the night

i recall waking and stretching in semi-consciousness

it did not get better

i hate cramps as there's nothing i can do about it but suffer til it stops

and to think i had been consuming milk products religiously! [yeah yeah, rather have kidney stones instead of cramps]

it hurt all through the next day =(



it's 9:05am and mum has given me 2 lectures on weight loss

the 1st one occurred when i was going to eat a banana during breakfast

she freaked out

and just now she was thinking about opening a bank account for fann

and that led to her considering opening a bank account for me as well [yeah, we have nil savings]

i didn't want a maybank account en-cas i go to aus next year

that got her thinking about how fattening aus food is

and she popped in lecture no.2

you have no idea how sien it is to listen to this shit all the time, at every meal at home

1 lecture / day is more than enough to depress me, thanks

she has split personality lah-- sometimes keep asking me to eat, sometimes getting worked up over.. a banana

major 'duh'

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