Friday, 10 October 2008

wendy's / f block

i should be at international youth center giddy with excitement while peeking at the participants who will be tortured by raleigh over the weekend

but i'm sitting at home, wishing i could go to pasar malam to buy a long necklace and maybe some junk food

thanks to my super irregular period

the thought of suffering the first few days of menses in a wet forest far away from civilization just daunts me


drove to find eunice, actually, i was more interested in my principles of macroeconomics study guide which was in her possession after my tutorial this morning

it was fantastic to see her again though

we lunched at wendy's

i'd never heard anything bad about wendy's and it's always full but i was sorely disappointed with my grilled chicken burger today

it was like eating a salt chunk

when i took my first bite the words 'chicken of the sea' popped into my mind

the chicken was about as salty as the south china sea [redang]

the free chicken nuggets were satisfactory though, as were the fries

eunice had something like double cheeseburger

now that was yummy

the vanilla oreo frosty was too sweet for my liking

what i crave right now is apple pie with ice-cream


after lunch we went to f block

saw a lovely dress but i'd promised myself not to buy any article of clothing above $35

clothes are ridiculously costly nowadays


i told eunice a funny story about mum

she'd applied for a popular card last night

but didn't get to use it [it offers a 10% discount] as the shop didn't stock what she wanted

she was unhappy about being unable to put the card to use

so she hung out at the cashier

this man came to pay, and mum asked, 'would you like to use my card? you can get a 10% discount'

the man was flabbergasted but agreed

hahah mum is so crazy sometimes

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