Thursday, 13 November 2008


nursing a headache =(

downloaded lucky [not the britney one, the jason mraz and colbie duet] and can i have this dance yesterday
both are very sweet and beautiful songs which made my hair stand.. which is kinda gross as my hair is longer than normal people's, thanks to an experiment involving a razor when i was 13
go watch the disney lucky video on youtube. don't know how to embed it here, but it's awesome [maybe because i love disney princess cartoons]
wanted to eat madagascar 2 burger and mcflurry at mc just now, but both outlets i went to were packed
everybody else wants to eat madagascar food or do they want the head gear?
had to settle for some salsa beefburger and root beer with ice-cream at a&w
still yummy though i stopped consuming the root beer when the ice-cream had melted
the only spoiler was mum who was irked that i left office for lunch
the food in the canteen inedible
i just told her i needed to pee and hung up
if we continue we'll start fighting
i can be a cranky bitch when i'm hungry
watched tropic thunder with fann last night
watching movies are fast becoming our only bonding activity
i hardly see him if i don't fetch him from work
we don't eat together though we're always talking about ordering pizza
talking about stuff is a sure-fire way to ensure nothing gets done
tropic thunder is damn.. well, it rendered me speechless
cannot believe it was robert downey jr in there
and tom cruise-- omfg!!
i never heard him say so many f-words in 1 go in any of his movies, ever
a couple of times i wanted to throw up, but i hadn't eaten any dinner [thank my lucky stars]
there was 1 funny part though
matthew mac-bla-bla is quite cute as well
he's hot, his girlfriend's hot, and they have a hot baby [i'm sure it's hot, anyway]
i wanna watch disney princess cartoons!

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