Wednesday, 26 November 2008



yesterday a cute china boy dropped by to buy a wheelchair. i served him [kit was on break] but when i attempted to push the wc to the left it veered to the right instead.

i was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and was worried my arms were wobbling but the idiot wc refused to cooperate. cute china boy came to help after 2 futile shoves on my side, exclaiming in very cute chinese, '你 想 往 哪 跑 ?' to the disobedient wc.

i don't think i'd ever seen anybody speak to an object before [outside tv lah] so special! like like =)

aiyo i'm a sucker for guys who speak foreign languages, esp when they have small single-lidded eyes.

have to banish the flab from my arms! i've come to accept that my confidence is tied to my weight so now i've given up trying to love myself at 5xkg and instead work on reducing my weight.


however, i pigged out on pizza last night! i had a domino's voucher that was gonna expire soon so i had to use it. the pizza wasn't particularly yummy but i still had 2 large slices and 2 regular slices. the online order system is incredibly inefficient, stay away!

i regretted the pizzas as soon as i finished them and started flipping through vivi. i wanted so badly to barf out the food but i have the xx-phobia [forgot the word, it's a fear of vomitting] so i just pouted.


fann made me do this with him this morning, so my back and arms hurt now. he's like a crazy instructor once he gets in the mood.

may watch madagascar 2 with friends tonight. want to eat milo mcflurry but worried about period cramps =(

lately i'm being bitchy to an extent that disgusts even fann. be nice, be nice. go eat chocolate

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